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  1. The scythe zaws have a base range of 1.7m/1.8m Reaper/Hate/Ether Reaper have 2.7m/2.8m base range
  2. You add a new type of resource to the game that is solely used for riven valence fusion. You always get this resource as an end of mission reward. This resources drops in every hardmode mission on release. After the initial wave of data and feedback on hardmode, add this new resource to areas outside of hard mode. In a sense, you add another layer of grind, but you remove 1 layer of RNG pertaining to rivens(ie multishot stat between 80-120%). No matter where your riven stats roll, valance fusion allows you to reach the maximum stat possible This new resource also adds an incentive for players to really go out and try hard mode. This resource is going to be appealing to those highly invested in rivens. Think of it as a type of "endgame-like progession" with rivens. Riven Valence Fusion just makes sense. Kuva weapons have it, railjack components have it. Its not if rivens will get valence fusion, its when and how its implemented.
  3. 3k how long is this going to run for. also, theres noone named lobster ingame. if you could use their actual ign, thatd be nice
  4. gotta love those tiny platinum bids. can you put the players name with their bid 2.5k
  5. the people who wants raids will do them once and never touch them again. the fact that arcanes are worth very little will make even the hardcore players who did hundreds/thousands of runs not wanna do em for very long. the expectation: you get to organize a small or big party and go on an adventure and do all this coordination and fight this big boss the reality: it sucks
  6. once you get void hole and munitions vortex, railjack becomes pretty easy drop void hole right in front of you, move to the side, oneshot crewship, kill all the ships stuck in void hole, rinse repeat. if you stand near your void hole, any ramsleds set out by nearby crewship will always miss you
  7. Riven Stats +146.8% cc +80% ms +172.5% dmg -36.7% ammo MR:16 Rerolls: 9 Vazarin sold
  8. Looking for those exact stats. Add me ingame, pm, or post here. Might be interested in +cc +cd +ms -zoom
  9. I thought it supposed to be side-story stuff to help with the "in-between" big content drop. Content during content drought. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.
  10. Dealing with other players' load times in/out missions can be annoying at times, would be nice to have an option in the menu to always extract/leave mission alone, to avoid dealing with other players' load times. Option to have ignored players unable to join hosts lobbies
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