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  1. It seems to be a thing related to the heavy attack mod bonuses being tied to the action of heavy attacking rather than heavy attack mod bonuses being applied specifically to the heavy attack itself making you lose the bonus after the animation finishes or getting the bonus on things that aren't heavy attacks while heavy attacking. This affects a whole bunch of things including this for whatever reason. But if you want a band-aid solution to losing your mod bonuses, all you have to do is spam heavy attacks until the target you want to hit gets hit by enough projectiles or dies. Hopefully they fix this sometime soon, but then again a bunch of melee bugs have stuck around for quite a while now past melee 3.0
  2. Just like with the standard ability the augmented version will be unable to distribute weapon damage and must be recast to do so after dealing enough damage to it, alternatively though Funnel Clouds permanently lingers and is still able to lift up enemies when combined with Airburst. This also allows you to kill enemies by suspending them in the air long enough without even dealing damage to them. Repeated casts of Tornado with permanent casts up will over time drop the framerate of any player nearby. Other tornado bugs
  3. Currently the Zakti/Zakti Prime, Probocis Cernos, Mutalist Cernos and Zhuge Prime don't trigger their delayed explosion effects when shot at Tornado only having the weapons deal initial hit damage This bug also exists with Hall of Mirrors where the doppelgangers only fire shots that do initial hit damage (the list of weapons that don't function with the ability match this one) Other unrelated Tornado bugs
  4. Despite being buffed Tornado has a significant number of unaddressed bugs that make the ability either extremely unsynergistic or almost pointless to cast with the inability to proc weapon status effects off of Tornado's distributed damage when a player isn't the host or the ability being unable to distribute weapon damage after taking enough damage Tornado is unable to proc status effects off of non host players Tornado fails to proc guaranteed status effects and will only proc status effects that are applied through chance or other chance based sources like Hunter Munitions (some examples of sources that won't work include Toxic Lash, Stance procs, Hysterix forced status effects, Cedo alt fire forced status effects, ect.) Tornado becomes unable to deal weapon damage after being dealt enough damage itself forcing you to refresh the 100 energy cost ability constantly (The estimated health pool of the ability is 500,000 as it will take 6 hits to beak the ability with a weapon that deals 99,000 damage but 5 of one that deals 102,000) Tornado is unable to apply the Void status effect through Xata's Whisper and is able to be dealt damage by amps but cannot deal amp damage (while this may be intentional, the ability has a limited health pool and shouldn't be receiving amp damage if this is intended) Tornado's distributed weapon damage doesn't benefit from Condition Overload or the Cedo's passive damage bonus to enemies with status effects despite applying faction damage correctly.
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