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  1. eh... what if I am a bit of all of those roles? like: team needs a pilot? I'll pilot, team needs engineer? I'll play that role. Also you do have icons next to players ui to show who is currently doing what
  2. You get mission abort, meaning you want to leave session - then you receive pop-up saying all your progress will be saved. And it is saved. I know there is an ui bug showing no loot, but in my experience it works for affinity and rewards are added to my inventory. It works pretty much the same as Fortuna or PoE.
  3. Mission ends 30 seconds after completing objectives tho... you don't have to really wait for captain. You can leave group after that and your progress will be saved.
  4. Eh, when we reach mr30 simaris corridor will just open to another 30. Dont see why would you assume DE would end this on MR30.
  5. Sounds like a network issue. Normally servers save your changes as soon as you step out of arsenal. Did you close the game normally? Were there some network issues?
  6. Tell me something I don't know. I have both void cloak and intruder stasis fitted in my RJ build. Ram sleds are pure annoying - not scary or intimidating, just annoying and breaking the game flow. That's my point of view here.
  7. What annoys me is when you kill the ram sled just before it touches you ship but the game register as they have arrived and you have to fight grineer on the ship anyways == I need avionic mod to autokill them or something...
  8. New war is comming, our betrayer mum is calling them *loads shotgun*
  9. You have to kill sentients first, then the mission will resume. Also, i imagime this is to add some variety to the playthrough.
  10. It gives you Spectra vandal parts... At least thats the only thing i got from it
  11. Reactors randomised stats are not well designed. Having the choice between flux energy and avionic capacity everyone in their right mind would choose capacity. Why? Simple, with low flux i still have options to counter manage the situation. I can: mod railjack with avionic that gives extra flux, and I can always replenish used flux through foundry while in mission. With low avionic i have no means to counter. My ship will not be fully modded. Also having a fixed max stat per house with only vidar reaching 100 renders all other houses apart from vidar completely useless. Only vidar can grant highest capacity. There are two options to resolve this problem: A) Avionics capacity should not be randomized stat. Make it a fixed stat per mk level. For example mk 3 having 100 capacity. This way i could at least consider choosing other houses for bonus stats B) keep stats random but let me upgrade my reactor with dirac. This way even if i was unlucky with RNG i could still work on it to counter it. Heck! After upgrading grid and desired avionic there is no use for dirac so it would make sense to have a resource drain.
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