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  1. I think they should stick to scannables. Cephalon Fragments, memory fragments, kuria, encrypted journal fragments, kuria. There's quite a bit of lore to find if you know where to look.
  2. Fought him 5 times now. First time was with a whole squad of Mesas. We had to retreat. Last 4 times I had my girl Valkyr with me, shred through him in 2-3 minutes. Not immune to Hysteria.
  3. I've been shredding through him with Valkyr, He's not Immune to her Hysteria. Larkspur gets the job done too. Hopefully Baro will sell beacons in the future.
  4. While free roaming in Orb Vallis on public running fissures. When equiping k-Drive I was unable to dismount. /unstuck does not fix. Only fix found is to take damage until K-drive is destroyed. After this occurs the warframe ends up frozen in the jump position. Unable to shoot, I can float around the map. Only fix found is equiping archwing. Happened today and once before prior to buried debts.
  5. Why do we feel the need to make two games even more similar? Even Steve said "warframes=javelins" so even the devs agree they are pretty alike. Let anthem have its glory(or utter downfall) and warframe it's own. The ONLY thing anthem has that I wish warframe would implement is a difficulty dial that shows the scaling and the drop chances. But we were asking for that before anthem was even a thing.
  6. Given they just handed us an umbra I'm glad to actually have to work for something. Whether you feel it's worth it or not is an opinion. The cost though, we've seen worse. Flashbacks of Vauban Prime and the Hema nightmare. 1000 ducats in a week is totally doable. So you have to wait a week. If you feel it's not worth the cost don't build it right away. Just put some spare ducats aside and when your ready build it. You dont seem that hyped if you dont feel its worth it. Considering the uniqueness of this weapon with the increase in lvl cap and mod capacity, its worth it IMO. I'm on console and I have my Ducats ready and waiting.
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