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  1. 1. What about swapping World on Fire and Sol? Wisp's abilities suggests that her role is to create buff zones for allies to fight in, so Light and WoF can clear/ incapacitate enemies while reservoir + reservoir moves the frontline forward. Meanwhile Ember's Accelerant and Fire Blast gives her distance between herself and enemies, while softening them to be finished off by a ludicrous directional Heat attack ie Sol. That, and Sol fits Ember's theme more than Wisp imo. In the name of the Sun, I will punish you! - Whoever inherits Sol Ps the video (?) at the bottom of the overview regarding air casting seems to be broken, at least on mobile
  2. Who will win? Legit(?) pranks and memes 2 thicc necc bois Ps no nerf mace/ buff galatine meme 0/10
  3. Cataclysm has struck Edit: Bout the test "C we're going to make H A Ki Damage Me" iS ThIs A OnE pIeCe ReFeReNcE? Haki armament confirmed for damage 3.0?
  4. I think that means syncing progress between both accounts?
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