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  1. This is getting out of control now. Between the last update and this one that just came out the freezing had gotten worse. Loading into the game now takes about 5 minutes with freezing in between. Going to the menu it freezes, moving on your ship it freezes, checking your warframe and companion it freezes. Loading into a mission it freezes, but wait there's more😒😒 in a mission when someone joins it freezes, going into a menu while in a mission it freezes and now not only does going into the menu freezes everything but it also kicks me from the squad. Plz de for the love of all that good plz de
  2. Ok between the last update and this update the freezing is horrible and its been happening too much. I go in the menu it freezes, moving around it freezes. Don't get me started on loading and playing a mission 😒😒😒😒
  3. Would it be possible to hold off what we are getting for ps4, xbox and switch to get this also one time?
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