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  1. what grip/loader are you using as I'm able to equip rifle skins onto a Tombfinger using a Tremor grip but not able to do so on a Tombfinger using a Palmaris grip, I guess some of the new parts don't let you use skins on some kitguns for whatever reason but it just seems like a weird oversight on their part
  2. Heavy attack mods seem to apply their bonuses during the heavy attack animation rather than directly causing numerous issues including but probably not limited to •Warfan heavy attack projectiles from the Quassus and Arum Spinosa losing heavy attack bonuses from heavy attack mods after the heavy attack animation finishes •Sigma and Octantis shield throw projectile gaining heavy attack mod bonuses when cancelled with a heavy attack (which differs from the direct impact not gaining bonuses without doing this) •Tatsu slide attack projectiles gaining heavy attack mod bonuses when charging a
  3. For whatever reason the lock on functionality of the weapon seems to be missing from the weapon when used on Hall of Mirrors dopplegangers (similar problems may also be happening on specters and other similar effects with this weapon? hard to tell since they auto aim anyways) Primary Secondary The Buzlok using a similar feature just fine as long as a doppleganger uses the alt fire on a target before shooting
  4. If you want the same ability to replace one ability in one cofig but replace another in a different it doesn't work, sorry if I didn't make that clear in my initial explanation. Like if you replace slight of hand with dispensary in one config you are unable to replace prism with dispensary in another as it will just ask if you want to remove the ability instead of giving you an option to either add it again replacing another ability in configs that don't have the ability infused yet or removing it. The issue rarely comes up though, but when it does you're pretty much stuck with either gett
  5. This is a niche complaint but with some abilities that have extremely broad functionality like dispensary to restore energy, or damage buffer ability like eclipse or roar some warframe kits have problems with the current helminth system being unable to replace 2 separate abilities in 2 different configs. With my Mirage currently 2 abilities want to rely on the benefits of Dispensary, but because her 1 and 3 are so impactful to the frame replacing the damage ability that doesn't get used is much more viable compared to replacing either Hall of Mirrors or Eclipse. This results in me being una
  6. As the title says, was starting up another nekros and noticed that I was unable to install an Aura Forma when I didn't have any of the base version EDIT: got a false alarm, after finishing some forma in the foundry I noticed I already had an Aura forma installed... Guess that's sorta a UI issue but I also should've checked first
  7. Multishot projectiles do show up, but they don't appear to have energy trails for whatever reason. The slow projectile speed seems to be another bug though where the base stats become altered to some combination of the base stats and kuva weapon stats with the flak skin keeping the charge rate, reload speed, magazine size and elemental bonus of the kuva weapon while having the damage, projectile speed, critical chance and status chance of the base. (This only happens on the Kuva Drakgoon, the base stays the same and the Ogris also appears to have this issue but it seems to be simulacrum only
  8. When using the Drakgoon Flak Cannon skin or Stahlta Shock Rifle skin Hall of Mirrors loses functionality that was available with the base variant, being unable to shoot with the drakgoon and losing out on the radial explosion of the Stahlta.
  9. The Zhuge Prime still doesn't have delayed explosions on the bolts that Hall of Mirrors doppelgangers fire
  10. Currently Condition Overload gives little to no damage to Glaive throws with even worse rates than Primed Pressure Point at 5 Procs 126 | Slash proc damage [Base] 334 | Slash proc damage [Primed Pressure Point] 3 procs - 143 / 5 procs - 152 | Slash proc damage [Condition Overload] This carries over to heavy attacks [Condition Overload] [Primed Pressure Point] and Volatile Mods -no images because I'm lazy
  11. The Zakti and Zakti Prime both have their AoE visual trigger immediately on hit, but will only deal direct damage with no radial damage when a Hall of Mirrors doppelganger fire the weapon
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