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  1. When I said reverted I ment they changed were she couldn't do it all and I know someone on pc who keep me updated about it
  2. UPD: they reverted venari healing back it was never a bug. Now you eat that. Learn warframe abilities before saying somthing is a bug smh.
  3. Only the accessorie pack was available at that time. Maybe now the pack that has titania is there.
  4. Um it seems like you bought the accessories pack that came with plat affinity and the syandana. Titania prime and the other weapons cost $79.99.
  5. @[DE]Danielle Titania prime wings effect are not working with other skins. Or is it only supposed to work with her prime skin?
  6. Were did they say fix it which update?
  7. My rank 2 engineering flux forge are not replenish in real time. Have to always go to the forge if I want to replenish it. Also cant use my tactical system while am piloting. Could of done that before the update which really helps when am soloing.
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