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  1. I see this as lucky to only get the Karak. She would farms but get all the other weapons I don't want. It's just a free to play game and they have bad RNG. You should play the game as long as possible.
  2. Oh yeah, the players literally love Railjack. Nobody wanted to have it, but now we have it without wanting it. Archwing was so good too, and died after a few months. Is just a matter of opinion. I gave myself extra time and defeated many opponents on the rescue mission.
  3. I think that just looking at a small number you can see better how big the difference is before and after the update. I don't have the time to frame liches anymore and the 25% values are not conducive to the fun of the game. I still have a real life. If you haven't had a weapon with more than 30% with the sisters since the update, that's bitter. I hope that DE takes a look at the Lich / Sister System can really be a bug who knows.
  4. Is Railjack a good mode as opposed to the Lich / Sister system?
  5. The Lich System is the best thing that has ever been done in Warframe. With the Sister of Pavos update, however, there seem to be problems with the Kuva Lichs. Before the SoP update, the weapon bonus values were far better than after the update. Here are my weapons values before the update: Drakgoon 49%, Seer 47%, Khom 30%, Karak 28%, Brama 25%, Chakkuhrr 36%, 28%, 35% and 49%. I would say good RNG right? So what I got so far after the update: Shildeg 26%, 25%, 26%, 25%, Hek 31%, Hind 30% and Karak 30%. It's a joke what a difference it is. You can't believe that it's the same RNG as it was before the update. I also have a problem with the missions: Saturn Anthe and Numa and Sedna Naga rescue. According to the wiki you should be able to create lichs here, but nothing happens in these missions. I played all of them several times but never encountered Kuva Larvling Light flicker. There seem to be a few bugs with me or does someone else have the problems? I hope that if there are really bugs it will be fixed quickly because the lich hunt is not fun at the moment. PS: Translated by Googel.
  6. Critically based weapons are a good choice, especially for beginners, to keep up with experienced players. If you do what you suggest here, beginners no longer have a chance to keep up in the game. The melee nerf has already made enough starter melee weapons unusable. So why make even more weapons unusable? Warframe has enough weapons that are useless and don't need any more. Primary and secondary need a buff and no mods. The melee nerf should be reversed and you should finally adjust the weapons to the melee. Ninjas play free and not guners play free. Translated by Google!
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