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  1. Hmm, I'm actually not a big fan of stuff that's "annoying" for the sake of it (looking at you, omni-present knockdowns). On the other hand, though, I think you have a valid point regarding Deimos as "completely hostile", so I would't mind some sort of effect actually. I'm glad, though, that Exocrine is not handled as "hole", where you constantly get respawned for running over it, a big improvemen to PoE and Orb Vallis imo.
  2. Abysmal droprates gated behind several RNG walls are nothing new in Warframe. Remember sentients only available on Lua? When they didn't spawn right next to the Oculysts but simply somewhere? When the Oculysts themselves spawned somewhere, too? Let's say, you wanted a War part or Vengeful Revenant. Half of the time, you didn't find the Oculysts in time (or they simply didn't spawn at all, even after Lotus said so). When you actually did find them, half of the time no Conculyst spawned but only two Battalysts. Half of the time, sentients will only drop a rare material and nothing else and then
  3. Corpus output on the new ship tilesets is just ridiculous, Sentients don't survive more than 2 min with Primed Regen on Lv3 sortie or SP levels... Cat time obviously ;-)
  4. Hmm, I wonder, where the "event part" in this event actually is... There is no special mission or something. Nevertheless, I liked the rewards, a cool skin for my mech (free, mind you) and a nice story to listen to, why not? I don't understand the whole Plague Star discussion, though. The event already happened this year and DE wants to overhaul it for the future, what's all the fuss about it? Putting the Zaw parts into Naberus is DE allowing players, who missed out on them before, to reach MR 30 with the upcoming Nezha Prime access, all the rest is speculation running wild imo.
  5. There are new achievements with Deimos, but they are not working currently...
  6. I wouldn't be surprised, if all primery kitgun rivens end up around 1.0 in the next few months where they could have been from the getgo, if DE had not introduced this unwarrented 0.5 starter disposition (which would not have been "necessary" in the first place, if someone had tested weapons like Catchmoon or Bramma for 5 min in game before releasing them)...
  7. This. People that use terms like "can of worms" or "toxic riven mafia", etc. act, as if someone is putting a gun at their heads to force them to buy a riven for 3000 Pl... If someone is willing to pay that much, it's their own decision and therefore their own responsibility. Unfortunately, responsibility is rarely seen nowadays, when it's so much easier to blame someone else for your own bad decisions, one of the biggest problems in modern society imo...
  8. Problem is, I never find any, Vome cycle and just flying around... After some time, I quit wasting my time.
  9. Same here, not bothering with this crappy "unicorn" ;-)
  10. The initial combo mod is actually used for heavy attack builds only, so you can constantly use heavy attacks that use up combo counter. Apart from that, each melee weapon has a combo duration of 5 sec., if you don't hit an enemy during this time, the combo counter is reset to 0. To prevent that, you can either use mods like Body Count or Drifting Contact to increase the combo duration or you can use the Naramon Focus. The Naramon Focus contains one ability, that will slowly reduce your combo counter every 5 sec. instead of resetting it totally.
  11. I highly recommend to wait until the second part of its changes is released on consoles before even bothering with a build. Mine is resting in the foundry since one week after the release of Deimos, will be interesting to see, whether I will be able to build him, before the next new frame comes out...
  12. It's funny, how DE seem to transform themselves more and more into an "anti-consumer company" over the course of the years as if they fight a war against their playerbase or whatever... I don't know. For me personally, the different dispos for regular and prime variants of a weapon and the 0.5 starting disposition for new weapons has completely killed any exitement for new weapon releases at all... I'm a riven collector, because I like to experiment with all kinds of stuff and because I don't want to use the same two or three weapons all the time. From that perspective, I don't care about disp
  13. I'm looking forward to all those things, because I was expecting nothing special for MR30 in the first place. Nice surprise ;-)
  14. Sandbox game nails it imo. Creating challenging content with that many frames, weapons and synergies is almost impossible right now (except by stripping us from our abilities, that might be challenging but not fun...).
  15. Hmm, I cannot look at the builds, but it's save to say that Condition Overload is a much better choice than (Primed) Pressure Point in almost all scenarios. Pressure Point is actually only useful on heavy attack builds and statsticks imo. Nowadays, every melee weapon with a decent crit chance (18% - 20% or higher) and status chance (20% or higher) and a decent amount of slash on it can be build into a monster with Berserker, Weeping Wounds, Bloodrush, Organ Shatter and Condition Overload. Put Viral (via 60/60 mods) or pure Slash (Carnis mod) on it as you please. Range is vital imo. In order to
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