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  1. I heard that sometimes they don't even return the whole loot back. I've seen some players saying that they didn't get their loot back. Like riven or prime blueprints.
  2. Why would I ever do that when rubico could do that job in one or two magazine. Yeah you MAY use it to kill demolyst like I can use any warframe with combo multi meele to kill it. But we all know that the most efficient way is chroma or rhino. There is a role in warframe and ash has nowhere to fit in.
  3. There's no use for ash in any situations. Delete him now and everybody will forget in a month. Damage? Use saryn or equonox Stealth? Use loki or ivara or wisp CC? volt does it much better then him Literally no usage except for "I uSe AsH aNd He'S FiNe As He Is!!1!11" crowds.
  4. Just admit that you guys are seething because your hard earned OP weapon got nerfed to the ground. At least that way I can say some condolences. Try not to spew hot garbage takes like it was "fun" weapons or you are entitled to have OP weapons because of your effort.
  5. There are no points in riven right now. At least this will make modding interesting by eliminating at least 3 mods(serration, crits, multishot or crit dmg) and add more variations that riven originally promised.
  6. Don't try to justify catchmoon by saying that was "fun". We all know everbody used that because of dmg. At least say that you're annoyed because your investment of time and effort wasted.
  7. Why waste your time when weapon can deal much more dmg with no effort needed? Just use catchmoon or something.
  8. Isn't it weird that we need to see a Youtube or WIKI guide to beat the PT? Isn't it really unintuitive to you guys? To me it seems like a S#&$ty game design.
  9. To new players, often Above mr 8, never Game is that easy
  10. Dennis, hate to breat it to you, but jacking up the lvl of enemy doesn't mean anything if u can OHK anything past 200lvl bombard Endgame should be more about tweaking difficulties then enemy levels.
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