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  1. I want to add an example to this. I use the Snipertron Vandal while using stealth Warframe because of the silencer sound(you still need a silencer mod).
  2. At first I didn't get the poem, but after playing some RJ missions, I agree 100%. And yes it is a funny take on it. Play RJ for the space fight. Be forced to enter a structure you don't really care about. Still scripted fights for crew ships. The RJ needs to orient itself towards a crew ship because the Tunguska cannon needs to hit it... imagine... I know this sounds wild... what if you (Pilot) press [F] or something to switch weapons. A moment before you did just *pew pew pew* and now you can use the big gun. At the end of the mission there is something
  3. Same here. Just got a riven for this thing and thinking of getting rid of it because I can't stand the sound of it. It sounds like some dude constantly hitting two long PVC pipes together. Give us alternative weapon sounds as cosmetics.
  4. I think the skin packet will cost you around 20-25 Dollar/Euros(without X % off code). Is it worth it? ... one can argue about that.
  5. I like the current interior design elements. They are really swell made. Also I like doors for compartments for a vehicle in space. So we can argue if the new design is good or looks good or not. But the current design is simple too big and lacks features. Maybe in the future they have useful stuff to fill it and make it bigger again.
  6. I dislike the Head for its shape and the jacket(the knock out criteria) because... it does not fit. Well made but not my taste. With the rest of the airplane body I could work with and make something that suits my taste. Maybe it was the presentation with the weird swinging that pushed me away. (even the dog disliked that in the video) On the other side, I bought a skin some time ago for real money and it seems I will use it a while longer. If they wanted to go mech, please go all the way.
  7. I think the wings will become equivalent to the prime color scheme imitation. Like yeah they look nice but lack the "special" creative style of fashion frame. So people will avoid using them except when they really fit.
  8. Just Feedback, just my opinion. When I got my Necramech/VOIDRIG I bought the Bruntspar skin because I don't like to see the skull in the corn/Mr.Hankey part of the Necramech. Now when I activate the 2, the head starts to spin which looks awkward in my opinion. Maybe if you would release helmet that is round like the standard Voidrig helmet but closed so that I don't need to see Skull Mr.Hankey/Corn that would be nice. I generally like the idea that skill affect the visuals of a warframe or necramech. Thank you
  9. There are a lot of guns out there and sure balancing all together is a bit much. That being said maybe increasing other aspects of the Archwing weapons could help. The Dual Decurion is a pain in the bottom on ground. Or the way the Corvas fires... By the theoretical size of the shells you would expect some explosive fillers and stuff. Or maybe more inert punch through . Right now I am using again the AYANGA( 33 shells). I would love to use the GRATTLER (30 shells) for my mech but the magazine is far slower in reload than the AYANGA. I wonder if we get a Kuva Grat
  10. It is not more that one can manage. It just becomes annoying/dull after a while. Press 3 to survive... wait 30 sec... press 3 to survive... wait 30 sec...
  11. Auto-Recast enabled--> Loki still blinks visible while doing a recast mission. DE still gets that. They still can put +0.1 sec on the recast animation for auto-react mode. A bit like firing some weapons in full auto vs. single fire mode that might have more benefits but kills your arm over time. (For melee something like this might be good. Try do 30+ min melee survival with Venka Prime....) All I am asking for is an automated process that you could do either by hand or via a simple macro. And of course people then start wondering if a rework of how abilities function might
  12. I don't care. Op is talking about giving an option for all Warframes(Auto- recast for a slight energy penalty). Not just for Zephyr. No one is talking about taking away your button you can push every 30-40 second. You can still have your fun and engaging game play every 30-40 seconds. No drama.
  13. I wonder what the intended role for Archwing is in the future. When Archwing was released it always was some kind of Ninja-Jetpack for me. When you look at the concept art for the new Liset Delux Skin(Our shuttle/lander) you might get the impression that our Liset might become some kind of fighter in the future. I was already expecting that with some of the other skins... . If true. Archwing will always stay the small Ninja-Jetpack. In Railjack I see it as the diving suit for a Navy seal. Use it to get to your objective, you are not a space fighter. You can't compete
  14. Well then we continue just use macros( which is tolerated if detected, as long your Frame does not start anything complex with them, like farm runs). If the game had these already as an option build in, it would be more inclusive. Lets make auto-recast (animation stays) just with a general energy penalty. As long as you move and collect energy inactivity is no problem. The game already has measures for inactivity. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Inactivity_Penalty
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