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  1. Hey, I tried out some stuff to possible run the Exploiter Orb faster, and tried to build a Mirage build to work together with my Catchmoon kitgun and had to find out, that my kitgun does NOT receive any additional damage from Mirages Eclipse ability. I tested it in the Simulacrum, with lvl 115 Prod Crewman (for the screens) and several other enemies, all with the same result Normal Arca damage https://puu.sh/DgIMy/c81ebb0477.jpg Buffed Arca damage https://puu.sh/DgIPr/ed24db9643.jpg Catchmoon kitgun (Catchmoon + Haymaker + Splat) Normal https://puu.sh/DgIQL/e36d5fc42a.jpg Buffed https://puu.sh/DgIR2/b1117c5882.jpg As you can see, both times the damage is the same, while other weapons or a Thombfinger Kitgun doesn't have that problem and get a nice boost in damage. Chroma has the same problem with the Catchmoon kitgun, every weapon I tried got a boost from his Vex Armor buff, but the Catchmoon still deals the same damage. Will provide more information if neccassary
  2. Heard several times, that people are willingly giving free Ignis Wraith BP out, tried my luck in chat and only got offers for Plat so far... So Any kind soul around who could get me one? 🙂 EDIT: Thanks a lot to the people who whispered me
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    Hey, just saw, that the base Damage numbers on the Paracesis are wrong on the builder, was kinda confused, why the numbers didn't matched ingame vs on the website https://puu.sh/CUAOj/fb587c8ce1.png https://puu.sh/CUAQy/c3f74089e9.png
  4. Next time please make sure, it's the right date, probably doesn't matter most of the times, but EU goes back to "Wintertime" on the last Sunday of October, while NA does it on the first Sunday of November 😉 Nearly missed the stream cause I thought it would be at 1am, but it's at 12am this week
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