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  1. Helminth as a whole is a good system that has been badly implemented. You mention Ivara, but consider Excalibur. Ultimates cannot be given, and everything else in his kit involves using the EW, which is unique to him. Makes no sense. On your example, indeed giving Quiver out is more of the same, just doesn't make sense. At most maybe Navigator would have been better, but still I feel like each frame has abilities according to their theme, and it doesn't completely convince me still. Perhaps they should have just made a nice set of abilities that are all new and Helminth related, bu
  2. On the spy bounty, after a terminal has been hacked it will never reactivate again, meaning that if you get the spy bounty again after you have successfully completed one, and the objective is the same terminal as before, the bounty won't be completable given the console doesn't even show the prompt to be hacked, and it can't be hacked again (also applies to consoles that open doors etc. For example, the console that lifts the glass dome on the spy bounty beneath the Profit Taker orb will be deactivated, and the glass dome will be already lifted) . A friend on the PC platform also reported thi
  3. Well, I just don't find it a big nerf. She still has a hard hitter, but now requires more of precision, I don't think this is overboard (and it's pretty much the golden rule for things that hit hard, in AOE, are spammable, and on top cheap to use). And if the nerf had gone to something like Zephyr or Banshee I would understand, but I don't think this type of nerf to khora will make anyone see her as less than what she is now, aside from the people that always want the 100% cheesiest most powerful everything. Also I won't say I know how DE's business works, but I think they mostly care abo
  4. Either the "community" is overreacting like hell or the devs really screwed up if such a small change turned one of the best DPS frames into "useless" (not like we have gotten the changes yet, so can't really tell). Still as I have seen on a video above, the LOS-check really needs some tweaking, or perhaps the nerf could have touched other things, like static / maximum range, energy cost, mods that apply to the damage calculation... It does look like they wanted maximum effect with minimum effort.
  5. Honestly I would also like this system to be implemented, as it would free a slot for frames that have a must-equip augment. I agree with the points you make about only one augment per ability (even if I personally would prefer it to be only one per frame), the frame having to be R30 + potato, consuming the augment, and the "thematic" resources (as they don't turn into another "Bile" in order to be infused). I don't know what to think about the focus requirements. I kinda agree in a way, but maybe if the cost was lower it would help. Still I don't think it's a bad idea, bet most of u
  6. Unless the devs decide to change him, just don't try to point out any "irregularity" with him, he's just conveniently powerful. Even if some of the arguments given to defend his potential are somewhat "inconsistent", it seems there's always a way they are right. One can only hope that other frames get as "conveniently powerful" as him so the contrast gets smaller, along any consequences that might imply. Still I gotta agree with the things some others have said, luckily he doesn't have a 50m AoE, and his sleep is more like a side grade to the others, something between the bigger Ao
  7. If you want to play as her she's still a viable frame to do anything in the game, and I mean it (she was capable before, after Helminth now she feels less forced on activities where a hard meta exists), although it will of course be harder on some gamemodes like ESO, SP Ropalolyst / Eidolons, high level defenses solo..., but nonetheless doable. Still, if by irrelevant you understand "she's not objectively the best at at least one specific task" then she's indeed irrelevant, since her "tanky melee platform with AS boost" niche has been also given to some other frames (Gauss, Wisp...), maki
  8. I feel this is going circular, so I won't incede further into my point, even tho I will probably do at some point. Btw I saw the entire thing from the Earth MD to the Void Survival, and even tho I admitedly could have missed something, the only thing I heard them (Scott I think) say is "He doesn't want to hurt you, but he doesn't want you to hurt him", which is indeed reluctant but clashing with how he is optimally played, and a mention about how his style just doesn't fit and that's why he has a weapon, throwing the entire pacifist thing out of the window and simply making him a """reluc
  9. Tried to quote you on the other post but it seems it just doesn't work and I don't why I didn't see your message before. I'm not against damage / DPS abilities, nor am I against DW or asking for it to go away. I'm just pointing out a frame like Baruuk having said ability (and I'm not even talking about the concept of it, but rather the potential it develops in practice) is a bit weird, at least to me. Trinity used. Also, I wouldn't mention Helminth when talking about abilities respective to a frame's theme precisely because of that, because it starts to mix things, and them
  10. He is so by concept and abilities, but not in practice according to the second part of that phrase (the community has found a way to work around him being a reluctant warrior and has made him a "willing DPS"). Besides this is mostly because he is allowed and encouraged to be one, given it's also his most effective playstyle and the best in general most of the time within the game. Most frames respect their role with their theme, like for example Trin being a support isn't allowed to DPS (maybe EV shenaningans, but 1 enemy at a time), and Saryn being a DPS will as much help her teammates with h
  11. Of course it's not about "both should have the same augments" as each frame has to be unique in some way. It's more about pointing out how "well" they did it with him, and how "abysmal / bad" they did it with Valkyr. And that's why I said: Aka, don't nerf him. I don't know if I in some way implied I wanted him to be a "coward" but I don't. I understand the part of "surrender peacifully or by force", but that's one thing and the other is to turn into a frame whose main point is to be constantly depleting restraint so you can access one of the best weapons in the game and
  12. These are some things that have been bugging me for quite some time, and I just want to say them. In his actual state, Baruuk isn’t a pacifist. You just can’t tell me a frame that copied Valkyr Talons stats, upgraded them, copied Excalibur’s waves in an upgraded form, and has like 6 different mechanics in the ability alone + some other in the combos and that is actually one of the best DPS frames in the game with a hybrid exalted weapon is a pacifist. He isn’t even a reluctant warrior, as his playstyle isn’t about trying to evade conflict, but deliberately seeking it as there is where he sh
  13. Hello, just to try to make this more readable I'll follow the format specified on other threads. Sorry if this has already been posted. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I have only found it on Kuva Syphon missions. Basically, each time a braid is destroyed, there's a high chance an intermittent black square of variable size will appear for a while, or simply after one has been destroyed, it will appear randomly too. It only goes away randomly or if I stop looking in the direction of the Syphon. VISUAL: I don't have one, as it appears and goes way too fast, but if it triggers it's impossible
  14. This community really likes to take the whole arm when given a hand it seems. Allowing exalted weapon frames to trade their weapons between them would only make them less unique and create powercreep (given unless it's also restricted by weapon types, everyone would just get either Desert Wind or Regulators, and even then there would be problems like Baruuk's passive having to be applied to all frames that get DW). And after DE allows this then people would most likely complain the others get less and create even more noise, and maybe even want these EW Warframes to donate more abilities
  15. For the love of whatever, just don't get rid of Ripline for a "feline leap" / HA / whatever, a lot of threads have this idea and I still don't understand why everyone is hellbent on doing this. There are many characters from other videogames that use hooks or whatever to get enemies to them (Scorpion) or travel to them (Kratos), so for the sake of the diversity I think it could be adapted as needed while keeping it. Still the idea of a gapcloser on a melee frame is good, as always. "Valhalla" is an original idea and could free one slot (Rage), but given it would replace Paralysis, Warcry
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