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  1. One or two guys flying around shooting things, and sending everyone else to deal with other objectives. When the ship starts getting overwhelmed(probably never because railjack has gotten way too easy from an endgame standpoint), teleport bodies back to help repair, etc. I wouldn't mind an endless railjack mission where each rotation is going to 3 different cache locations and doing the randomized event associated with that cache, and tying some exterminate type objective to your railjack I know this is gonna piss a lot of people off, but DE needs to keep adding railja
  2. are you serious..............oh man that sucks being able to host your own lobbies in public was one of the nicer features in railjack
  3. If I'm not mistaken, we used to be able to host our own missions this way.
  4. I get motion sickness easily, and -recoil mods allow me to play with weapons I wouldn't bother with otherwise because of the recoil/screenshakes.
  5. they couldnt just make the "adopter" tier based off maxing your intrinsics? i'm not gonna go back into railjack just to spam repair mk1 parts to make sure i hit 30. i'm not to bothered cause the rewards are whatever, but that "30 completed wreckage" to be considered an "early adopter" doesnt seem right to me. You can build your railjack into "endgame" ready state in less than 15 repairs
  6. you're mistaken. my entire riven collection is just god tier rivens. me: i need a god tier riven. i'll just wait around, one will eventually pop up and ill just throw 8k platinum at it. 95% of warframe players: i really want a god tier riven, but i dont wanna farm 12 million kuva or spend 2k+ platinum for it. welp, guess ill just forget about god tiers and settle for whatever. You are okay with everyone settling for whatever riven, i'm not. I think anyone who wants to chase god tier rivens, should have the opportunity to, without spending millions of kuva on a slo
  7. what exactly are you trying to argue here? there can't/won't be riven changes? doesnt matter if this is a free game, or if you dont need god roll rivens to play the game. thats just a copout. you could very well make the same argument with almost anything else in this game. the original point of this thread being, you can't talk about being considerate towards "worthwhile" grind while in the same breath completely ignore questions regarding rivens. its that simple. go watch the latest devstream. listen to those questions about worthwhile grind, and DE's answers to t
  8. if you think kuva farming is a worthwile grind for you, okay. i don't. and because i don't feel kuva farming is a worthwhile grind, i think DE is spouting out hypocrisy when they talk about worthwhile grind and minutes later, basically ignore a question regarding riven changes
  9. well im sitting on over a million platinum and my problem isn't with disposition nerfs. it's not really a "me" problem. its a warframe problem the reality is there arent hundreds/thousands of players that can go around throwing thousands of platinum to get these rivens. its a system that caters to a very small minority of players. thats how its been for years. i just think having a system that is basically a slot machine, with 0 progression, is dumb.. you can't talk about how you want to make worthwhile grind for the players, and in the same breath have 0 thoughts on changing the
  10. I'm confused here, it seems like youre just trying to be argumentative for the sake of having an argument. That's a nonanswer to my question about whether you prefer statlocking or slot machines.
  11. statlocking or slot machine. you're choosing slot machine? you have 10,000 posts on these forums and thats the hill you wanna die on? you don't have to just gift cc/cd into every riven for all the players. you just make them grind for it, like everything else in the game.
  12. Yeah the traders who are trying to make thousands of platinum take issue with any kind of changes that might lower the cost of rivens. I have no room to talk because I also benefit from the current system. But I've been saying for years, the rng behind rivens has to change. It's just so weird to me that DE will stand behind the current system, which really only benefits a minority of players, literally the 1%-5% of players who can throw around thousands of platinum
  13. Let me also add that i havent farmed kuva or rolled rivens in years. I find it much easier to farm the 2k-10k+ platinum to just buy the riven from someone, because thats more of a "worthwhile" grind than kuva to roll rivens. If thats not a sign of how bad this system is, I dont know......
  14. Worthwhile grind. That was brought up multiple times from questions taken from content creators on today's devstream. I just find it laughable how they can talk about being considerate towards making "worthwhile" grind in various content, while later in the stream, straight up brushing the "statlocking" riven question aside. The main thing players want is take some of the slot machine out of rivens, and add a bit more progression. There are hundreds of ways you can turn "statlocking" into a worthwhile grind. Noone would complain about taking the RNG out and turning into a longterm
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