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  1. Pet rebalance/rework when? Kubrows feel awful to use due to the degeneration system. Also stasis removal.
  2. Came across a thread on reddit about warframe and some of it's issues. One idea that crossed my mind is that DE should and could start merging the separated islands of the game to make the game less disconnected and up to a certain degree, reduce the content from the game. As the game keeps going forward, these little islands keep getting more and more separated from the game, the game has content nobody cares about and devs ignore. There are arbitrations, sorties, syndicate missions, ongoing events, fissures, invasions, ESO/SO, Kuva liches, kuva missions, zaw/kitgun farming, the separated RNG loot pools of specific mission tiers, nightmare missions, weekly clem, weekly ayatan, etc. etc. DE should take a look at how Path of exiles handles their seasons. New season usually adds a new sort-of gameplay mechanic and system to the game. Once the season ends they merge the season content into the base game. There's a bit less focus on season X mechanic outside the season, but everything is added to the base game so whenever you play you might come across that thing. The game feels much more cohesive and sensible. In some sense it makes grinding thing X a bit harder, but the system doesn't alienate the players from thing X which might not be the best thing for 'veteran' to run through. Few examples and explanations: Invasions as in their current iteration get deleted. Some of the existing crossfire nodes should be turned into the invasion tilesets so those don't go to waste. The invasion missions could happen in fissures/sorties/kuva missions etc. and the battle pay should be just based on around doing invasion mission once. (For reference, usually invasion yields fieldron/detonite/mutagen in quantity of 1-3, while X tier of fortuna bounty can yield 1 of those resources in MUCH less time than repeating invasion mission three times). And further explanation. Now there could be invasion fissure mission. You'd get battle pay for participicating in that fissure mission and you'd get fissure mission reward as well. Invasion potato/forma/etc. would need to be added somewhere else, because those are the only invasion rewards people really care about. Syndicate missions. Same as invasions, the syndicate missions get the axe. Instead some of the ongoing missions get turned into syndicate missions. The little statues spawn, NPC's maybe spawn, get syndicate standing as reward. While the current syndicate missions are per-syndicate, these could just be a bit more 'generic'. Like the RNG could roll up a syndicate sortie mission. You wouldn't be strictly connected with players of the same syndicate. (Or maybe you would? That would make choosing syndicates actually matter a bit?) This would probably need some extra work since the current system limits the amount of statues you can get per day. Maybe add some X amount of statues you can collect per day? Or somehow limit the amount of statues you can farm with the merged system.
  3. Another comment for some improvements about lich generation. Would be really cool if the location where you generate lich would affect how the thralls/enemies/lich itself look. If you got your lich on Uranus for example then the lich would have armors that look more like the ones you see grineer wearing on Uranus. Thralls and enemies would now be based on the Sealab grineers. It's a bit weird that if you got your lich on Saturn and then every enemy on thrall hunt missions is now based on arid grineer, since you can't even get a lich on Mars where arid grineers spawn. Additionally it'd be just REALLY over the top and nice if primes would generate slightly different liches as well. Imagine Vor- tier liches with void keys and golden decorations on their armor. Just visual upgrade. And another thing about the abilities. Really hoping we see more abilities for the liches in the future as well. Not going to elaborate much on that. Dual progenitors maybe? Like Grendel could act as Impact/toxin progenitor. What if lich generated from grendel would boast 1-2 abilities from the impact set and last 1-2 abilities from the toxic set? The weapon generation could still be based on the first element thus impact, but only the lich abilities would change. Wouldn't still be totally random set of abilities, but it'd be nice to have more than 7 sets of abilities for the liches.
  4. Parazon is affected by attack speed modifiers on your melee weapon. Haven't tested if any other mods work, I doubt. However speed does affect it. Pondering if increased speed might have some effect on some weird glitches with the liches? Like de-syncs, failed attempts, etc.
  5. Feedback about Grendel. I've been playing with Grendel for a good while now, and overall I'm quite happy with him. He's really tanky, got REALLY good CC with his Feast ability, but there are really some small tweaks required. PASSIVE Not affected by mods I assume? And wiki mentions that it isn't affected by mods either. Can't remember outright how some other frames abilities work, but I'm under the impression that generally + armor from ability/passive is affected by armor mods. Would make grendel even more tanky, which seems like his main purpose. Might not require any work if the energy cost of Feast is lowered a bit so you can keep up more enemies in your gut. FEAST Area is really nice, the ability works well. Energy consumption could be a bit lower maybe? If you accidentally chug up 10-15 enemies your primed flow + energize + rage can't keep up with the energy cost. You can clear up your gut quite fast by using tenderizer and hopping around/ramming into walls and whatnot, but just a tiny bit lower energy cost and it would be perfect. Could keep 5-8 enemies in your belly without much issues, but for now it seems that after 10 your energy just RUNS empty. Long press/emptying gut could also maybe be tweaked a bit? Like whenever you empty your gut you'd vomit area of bile close to you that deals some toxin/viral or corrosive procs. If vomit is forced by running out of energy this effect wouldn't come off, so basically a bit 'balance' and gameplay effect on that, and a reason to empty your gut every now and then. Would offer small bonus if you could bile up on some corridors to soften enemies up before swallowing them. NOURISH Biggest issues I see with grendel is his buff ability. The icon for which buff is chosen is really tiny. Cycling between the different buffs is quite slow, and you have no idea if you actually chugged up correct enemy type when you eat a group of 10-15. Titanias buff ability has been tweaked numerous times already to make it more useful and easier to acquire. Grendel is a bit step backwards because you need to 1) eat right enemy type 2) cycle to the wanted buff which is really hard since you can't see the icon 3) the buffs aren't too good to justify the difficulty of getting them. If you eat enemy of each type you should get the buff nonetheless. No need for some buff swapping shenanigans. The buffs could stay as is with minor tweaks as long as it's quite easy to acquire them, but it's hard to justify the armor buff because it just seems worthless now The only balance issue by allowing all buffs at the same time is probably the damage you deal when you cast nourish. If you'd deal damage to everything inside you it could be a bit powerful since enemies are CC'd inside you and you could just keep hurting them all at the same time. Adjust the damage? Make nourish deal damage to only first X amount of enemies in your gut, affected by power strength? But in any case you SHOULD get all the buffs if you have correct enemies in your gut. Overall all buffs combined you'd have some really decent buffing capability as grendel, but with the weird cycling that is tied to enemies that spawn it's just a bit bad. REGURGITATE This is a bit weird ability. The good thing is that it costs no energy (Huge thumbs up) since it requires you to have enemy inside and the cost comes from that, but the bad thing is that it's a bit hard to utilize and the flying curve shouldn't maybe be that long. Maybe better visuals on splash impact? It's hard to see if the ability does actually anything aside from tossing enemy at the enemies. Damage is also scaling with enemy levels, which is nice. Maybe AoE DoT effect on hit location? Same as the suggested buff for feast, but this would have better range. Could cover up area at a distance with your bile to once again soften up enemies for allies to kill or for yourself to consume. Ideally regurgitate and feast vomit could also have some buffs/special effects based on which buffs you have active? Like how wisp gets buffs to her 4th based on your buffs. Not as meaningful buff maybe, but like for the vomit of feast some CC effect (Minor slow?) while regurgitate would act more like damage ability with damage over time effect on splash radius. Still would remain as a bit not-so-useful ability, but would look visually better with some proper splash effects and bile areas. PULVERIZE I really like this ability. Not sure how much speed buffs affect it, but it seems as if volt speed + wisp speed can affect how well you can climb ramps. Simple jumps and maneuvers is really great once you learn to utilize them. Honestly not sure if this requires anything. If the buffs would work like they should (getting all at once) you'd get better energy recovery/toxic aoe splashes with armor/more toxic damage on abilities while pulverizing, and that'd be great enough.
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