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  1. Which enemy in particular Octavia would not stand chance against? I cannot name a single enemy that Octavia could not deal with. I played a defense lvl 400 with Octavia... no real struggles. Her damage scales with damage of enemies. She can be invisible all the time. She can buff her firepower easily. She buffs the team with same stuff... what else would you want? She is amazing, one of my fav frames and one of the most useful frames around.
  2. Warframe is already so easy that I am not really sure what you're talking about. The only hard phase of the game is the first few ranks after you freshly join the game. Once you reach rank 6 or higher - you should have no problems beating any content of this game. The "hard" stuff in the game is not hard - it is just you choosing wrong warframe/weapon for a mission or you just rushed rank up instead of actually making your frames and weapons strong. This game allows you to literally make a god mode builds for frames - killing everything around and never dying... how can it be any difficult?
  3. It was a sarcastic comparison but it still had some truth in it. Let me explain. Mainly what I see against the Nezha's deluxe is the fact it is too buffy for Nezha. It changes Nezha's model from slim and agile to buffy Amaterasu wannabe (it looks more Amaterasu than it should and that is another problem). Not only it looks silly to see such a buffy warrior with Nezha's animations of skills, the model also is downscalled to the height of original Nezha's model making it even more awkward because it looks forced. Nezha is described as petite and delicate (but still dangerous). Definitely the buffy part of the skin makes it more similar to Atlas than to Nezha, hence my comparison. As for Atlas? Atlas' skin looks simply awful, the only good thing that I could say about it would be, indeed, it kind looks like having a stone layer. The overall concept looks more Eidolon than it should. The only difference is DE realized people would rage over another eidolon frame so instead of blue flame they added blue crystal inside. That made it even worse. Looks Play-doh made, is not polished, simply and utterly ugly in every single aspect of the design, especially the head that the only thing I could compare it to is Mouth Of Sauron from LoTR. Atlas has never been too pretty but with some help of Tennogen, pallets and good accessories he could be a pretty decently looking brawler/gladiator. But this skin? Degraded from a decent gladiator to a play-doh model with a disgusting face. In my opinion - the worst trade ever. Does it fit Atlas theme? Yes and no. It fits on the stone part. But stops to fit when you look at the details. But hey, that is just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it. ^w^
  4. Same for Nezha's Deluxe... Ember's Deluxe... Atlas' Deluxe... and so on. They simply don't fit or are plain ugly. They fired a good designer and replaced with a guy who has no sense of good taste. This skin fits Gara much more than Ivara. Just like Nezha's skin fits Atlas much better than the Atlas Deluxe skin itself. For you to have an idea of what I mean just look at Ember's example: What it supposed to be: What we got:
  5. It won't work. Frames are designed in such way that it has no right to work, no matter what you do. They'd have to rebuild whole the game. (comming from a PvP/PK player)
  6. The scarf is exactly the reason why I never play Excalibur Umbra xD There should be a way to remove it.
  7. Secondary energy would be so fun for Chroma and Equinox if it affected their powers XD Dual Element Chroma.... True Equinox... think of possibilities XD
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