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  1. The first is when you play with Exalibur Umbra in the Cambion Drift and switch to the operator and do a void dash on or above the ground, switch back to the frame and slide under the map. If you are unlucky you will fall infinitely and have to abort the mission. This happens everywhere in the Campion Drift also in the vaults. Current solution: If you fall through the map you should use the Archwing to get back on the map. Another bug is if you play a Kuva mission and after the Kuva extraction the mission fails you get the Kuva and the mission is still available to play again. Did tha
  2. If you equip (hold Y) the Zaw with a primary or secondary weapon, the scabbard of the sword bugt and is in a different position than the sword.This always happens when you switch from primary or secondary to the sword.Since I don't know if that's the case with others, here are the parts of my Zaw: Blade: Sepfahn Handle: Laka Connection: Ekwana Jai II Unfortunately, a skin does not change that the bug happens. I attached a picture with the mistake where I marked the sword and the scabbard. https://ibb.co/R0Nmrsn
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