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  1. Did quite a lot of testing on this. Shatter burst is the only battle avionic that does so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A list of other things that don't: Liches killing boarders, Crew killing boarders, Tactical menu abilities killing boarders, Tactical menu abilities killing POI enemies, 'Specter' crew killing on POI, All the other battle avionics, Ramming ships, Shooting other ships with railjack weapons Archwing killing stuff (weapons or abilities), Yo
  2. Title says it all really - which is a bit silly since both keys equip the secondary, it even does for a moment with the other key just disappears straight away. Should be able to use either.
  3. Still works in Open World - go near enemies away from thumpers and works just fine - just not on Thumpers. After finding this myself and googling to find out why...
  4. Title says it all really. Currently you frame, weapons incl heavy weapon and companion are all tied to the loadout slots but mechs aren't at all (not in the vehicle loadout system either).
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