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    • TYPE: In-game
    • DESCRIPTION: Become stuck in Umbra Excalibur when transferring out of Necramech directly in to Warframe while Umbra Excalibur is "free roaming". Umbra Excalibur continues to be "Autonomous" but you are inside the WF and unable to do anything.
    • VISUAL: Apologies! (none)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Assume control over Warframe
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Umbra Excalibur is the captain now
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Some of the time
    • TYPE: In-game
    • DESCRIPTION: Necramech doesn't retain affinity at end of mission when you are not the host
    • VISUAL: Apologies! (none)
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Retain affinity for Necramech and its weapon at end of mission 
    • OBSERVED RESULT: level goes back to what it was at beginning of mission
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, every time unless you are the host.

    Edit: Discovered bug seems to occur only when you aren't the host

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  1. I must say that I think this is the most fun Warframe I've used. Feedback time!

    Protea has one of the most versatile modding potential I've seen, I love it!

    With the exception of a small change to Temporal Anchor, Grenade Fan and Blaze Artillery, I only request better synergy with her Abilities. The synergistic changes involve how she can have her kit revolve better around the theme of Time Manipulation. (Synergy suggestions underlined in Brackets)


    • PASSIVE - I feel that the passive is fine how it is.
    • GRENADE FAN - The (held) grenades are excellent as is. But I do feel like the (tap) grenades could scale like Vauban's flechette orbs to be viable in higher content.
    • BLAZE ARTILLERY - I never find myself using this ability because it has an extremely small duration even with high duration and power strength. Damage seems fine but energy cost and short presence makes me avoid usage. [Can we have this turret synergize with Temporal Anchor by recreating the turret for it's full or half duration when reversing time from the Anchor? (E.G. Use Temporal Anchor, place turrets. Tapping 4 again will recreate placed turrets and extend duration of current existing turrets back to full/or half duration. Only works 1 time per anchor)]
    • DISPENSARY - I absolutely love this thing, personally. This is one of the most useful abilities for a team. [Would it be possible to also make this ability synergize with Temporal Anchor? (Similarly with Blaze Artillery except the order in which you activate the abilities is reversed: Place a dispenser, activate temporal anchor and place another dispenser. The second dispenser will last only half the normal duration) This actually might be better as an augment too.]
    • TEMPORAL ANCHOR - Making TA synergize with other abilities as mentioned above would make Protea's kit more tactical and interesting. Additionally, being ragdoll'd to save from Lethal Damage is a death sentence if you are being bombarded by explosives when you are "saved by TA" as you spend the entire duration of being (literally) exploded/ragdoll'd. Would it be possible to change this function to allow the player to go in to bleedout, allowing them to clear some enemies and manually press 4 again to prevent death. (except instead of being ragdoll we get a knockdown penalty upon reversing our bleedout state) I believe I had a bug occur to me once where I activated TA and went in to bleedout while it was still active. It actually felt awesome to stare at my foe and say to him (anime like, of course) 'Ah, so you made me break a sweat. Too bad this victory never happened' and get back up.

      Protea has unbreakable survivability potential when modded properly and is not underwhelming in that category. For the record, she can survive an onslaught 20 lvl 145+ sentients in simulacrum forever without requiring energy pizzas or operators. I love how great of a support frame Protea can be as well, I'd say top tier.
  2. Oh thank you, and sorry for a super late reply.

    Looking at example files I can see the black alpha and red tint map but I am not seeing a green one. I do see an emissive map that is black and white and does appear to create a scrolling emissive glow in the tennogen renderer. Perhaps I am not seeing something here.

    New question!

    So based on the guide it looks like you create a texture for the scrolling emissive. I assume made it's of noise that can be generated using for example Photoshop filters (Such as generate fibers).

    I read somewhere in the guide that a separate mesh needs to be made for custom emissives. I am curious to what specifically this means. I am considering having emissives on my object, not floating off it. (But I may have them floating off it) The only exception would be a sphere/diamond shape in the center which floats. I will alpha it out to make it appear like a floating Oro. Do I need to make additional vertices/polygons over top of the main body just for the custom emissives?

    I am currently in a high poly sculpting phase after creating a base design low poly mesh and hope to know what else to proceed with before I begin rebuilding the low poly.

  3. Hai all,

    would anyone be able to direct me to what I would need to do in order to properly implement energy emissives for melee weapons? I do not know if I have to create a mesh for the emissive texture, create some sort of keyframed file, etc.

    To elaborate: I want to create a central floating "light." There will be energy that traverses down the blade. Similarities to the sword,



    (WARNING: story Spoiler melee weapon)

  4. I have tried to assign a new material per body part and checked the UV mapping in Blender and it appears to be fine. But when I load it in to Substance I get the exact same result. 2 texture sets with textures overlapping. I should have 4 texture sets. Body, cloth, ring, helmet. I even assigned the UV maps as different names in Blender.




  5. I wished to contribute to TennoGen but new to a lot of this and have stumbled upon an issue that prevents me from really going anywhere. As a current (early) student I have some experience with modeling and little experience creating textures with Blender, Substance and C4D. However, to be honest, using the texture maps is actually a new experience for me. It'd be much appreciated if anyone with more experience could help me out.

    The trouble I've been having is the display for the UV map in substance.

    For instance, excalibur displays properly: 



    But Nezha does not. I get pieces displaying over top of one another.



    After doing some research I am getting the feeling that I need to take some steps back and find out a solid place to start before worrying about these maps. I am not sure if I need to create new UV maps or if there is simply something I am missing or not doing right to begin with.

  6. 1 minute ago, tifanator said:

    The problem here is very easy to see, and it should be addressed. But you have to understand that people like you (and me) who play the game at >1080p are a vast minority of the playerbase. In other words, they have significantly more important things to worry about. 

    Also, this might be easier for me to say since I play at 1440p, so the problem is a bit less exaggerated. But I still get where you're coming from.

    This is true for now, but with cards like the 1080 out it is likely that 4k will become more easily accessible in the near future. Also, most games do have friendly 4k support anymore as I stated. Just wanting Warframe to stay up to date with the times.

  7. Just realized there is a UI section this should be in. My apologies. Needs to be moved.

    With the latest update to Warframe we now appear to have a smaller mini-map. (I could be wrong) What I find more important is that we now have Warframe specific icons on the mini-map to see who is what and where.

    For almost a year I have been running Warframe in 4k resolution and these issues have always been around. Additional problems I have had with this are keeping track of friendly Warframe energy levels as well as a very tiny chat box.

    I have HUD and chat text scaling set to max in the following.

    Provided screenshots of problem:




    Additionally I also have similar problems with the marketplace and many other areas of the UI in general.

    This issue may have already been addressed and I may not be aware of that. Otherwise I would like to see Warframe be more friendly for 4k users as almost every game that releases anymore is usually very friendly to 4k users.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Xekrin said:

    Is this before or after they fixed the Lanka doing crap tons of damage bug?

    This was made a few hours ago


    6 minutes ago, GreyEnneract said:

    So spam 2 like before.

    People know this by now.

    It's a followup from: 

    I made a point of how powerful Mag's 2 was and how much more so it has now become.

  9. I created a thread for Mag pre-rework to show how powerful she was prior to the rework. It is buried somewhere.

    Now I may have a build which ma be technically broken. To be sure, I will skip all the nonsense. As in how fast one can kill a level 100 eximus heavy gunner. Rather, I will annihilate 20 LEVEL 100 SENTIENT BATTALYST.





    I also found that you can use polarize to destroy an entire Draco map by using extreme duration and high strength among other interesting things. (86 meter range and 800 approx damage)

  10. 13 hours ago, Gurpgork said:

    I just have to say, Bullet Attractor is probably one of my favorite abilities in the game. Just watching a Tonkor round arc, and then hit the bubble and suddenly rocket down towards some helpless oaf... I swear, that never gets old.

    I used Bullet Attractor + Staticor against Vay Hek in a sortie mission one day... My squadmates were calling me an idiot for using Mag against a Grineer boss, but then realized what a brilliant support ability Bullet Attractor was. Shelter from enemy fire, damage multiplier, utter removal of any need to aim... It's an awesome, awesome ability. I just cannot wait for that rework. 


    I've been getting many comments about BA being counter productive in game as well. I think it's mostly because no one ever plays Mag and so several people may not be familiar with how BA works. Hopefully the rework changes this. One of the largest reasons she is unused is because she is very anti-corpus focused.


    10 hours ago, WARLOCKE said:

    Thats interesting, I should go fight one and find out. Because I have a hard time thinking It wont go down pretty quickly.

    You may be very surprised as I was. However, if you do find some way to kill a level 100 batalyst very quickly with excal you will have to let me know how you did it.

  11. 5 hours ago, WARLOCKE said:

    Radial Blind + 200 pwr str Exalted Blade + Radiant Finish = dead sentient. Ive yet to do this to a lvl 100. But im betting it dies rather quickly. Of course, since I have not fought a lvl 100 sent, this is pure conjecture and am willing to admit I could be very wrong. However if you get pumped before you can get a radial blind off then its bad news.

    I have already tried this and it does not do enough damage. The dps is massive as it should be for the build but it is not as effective.



    3 hours ago, -dicht.Amducias- said:

    Chroma, banshee 

    I may give this a try myself. You should give it a go and tell me what the results are. If you've already tried this and it worked then I definitely need to try it too.

  12. 9 hours ago, WARLOCKE said:

    Have you seen what excal can do to Sentients with the proper build, 2-3 second kills. Mag cant compare.

    The Sentient in the video is level 100. I've ripped through Sentients with Excal many times and he used to be my go to for slaying them... But after a 1 hour moon mission with Mag's BA I did need Excal.

    Although I have not run extensive testing, so far I've only managed to kill a level 100 battalyst with Mag. All other warframes (that I tried so far) die in 1 shot and cannot perform sufficient damage to kill before being killed.

    I mean, Loki might be able to because of cloak cheese... But for a head on battle Mag is the only one who has stood a chance so far.

  13. 41 minutes ago, TheBright888 said:


    Point is haven't seen a well performing saryn yet in endgame content.

    Actually haven't seen a saryn yet in endgame at all.

    But you are welcome to prove me wrong and do a T4S 60+ mins with me using saryn.


    Go to the simulacrum with Saryn. Get a high damage simulor and use 1 and 4 whilst spamming thy simulor. You may be surprised. I have seen only a few saryn running end game content and doing so quite well. Most of them are using a method similar to what I described.

    Keep testing until you've exhausted all possibilities to making an ability powerful. A conclusion drawn too immediately will not yield discovery.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Fionntan said:


    Perfect, my build isn't to far from this one so it shouldn't take long before I rip Sentients a new one >->

    Especially new ones that are about to be released.

    Keep in mind that the Supra is still faster on kill time. But the lanka pulls second best. If it's not a battalyst or a bursa you should be able to one shot with the Lanka. The supra will do better against High HP and Armor enemies.

    I can 90% of the time (10% very unlucky damage proc) one shot a 100 eximus heavy gunner with the Lanka.

  15. 2 hours ago, Lokime said:

    What's your lanka build? O: or Maybe is because the strength/range mag build. 

    The lanka is the hardest hitting single shot damage of any sniper I've seen so far. It does have drawbacks, however. Paired with BA it can be nasty and BA is mostly why you saw that damage number.
    This will also be updated to first post:





  16. 2 hours ago, Sixty5 said:

    Unless they have high shields Banshee does it better.

    Although mesa is my go to sentient killer. She can actually facetank most of their BS and can kill with her ulti. 

    You did notice that Battalyst is a level 100? I tried, 95% damage resistance is not enough to survive a battalyst attack.

    Banshee is very good for damage but BA has aimbot mechanics.

  17. 3 minutes ago, DeerioJim said:

    Damn, thats a nice colour scheme and helmet/skin for Mag you got there. 

    And yeah mag is a fun frame, Im looking forward to her rework. My old starter frame getting some new air is going to be neat.

    I really hope another unvaulting or Starchart 3.0 will bring Mag Prime out for me too, I really want her prime version!

    Thank you.

    I have a feeling Mag Prime may come back out of the vault quite soon. Patience, Tenno.

  18. I honestly can't wait for the rework. Perhaps Mag shall be viable for more than just Corpus... And the sentients.

    I now know why Mag was deployed for (I presume) the Vanguard assault against the Sentients. I have documented via video what the old bullet attractor can do so that we can see how it compares to the rework, Magnetize. The results might be quite overpowered. (If that's your opinion)

    Mag, the bane of Sentients.  EDIT: I believe some people might be missing that the Battalyst in the video is level 100. I state this for clarity of Mag's abilities.



    Here you are and good day all:




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