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  1. Currently hall of mirrors is completely unaffected by strength effects and does your current weapons base damage with double critical/status chance Compared to previous values before this bug of 40% damage, and 40% critical and status chance per 100 strength this is way off giving you an effective 250 strength for the damage portion of the transferred stats and a 500 effective strength for critical/status chance bonuses which is odd This bug doesn't appear to change anything else with the ability as buffs work fine as long as they're cast on HoM doppelgangers and Eclipse/damage arcanes/aco
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Empower currently doesn't affect Hall of Mirrors in any way, despite the abilities screen updating to a correct value the ability receives no bonus strength VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Put Empower on Mirage (Replacing Prism if necessary), cast Empower then cast Hall of Mirrors (Mirage 1) EXPECTED RESULT: Hall of Mirrors receives an additional 50% power strength bonus when cast after Empower OBSERVED RESULT: Empowered Hall of Mirrors will deal equivalent damage compared to Hall of Mirrors without Empower REPRODUCTION RA
  3. I don't like this change specifically for non-channeled melee abilities (whipclaw for example), the Xoris while powerful was by no means the "best" melee statstick for exalted weapons in every situation. If your Warframes exalted weapon is efficient enough, or you aren't primarily using an exalted so you can save energy but would still like to use one you can run the Naramon which can partially or completely ignore your combo drain. If you want or need more damage running weapons with higher riven dispositions is an option, and the Venka Prime's boosted combo cap will help out if you don't hav
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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