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  1. But at level 200, for example, enemies are very dangerous which makes a lot of Warframes that don't have stellar survive-abiliy not viable. I was trying to think of an idea that makes all Warframes viable. Lowering the damage and increasing HP should (my thinking) make it more engaging while not punishing (i.e. getting 1 shot). Of course there are different aspects to create difficulty, HP is just one idea that the game doesn't really have (unless you wait an hour or more in an endless mission but comes with the downside of being 1-shot).
  2. To clarify, alienates doesn't mean mistake.
  3. I quoted myself to show that I said if to show that I'm not putting words in your mouth.
  4. Ikr...and my idea isn't even that extreme of an idea either.
  5. Since you said it in your post, it seemed like that was your opinion. Plus, I did say if...
  6. Like I said, putting rewards behind difficult content is the essence of game progression. I don't understand why people would be pissed off at end game content. It's not there to be easily accessible to everyone. It's there for people who have spent a long time playing the game and have prepared gear to tackle the content. If it's your opinion that the Eidolons were a mistake, that's fine but I'm sure a lot of players, including myself, enjoy them.
  7. At Ceus you can get fosfor which increases affinity range by 200% or something like that. I use that when leveling archwing gear. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Fosfor
  8. Honestly, I don't think the Wolf is a fair way to measure this. He's an assassin boss that randomly spawns in player's missions. Therefore, players cannot prepare to fight the Wolf as if he was in a standalone mission node. Many of the complaints I've read stem from having to deal with the Wolf while they have un-leveled gear and level scaling issues. Personally I've haven't had any issues with fighting the Wolf. Plus I don't level my gear at Hydron. My idea is for a single end game game mode/mission. I didn't say that my idea applies to all enemies.
  9. I understood the point you were making. My response was giving you examples of where content already alienates players and that DE is not obligated to create content that must cater to every group of players. And like I said, the game currently doesn't really regular content have many bullet sponge enemies unless you wait hours in an endless missions. (Not including boss type units like the Wolf or thumpers) So how we know that players don't want bullet sponge enemies?
  10. It doesn't make them non-viable. Currently, you can bring Inaros & Ember to the same level 30 mission and they'll both do fine. Players can play what they want. But if you want to bring Inaros and Ember vs 150+ enemies, Inaros would do fine but Ember would not. Obviously the selection of Warframes that can be used becomes more limited.
  11. I'm not sure where you get this idea. The game currently doesn't really regular content have many bullet sponge enemies unless you wait hours in an endless missions. (Not including boss type units like the Wolf or thumpers) The game already has content that alienates large groups of players like Eidolons, Orb bosses, Arbitrations, open worlds, conclave, etc. Locking rewards behind content because they can't do it yet is the essence of game progression.
  12. An endgame mode with regular units with significantly more HP with less damage and no gimmicky nonsense More HP: - address power creep issues - creates positive feedback from using min/maxed builds (i.e. the issue of why min/max when a regular is more than enough) - no need to wait for long periods of time to reach beefier units Less damage: - encourages the use of weaker/non-meta Warframes that don't have built-in survive-ability - no more instant death by a stray bullet No gimmicks: - bad examples include: spamming knockdowns (like some Corpus units), arbitration drones, units immune to abilities/effects
  13. Mobility is a very important aspect of the game for me. The biggest reason I don't use melee weapons is because of their lack of mobility and fluidity. I haven't tested every stance in depth, but most of them feel clunky and inhibit my ability to take out enemies smoothly. Before Melee 2.9, I exclusively used the polearm because the quick melee allowed me to run around and melee attack enemies without being stopped by the melee stance. After Melee 2.9, I haven't even touched my polearm because the first combo is absolutely terrible in this regard. Considering how fast the pace of missions can get, any stance that holds me in place doesn't feel good to use at all. This isn't just about the first combo. It is also about the rest of the combo as well. The stance by themselves can look pretty awesome. But when applied to actual gameplay, they kind of suck. One example is Carving Mantis for dual swords. Anyways, I just wanted to share my thoughts and I hope some of my concerns will be resolved when DE releases the rest of Melee 3.0. PS. I've currently resorted to using Tempo Royale as the initial quick melee attack (just one tap E), feels very good. Also, Blind Justice is an example of a pretty good stance mod as the mobility from Guiding Light is very nice.
  14. If ya'll could fix the Argonak, I would love it.
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