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  1. Most of the time, the Nightwave shop offerings are set when the season begins, meaning that new offerings will only show up after that season ends. However, DE sometimes makes exceptions to this.
  2. I'm not saying DE follows their own rules. Heck, it can't be put on Artemis Bow, despite the fact that it is neither an AoE bow (by default) nor a crossbow. Also, it's pretty good on the Cernos Prime, since Split Flight's multishot is multiplicative with base multishot, so you get a whole cloud of arrows. Also, GAZ found a bug that makes it insane on any bow it can be equipped on, but that will likely be patched in the next update.
  3. Try logging out and back in, to make sure it isn't just a client/server mismatch. Since you are on console, this may necessitate turning your console off to ensure that the Warframe client has no stored account info and queries the server next time you log in.
  4. The Sarpa's heavy attacks are considered silent, which allows for long-range kills without alerting the enemies. The Skiajati (if available to you) allows you to turn invisible for a short time upon dealing a finisher, so if you can manage to get the first finisher, the rest will be much easier.
  5. Originally, the mod card said: "Excludes Crossbows". Now it says "Excludes AOE Bows", but both are in effect.
  6. Limbo with a little bit of +sprint. For 26 I used Titania with as much evade, resist, and efficiency as possible, along with Razorwing Blitz for extra speed when needed.
  7. I just use it with a one-handed secondary to get the dual-wield functionality, as that lets me hold melee to throw, and with the right timing I get the unique throw effect.
  8. It might help if you list what it is that you miss being shown, as DE might add that info to the new one.
  9. Well, guess what? YOU GOT A SURPRISE! It wasn't a good surprise, but it was a surprise. If you want to avoid getting bad surprises in the future, DO YOUR RESEARCH!
  10. The ability count is entirely due to entering/exiting operator mode (pretty much every time you press 5 it increases the ability use count). Madurai might explain the high damage, but the AoE is something I have no explanation for.
  11. It's still against ToS to prevent coupon farming. Otherwise players would set up 20 alt accounts and have their alt accounts buy discounted plat and then gift them from that.
  12. The pilot in that clip was not doing what just anyone could do, much the same that the PT Boot Camp does things that not just anyone could do. That requires a lot of prctise and a lot of skill. If a player with that much skill decides to share the rewards of such skill with 1-3 other players that's his choice. But the skill showcased in that video is worth being rewarded.
  13. I have no issue with what he was able to do. What I have an issue with is his implication that, because he was able to do what he did, that the balance of the game should be based off of that, whether it be by reducing railjack rewards or not reducing the cost of feeding helminth railjack rewards.
  14. If you have a fully upgraded railjack, or a friend who does. Again, DE cannot balance for the top end. And if you had built that railjack and those components, you wouldn't have nearly as many resources. DE can't assume that every player is going to have access to a maxed out railjack carrying them when designing content. I have a fully maxed out Railjack, minus two avionics that just won't drop. I have at least 80 hours of railjack mission time. And I can assure you that the helminth costs for railjack resources are outrageous for those of us who both played the content and did the
  15. Which 'he'? the hypothetical Rhino or the OP? Because if the hypothetical Rhino, I would say he is, He is in an area he could not normally access, with weapons that could not finish the mission. The best way I can describe being carried is that if there were four of a given player in a mission, would it fail? If so, then that payer is being carried in that particular mission. That doesn't mean that they are leeching, however, as leeching implies that they are not doing anything to further the mission.
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