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  1. Forcing me to grind teralysts as a purely PUG player, this still helps me not one wit since I am basically locked out of progression completely. I absolutely do not want to have to organize or join a group that requires me to talk to people in any chat. Actually defeating teralyst with a group of randoms is about a 1 in 10 success rate for me assuming I can get matched with anyone who wants to do it. Focus 2.x for me is Focus 0.0. All the time I spent on 1.0 was completely destroyed. Please fix that.
  2. Should have waited until after Halloween for this one. I thought I was being haunted.
  3. Still no fix for not being able to choose a new bounty mission without returning to your orbiter and coming back. to reproduce the bug: Step 1: complete a bounty Step 2: return to Cetus Step 3: select a new bounty (old name appears at the top left) Step 4: Go to plains, get dropped into a (possibly bugged) session with no active bounty Workaround is to return to Orbiter.
  4. Still no fix for not being able to even play Saya's Quest. I keep getting dumped into a random plains instance with other people, or by myself in free roam.
  5. Single player in a clan still needs 400 animo.. :( Based on the fact that spawns don't seem to happen every run even on open maps (3 of my last 5 runs had spawns), I'm looking at about 110 runs. That mind-numbing grind....
  6. I'm fine if you just leave this out. Those are orders of magnitude harder for me than regular ones, so I just skip sorties that day when I see it on the list. :P
  7. my quality of life just leveled up
  8. Trying to be as constructive as possible, which is difficult, because Conclave is very frustrating and these challenges only serve to remind that it exists. Number one problem for me is there is no clear indication of how to hit something. Melee aim is random, weapon aim is only vaguely predictable with these challenge weapons. In a good pvp system, you can at least tell the general direction of where your attack is going to go. I'm sure that can be mitigated with practice, but when it just feels like you're cheated out of getting hits that you thought were directed right at someone (like seeing my sword go through someone and doing no damage), only to be killed by a melee from well outside the visible range of any contact, it doesn't encourage me to play it ever again. Movement is sluggish compared to the way I normally fit my frames and it feels like I'm crawling through mud. This makes it even more difficult to enjoy this mode in the slightest. So please, in future, no more of these conclave challenges. If they must happen, please give us a way to hide them, so they don't have to annoy me. When I make the mistake of playing a match or three, I leave feeling like it's time to quit playing warframe for a long time.
  9. I understand you, believe me. This is the F2P business model, though. You can spend $5 and buy the frame outright (or however much it costs), or you can grind 30 hours to get it for free. To save $5, you work at wages that would make even third-world child labor factories blush.
  10. 5000 mutagen samples for a one-man clan researching the Hema? WTF I've run hundreds of hours on eris and only had 460 ish
  11. I don't know why today's tactical alert is locked, but honestly I'm glad. Conclave is so terrible, not being able to play is a mercy.
  12. Snowday tactical alert forcing me to play conclave after so long reminds me how conclave is both the worst way to warframe and the worst way to pvp.
  13. after i posted that i tested it.. facepalm lol maybe i'm mistaken but for carrier prime which has a lot of hp at max level, it's a pretty good heal that can save it without a down. last time i checked that still worked but since i was mistaken about only 4 precepts, it's a moot point for me now
  14. I hated the old Void where I had to manually form parties unless I wanted to solo -- which got old fast. Now you get a much wider variety, automatic matchmaking, and the ability to choose from 4 options instead of getting stuck with a single (usually garbage one). The new method burns more keys/relics per item, but you get more items in a shorter period of time. I'll take that trade-off. I guess I'm part of the problem when it comes to ducat prices because I'm flush with ducats like I never was before. Even when ducats were first introduced and I traded in hundreds of hours of void farming, I had less than I do now. And I haven't spent hundreds of hours on fissures.
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