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  1. Because someone at DE doesn't like it, if players like something... There's no other logical explanation imo...
  2. Now if we can finally get rid of the stupid 0.5 starter riven disposition for new weapons, us veterans would have something to look forward to again with a new prime release...
  3. Who needs the lasers anyway? Just remove them. I don't ply void defense, because I don't want to get killed by a teammate, who just wanted to reload his gun... A hold button prompt might solve this, this goes for accidentally activating life support as well. Or simply deinstall that stupid lasers, they are just an annoyance.
  4. Yeah, I somewhat get Mass Effect vibes from the music. Would be great to have it on my Orbiter.
  5. (XBOX)Kuhl MC


    I asked a while back and now ask again. What happend to the colours after the last texture rework? Everything looks grey and gritty, fissure missions almost remind me of 90s PC monochrome monitors with their grey/gold colouring... Are you intenting to keep it like that, DE? Looks horrible all across the game imo, definitely a downgrade. And by the way: Will the Deimos achievments on Xbox ever be fixed?
  6. Hmm, I think the Kraken suffers from the powercreep just as any other weapon does, that requires aiming. Nowadays, every weapon has either AoE or another gimmick where you can point vaguely in the direction of enemies, pull the trigger and everything dies. I have one with Magnetic on it, combined with my Punchthrough, MS, Poison Riven. I use it exclusively against Corpus and it performs decent, but of course doesn't stand a chance against something like the Nukor.
  7. Not interested in cooldowns, sorry. Not having them is something, that sets Warframe apart from other MMO-style games. If you want cooldowns so badly, play another game.
  8. I don't have any problems dealing with it, I just wanted to point out, that the AI has a deathwish. I simply pick him up, if he gets down.
  9. Or you could simply use Arcane Healing to prevent radiation procs. Defence target is on suicide mission, though. I like it if the sortie is on the Kuva Fortress and the agent constantly runs into the gas clouds... AI finally needs to be fixed, it's holding back the game for years now.
  10. So Deimos Arcana finally released on consoles together with a texture update. The results on certain tilesets are... depressing imo. What happened to the colours? The Void looks like a grey shader was put over everthing, the same goes for the Kuva Fortress. Grineer Galleon fissure missions have the look of a warframe corrupted by a fissure (brown/grey, reminded me of monochrome PC monitors back in the 90s...).The worst experience I had after putting a Cryo charge into a ship's reactor on a Grineer sabotage mission, the visuals litterally changed into black and white mode... Horrible. Sorry to
  11. The only thing I currently run is my Machete Wraith with Berserker and Cyclon Kraken, so much fun. Honorable mention goes to Sovereign Outcast, it's a mass murder machine ;-) Unfortunately, I can't cope with any of the dual sword stances properly anymore after the melee rework, so my Dual Split Sword and Dual Ichor collect dust right now...
  12. Unfortunately, the loading times at the end mission screen differ between host and clients. If the host already prompts the "Repeat mission" command (e.g. to replay a fissure mission), while the clients are still loading, the clients are ported to their orbiter immediately, loosing all UI functionality (the bar in the top left corner of the screen simply disappears). The only way to fix this is to restart the game. Might be a good idea to simply delete the "Repeat mission" command from the game, the few seconds more to actually choose the same node on the star chart won't hurt anybody imo. By
  13. I already wondered, if this was intented... Good news. No need for another seri glass discussion ;-)
  14. My recap so far: Gara Deluxe looks great and the new Necramech controls are perfect, now I can rain down death from above with my Ayanga, just great ;-) Bounties are a bit confusing, though. Also, it seems that my tranquilizer gun won't do any beeping anymore to indicate near conservation targets, I ran around for 10 min in free roam and couldn't find a single animal... Strange. Baruuk seems to struggle with enemy mechs now, another Ninja Nerf? The new orbiter cockpit looks wider due to the new, more fragile console design. Actually nice, except for the fact, that I need to re-position almost
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