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  1. From the very first time i set foot in my liset i thought these little lights looked familiar.
  2. This was probably already asked and answered but, I remember a while back on a dev stream, they talked about implementing physics for warframes that had some sort of robe or skirt like in the "The Call" trailer where frost had his robe move rather than having it be a static object. I was wondering if this feature will be put in later or was it just scrapped?? Just a curious tenno wanting my glorious lobster tail to blow in the wind. (Also sorry if this is in the wrong section and if this question has already been answered.)
  3. Send offers my way if you got one, i can take one or two imprints :)
  4. Sorry im gonna have to retract my bid, my friend is offering one for much lower, sorry! :c
  5. Ey, ill giva you 260 for it, should i PM you or?
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