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  1. Yip it's been 5 months since his release and its still broken
  2. I don't see any fix for lavos and his liquid. This would make 5 months that this has been broken. But I'll wait till the update comes to see if it was just not put in the patch notes
  3. Am on ps4 and I have a bug that is not letting me use my second ability on my railjack(R1 and square ■)
  4. Soooooo a next hotfix but no fix for lavos liquid and the missing vials😒😒😒
  5. Still no fix for lavos liquid that's is missing from his vials and syandana and the missing vials on his side. This has been going on since his release😒😒😒😒
  6. I have everything max and didn't get it either
  7. [DE]Daniel yall have yet to fix the vials and liquid on lavos and it been broken from he was released.
  8. Is it possible to get the mandachord beats for Octavia prime trailer?.
  9. DE yall gave us a update and still have not fix the liquid in lavos vials and the vials on his side are not showing. This has not been fix from we got him
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