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  1. Lmao no salt please I merely cited saryn as an example cos I loved her toxic lash - spore playstyles prior to corrosive spores, and as a existing template DPS model for ember. Obviously more templates exist, such as making Immolation have obscene damage reduction and /or radial heat damage to turn her into a pseudo melee heat Chroma, or let Inferno have obscene range but pathetic damage that barely benefits even from her significant Spicy buff, while amping up her other abilities' damage. This models a Rift Torrent/ Stasis Limbo with an actual offensive ability kit to complement CC from Inferno's procs and damage increase from Spicy. (or go with my other suggestion to turn Ember into a unique obscene self-destructing meta)
  2. Valid point. I re-read your post and realized I was nitpicking the wrong areas. While I'd like to say that number - crunching is a valid playstyle that I'd encourage you to reconsider (or just design your playstyle as a personalized variant of optimized builds) that's just personal bias, and I foresee unresolvable arguments and removed forum posts. So instead, consider my interpretation (coupled with more unapologetic plugging for high numbers) : If you have candles as a light /heat source in winter, do you burn it slowly so you replace your candles less frequently, or you burn both ends to live fast and die young? Ember's new passive means that her response to imminent death is to burn even more. That's pretty much every DPS frame, especially among those designed to be specific glass canons so not entirely original. However, her passive and its interaction with her abilities is potentially fascinating. While micromanaging energy levels, Immolation damage reduction and bonus strength is (probably) the optimal way to go, imagine an Exponential relation between her bonus damage potential and her overheat levels past a certain threshold, or at sufficiently low energy levels. Do you fight the long battle, or abuse the explosive damage increase and/or the excessive overheat explosion and go out in a blaze of glory for you and your teammates to recuperate in the downtime from nuking the map? (that being said, depleting all energy from overheat is disgusting, so unless the overheat explosion has range and/or damage scaling well with the energy lost, it's a mere punishment instead of a possible high - risk high - reward damage option) In this manner, while the glass cannon approach is definitely overused, it suits one of the original DPS frames in a thematic manner that few other frames can match: the option to literally immolate yourself and bring down even more enemies in a blaze of glory.
  3. Consider spores though. In both its original post-Miasma meta viral edition and its current corrosive edition, the ability to escalate numbers given large range and careful micromanaging led to impressive damage numbers. If replicated properly here incl infinite duration (hint hint), coupled with perhaps a high max strength bonus cap but mid-slow increments from marginal burning targets that scales with damage ticks (just unapologetically ripping off spores at this point, not that it'd be bad) , Inferno could have the potential to be pretty stronk
  4. Dk if this has been said, but please no not mine layer (or much of it). What probably shouldn't change Old: Concuss: Against anything which buffs adds, especially infested/ corrupted healers, I dare to say that concussion is the cornerstone of Vauban's abilities. A kit nearly entirely centred on CC and occasionally procs would be useless against hard CC & proc denial coupled with damage reduction and healing, esp since healers sometimes hide in corners /behind heavies and buff enemies without you being any wiser. A reliable source of radiation proc would counter this issue without forcing one to rely on a radiation proc weapon. New: Nail grenade is Azima but gimmicky, and even then the puncture (assuming it reliably hits enemies and procs) isn't too useful since there's already a hard CC kit, and increasingly more enemy bruisers have some degree of proc immunity, especially in PoE/ Orb Vallis. Sticky ripline is a budget larva, and larva is vortex fulfilling another niche (instantaneous enemy gathering across a larger range, at the expanse of sustained area denial) . So unless sticky ripline ends up minimally equal (or close) to larva stat-wise, it's barely more useful than tripwire, especially when it's in the same kit as Vortex itself. Any attempts to reach a midpoint between Vortex and Larva would still leave it redundant compared to the niche usage of the other 2 skills Side note : Consider giving Vortex a small hard - capped range boost inversely proportionate to remaining duration, so that it at least mops up all remaining enemies within bastille if the ability ends naturally. Or alternatively, a 360 degree instantaneous max range Pull at ability expiry, with all the included entropy, just for one last kek. Just realized the cap on tesla rollers: Rip Unlimited Tesla Works ;_;
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