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  1. may i point out this elephant in the room? to be blunt, warframes are unbalanced. not because they are strong. not because they are weak either. but in comparison to one another, some are obviously stronger and far more favorable than others, and i think this issue is of greater importance than deciding whether or not the game should be more challenging or more of a power fantasy. because if the game suddenly becomes more challenging, warframes that are considerably more stronger than others will benefit, but ones that are considerably weaker will become even less fav
  2. condense the content. officially and openly decide weather the game is meant to be challenging or a power fantasy (elephant in room). balance every warframe to be equally efficient and viable based on previous step. (stop neglecting this issue when discussing either challenge OR power fantasy). introduce challenging aspects if necessary (enemy AI behavior) now that every warframe is balanced. fix the veteran loot hoarding issue by making resources in the next and future big content updates function like argon so that they can be re-used long-term. fix the new player ex
  3. agree 1000% just make the trash abilities better.
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