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  1. After the latest update, the knockdown mechanic of this mod after a kill completely stopped working. The enemies simply stay on their feet and keep on shooting or running towards you.
  2. Ohma (with a nice riven) for everyday combat, my Harvester (Zaw machete) for mowing down Infested, Pennant with a heavy attack build for those BIG numbers ;-). Honorable mention: Plague Kripath polearm. It hasn't seen any use since I switched to tonfas, by the way, way before they somewhat got meta.
  3. Nice, didn't even knew, that this Ephemera existed. Now, if only the Lotus Ephemera was available somehow for people, who don't use Twitch... And before anyone complains: I dont mind "exclusive" stuff at all, in fact, Warframe lacks on that one to give veterans something to show off (like e.g. Path of Exile does). But considering the fact, that previous Tennobaum exclusive skins are sold via Nightwave nowadays, I wouldn't mind this Ephemera to be obtainable from an alternative source sometime in the future.
  4. Now if only the T5 relics had Forma on them instead of the Ayatan stars, I could actually farm T5 fissures, too, in order to get the Formas necessary to rank up my Kuva weapons... Besides that, nice changes. If they come to console someday, I'm willing to do those missions again. Right now, it's kind of a waste of time (especially the murmur grind for a low roll duplicate). Alternative ways to gain murmur would be appreciated, though. Also, please keep the back breaker animation on a failed attempt, it was the only thing, that made the Lich somewhat threatening.
  5. As a console player, all these proposed changes already send shivers down my spine, considering all the disfunctionalities and disimprovements that the UI changes in the past added to our gaming experience. We once had unspectacluar but streamlined and functional menus with shortcuts and accessability. Nowadays, we have to fiddle around with an unprecise and lame vitual "mouse" cursor to hover over everything to get any usuful information at all, but at least the menus look pretty and offer an opportunity to sell wallpapers for Plat... The new relic UI (both in the relic station and between fissure missions) is the biggest atrocity, that was implemented in the game so far, with overlapping textboxes that block your sight, while 1/3 of the screen stays unused until you hover over each relic and click a button... How this could be approved by a team and implemented... I just don't get it. I play videogames for almost 40(!) years now, but Warframe is the only game, that I played so far, where UI changes constantly make the player experience worse than before, just saying...
  6. Hmm, I normally have absolutely NO interest in Conclave, but when the snowball, Paris only and Nikana only events happened, even I played it, because I wanted to get my hands on the Heart and Oro noggles (sadly enough, the Heart noggle can simply be bought for credits nowadays around Valentines day...). Simply putting in timed events with some interesting rewards from time to time could help a lot (make sure, though, that the rewards are exclusive, not like the recent Nightwave shop rotations, that had old Tennobaum Solstice skins for sale... Seing this was a big bummer for me...). Also, if snowball or the beach event should ever return, please drastically improve the hit detection. Playing the beach event was a pain, because properly hitting anything with the arced water splashes was almost impossible...
  7. Hmm, fingers crossed for the hotfix then... I already stopped playing RJ almost three weeks ago, because with the current console build it's simply a waste of time... The same goes for the Liches. I have no incentive to grind out the murmurs for a duplicate weapon with the lowest possible bonus... The guy sits there for weeks now, taunting me from time to time but "No, thank you"... Generally speaking, one could argue, that the content drought after Fortuna almost lasts a year already... Wow.
  8. I prefer a method for obtaining an Ephemera, that actually respects my time investment, over a method, where I have to run a mission 100+ times just to get nothing in the end due to abysmally low drop rates. The first method incentivizes me to play more, because I work towards a goal (e.g. play x amount of missions to gain tokens, allowing me to buy it at the end, just like arbitrations), while the second method leads me to stop playing the activity at all, because it's just a tedious, frustrating waste of time (e.g. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught with its horrendous drop chances for the Braton Vandal Bp or the Ephemera). If you look at the abominational play styles that the RJ Ephemera has created (speed running the sentient ship solo in a party, where one member invites the others, if they find a rare container, or players, that want to finish the mission normally having difficulty to find a group that's not aborting the mission after rushing through the sentient ship), it is obvious, that something went significantly wrong here and needed to be changed... Therefore, the proposed change is much appreciated.
  9. The only thing I can say here: Wow, that would be something great!
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