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  1. So what exactly do you expect from it? To one shot enemies beyond level 100? Thats not what the game is balanced around and its EB/Talons that are the outliers. Serene Storm has a sweet spot at sortie level enemies. What it lacks in damage, and rightfully so, it makes up in CC.You can argue all you want about CC and its usefulness but its subjective to you. Dont like it? Use Excal, Valkyr or Wukong. Also just because hes behind a substantial grind doesnt mean it should reflect upon his powers.
  2. Clem isnt funny, was never funny and should have not gotten into the game.
  3. Gara can completely stop enemies in a wide radius and do massive damage in one ability
  4. Any suggestions to fix these outliers is met with instant backlash because a part of the community simply cant accept having one or the other. Just look at the current hot topic that is Maiming Strike, its one of the many problems why fair challenging content isnt here.
  5. I will throw a hissy fit if its not Zephyr
  6. An easy fix would be to keep its flat 90% but make it override base and modded crit chances so you cant go over 90% with it. That way it retains its usefulness while not breaking high range melee.
  7. Destiny is more popular for very different reasons. The lack of challenging content will continue for as long as they have to balance around countless variables.
  8. It does have a severe downside thats unfortunately made trivial by Vacuum
  9. I think the process of getting the reward is a bit too tedious. Either specific relics need to be easier to get or trace gain increased.
  10. Yes lets ditch the loot system that is part of the appeal of the game to some people and partly there to keep our power in check. Lets dumb down the game into nothing but pointing and clicking with no worry of ammo or energy. Lets put mods and resources behind missions and not enemies for even more tedious grind. All to please some lazy and black and white minded people.
  11. I thought they were for knuckle protection at first. Tekko w/ Ringer skin master race.
  12. Being invulnerable and trivializing challenge for extended periods of time is not fun. I like her ultimate but it gets boring fast. That and her kit overall is dull. Shes okay.
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