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  1. On today's work from home stream Helen said it was in the works and definitely coming, she also said smth like "the anniversary really is about the tennos". Dex operator armor perhaps ?
  2. This railjack combo might one of the best thing ive played with for quite some time. Its so fun to combine the tether with volley and see 30-40 explosions go off (especially in grineer missions). What do you use for battle avionics ?
  3. A railjack bug i encountered alot even before the update 29.10. Sometimes when leaving turrets/artillery/pilot seat, right after the leaving animation ends it automatically makes you go in them again, wich is a considerable loss of time because in the end you're obligated to go through 4 anmations in the place of 2.
  4. Aiming and boarding a K-drive at the same time makes it so i cannot sprint anymore on my k-drive. It can be resolved by getting off and on the k-drive again.
  5. When equipping the mod "Warhead" it showed that all my aura's mod benefits were disabled. I maybe thought this was a visual bug, to be sure i went into freeflight where i saw that it actually lowered my health/shield/speed/etc... Values with warhead Values without warhead Values without my aura mod matches the values after installation of Warhead (except for the speed i don't know where that comes from)
  6. Just fun a few pluto missions, got my lavan plating quite fast, my railajck has 9000 hp and 3000 shields so its worth it
  7. The implementation of the "exalted weapon" separate modding has always been asked for atlas since it got introduced to the likes of valkyr, mesa, baruuk etc... But we never had any dev response wich is a bit unfortunate. Being an atlas fan myself it's something that i really think would be a good implementation for both him and khora. Otherwise yeah atlas is a great frame with a good helminth slot on his 2
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