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  1. Happens all the time, sadly. I will only get one to spawn once after about five tries, although the lights flickered every time. No clue, if this is intentional, though.
  2. This started to happen after the latest update. When I return to my orbiter after a mission, the option to switch the game settings (e.g. from solo to public) simply isn't available anymore in the UI. The only thing I can do to fix this is to restart the game.
  3. I got an Ohma riven myself a few days ago and I'm only playing them since then (I used a Plague Kripath before that, mind you). They are totally viable imo, I have no problem doing sorties or Lv 5 lich missions with them. They are fun, have proper range now and shred due to the multihit combos on their stance. Definitely the most pleasant surprise after the melee rework so far, go for it. By the way, good job DE, melee is so much fun now.
  4. Follow up: Just realized, that stats are shown differently in the arsenal and the mod station. While browsing your mod collection (mod station), the stats on the riven are 50% lower than if you look them up on your weapon (arsenal). Also, if you click on the riven to re-roll it, the re-roll screen shows the higher stats again...
  5. The only question I have to ask: Why isn't this in the game RIGHT NOW? I want a somewhat different vibe for my Wisp and that's exactly what I'm looking for. Great job!! Sadly, as a console player I'll have to wait ages for it being available...
  6. Started this morning. It's almost impossible to upgrade a mod or scroll through the list as button commands are not registering and the virtual mouse cursor will neglect moving before jumping across half the screen a few seconds later...
  7. I have 70% projectile speed on my Catchmoon riven, but since the update, it will increase the weapons range parameters by only 35%. The corresponding exilus mod will add the mentioned 40% projectile speed properly, though. Is this a bug or some kind of "ninja nerf" to prevent the players from reaching higher max range? A look into this would be highly appreciated, thank you very much in advance.
  8. All right, so it seems I was not missing some changes from the recent update... I used to run around with my Ivara to quickly level weapons that I put a Forma in, but now it doesn't work as it used to, no exp multiplier at all.
  9. This happens especially in tight corridors if the target is cowering next to a wall. I had myself "flying" below the map at the end of the animation several times now, especially on the Mars tileset. /Unstuck puts you back, but it's somewhat annoying nevertheless, especially, if you have a rescue target with you, that's bleeding out, while you "fly" through outer space...
  10. And by the way: I managed survival up to 18 min with Revenant solo, before the oxygen ran out, together with my friend we did it. But the other two missions require target protection, energy regen and crowd control/kill potential and my friend has a tight working scedule, so we can't spend ages in chats begging for help...
  11. We have 10 people in our clan, that have different times that they are able to play, I usually play with a friend only. We did the survival, but I doubt that we two can handle the defense or the excavation. I'm in an alliance with over 1000 people, put in a group request an hour ago, still no response... How are one man clans supposed to do this, if it's not even possible to find players in an alliance?
  12. Razorbacks and Formorians also have matchmaking, you simply can't join them, if you don't fulfill the requirements, why not handle it the same way here?
  13. So I farmed arbitrations to buy the missions just to find out, that they don't have matchmaking... Why? I can see, that maybe DE wants to boost their frame sales that way (time will tell, how the next new frames will be introduced), but for a game, that always had matchmaking for any activity so far, this is a big letdown. Reminds me of Destiny, where you had to look for groups in chat to do the raids, hated this from day 1, now coming to Warframe... I definitely prefer failing several times with an unsuitable crew over not being able to play the mission at all, because it's impossible to solo them, just saying.
  14. There's a bug with sortie defence missions, that I experienced several times during the last few weeks. Whenever the agent dies and you try to pick him up, it shows the revive animation until the agent is on his feet again and a few seconds later the mission fails, stating, that the agent died. This happened three times in a row in yesterday's void defence; afterwards I gave up trying. Also, those instant deaths with Inaros, where you have full heath and one second later you are down for whichever reason are starting to get annoying. (My Inaros has over 8600 HP, Adaption and a full set of Arcane Grace equipped, nothing can instakill him on sortie level). Happens from time to time; my friend and I make jokes about it, that this was implemented, so that other players don't get angry. Would be nice to have this fixed, no need to grind for all the survival stuff, if the game randomly decides to simply kill you once in a while, just saying.
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