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  1. For those that are experienced with the game, there is a bug with today's sortie3. Besides the extensive corrosive procs, 3-4 units deliver out of scale damage. Even the beefiest build can be floored within a few hits. Work your way around that problem if you wanna solo it.
  2. Instead of taking time to write such an admirably long post, you could use some of it to read the wiki on Valkyr's abilities. Valkyr can already protect you from magnetic procs.
  3. You don't seem to understand the nature of the problem. DE did not substitute the sugatra with another item. The cosmetics package simply had one less item, namely the sugatra. Hey DE. No answer?
  4. Well, it's not a deal breaker for edo prime pack per se. The lackluster Velorium sigil (in need of a refurbishment asap) was nearly a deal breaker for me but if I see that sugatra in a future accessories pack, even if hell friezes over, I ain't gonna purchase it. And I think the overwhelming majority of clients thinks alike. It's the armour and syandanas that attract the interest. That is why it doesn't really make sense to me to omit the sugatra. So why not keep the whole pack of accessories (even if they offer it with a different frame.as you mention above). I think someone from DE should give us an answer on this. It's a legitimate question afterall.
  5. Do you have any links of a DE employee mentioning that or are you just assuming ? Because, so far, the unvaultings included ALL items of a particular Prime Access. If what you assume is not false, then this is a first.
  6. https://i.imgur.com/AapI3X8.png[/img] DE, I've just noticed that the Kazeru Prime Sugatra has been omitted from the unvaulting of Volt Prime (Accessories). Is that intentional or was it simply ...forgotten ? Please let us know. Thanks for your time. A Tenno skoom customer.
  7. That 1.5 % you're talking about is thousands of active players that have a deep knowledge of the game and so many of them helping new players such as you to understand it better. But with that attitude of yours I have no intention of meeting you in raids and I made sure of that. Enjoy your arcanes from the eidolons. Enjoy warframe.
  8. Something tells me you should play trials at least once (with discord) before you can claim to have an opinion.
  9. He's played 381 hrs. Don't waste your time with him.
  10. Providing you've played them. You've played on trial back in 2015. LoR: 1 LoR Nm: 0 JV: 0
  11. That is a very valid point ! Well observed. The pie chart in devstream#104 shows distribution per mission type. Not per number of players. The number of players running trials as a proportion is significantly higher than 1.5%. Probably about 4-5% Again. Well spotted.
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