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  1. Well, to be fair, in the announcement of the end of Nightwave they said to spend all your Wolf Credits now as they would be gone once Nightwave 1 finished. I bought A LOT of Nitain when I read that. But really they want you to spend plat to buy your GF Ivara... I've never regretted Buying Ivara with money. tbh 😄
  2. Sentence 1 - Claims previous poster is deficient, meaning present poster is superior Sentence 2 - Lies about claiming superiority, after claiming superiority on sentence 1 Sentence 3 - Goes right back to claiming superiority Sentence 4 - More lies about not claiming superiority. Etc etc. Go back to Troll school, you silly little child. Some of us don't need to lie to look look tuff on an internet forum in front of people we will never meet to have a spark of self confidence, especially when you start trying to bring another poster down from sentence 1, again making yourself look bigger by trying to knock another person you will never meet down At a guess you got rolled by the wolf and his invincible helpers from day 1. And were not seen outside low levels with tricked out Rivened gear for the remainder of Nightwave. Am I right? 😄 Some of us have no need to lie our asses off to cover the fact that we have a desperately low self esteem. And some of us are not terrified that people might see that we are not the god player we pretend to be in front of random strangers. And I bet you will be looking up my stats in game to make out that and crap and therefore what I said is invalid and you are still a Gamur God. Dude, I could be dying on the first wave on the defence at Lith and you would still be a stupid poser, fooling no-one with your "It's 7 inches! Really!" crap. Have a blessed day, and may all the blessing of life be upon you.
  3. Suppose I should reply to this topic. Kind of amused by all the usual liars going "Hah, Wolf was easy, you all suck, and I am the master race!" posts. You aren't fooling anyone with a clue, guys. Anyway, firstly the Wolf was a terrible idea. It probably drove off more new players than anything else. By the end people were going "Urgh" in chat when he turned up, and a few teams I was in quit outright en masse rather than face yet another 20 minute slog trying to kill the clown. No-one who is honest liked hearing the "growl" sound, and then when we wee finally going to ave our "revenge fight" we fought him 3 times where he got away twice and finally we faced him in in level 100 Super Sayan bastard form. Clap clap, no catharsis there. If you are now forced to balance everything because a minority have tricked out everything with 200 rolled Rivens then you have done something wrong. That same crowd will be all over the forums lying about what an easy fight it is, no matter what. Aside from that, I enjoyed the challenges every day because I regarded them as optional challenges that I could take or leave. However you made a SERIOUS mistake when you pointed some of the challenges at gated off content such as Profit taker and Sorties. People are completionists at heart and they hate suddenly being told they cant do something to gain points for no good obvious reason. Not everyone has maxed out standing or has done "the War within" which actually lies at the end of a lot of planets, I hate to remind you. In my clan we had new people begging others to taxi them to Profit taker or sorties. and they wouldn't believe us when we said that it was gated off and we physically could not. When i finally dawned on them that they had been set a challenge they could not actually do they were extremely disappointed and frustrated. it was, in parlance, a @#&$ block. Again you are frustrating people for no good reason. Hell, I could not do profit taker myself as I didn't have the SU standing. And as for the "Kill a Hydrolyst" challenge, I saw newbies asking people to carry them into the worst Tridolon fight so they "could get the rewards" without even having a mote amp to help out. You try having THAT conversation 5 times a day. At least if it was "kill a Teralyst" they could probably have done it, even if it took a while, if they got matched in with anyone who had an amp. I know the intention was probably to encourage people to try out content, but putting that goal into a publicly available space was giving the impression that you are tossing the big rewards at the oldies as usual. And that is a good way to get people to say "eff this game." Aside from that I don't have much complaints about it. As a replacement for Alerts, l.. well I remember when i played before finding Alerts very frustrating as I always missed the ones with stuff I wanted. I never got one Vauban piece despite months of trying, for example. So I think this is a different way of doing it which has its frustrations too. I'm fairly neutral on whether its "better" than alerts or not, because alerts kinda sucked imo. At least this gave you a few days to grab something you wanted.
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