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  1. Okay I think I had enough of this game for a while, this whole kuva lich system was a major dissapointment. Multiple layers of grind, bunch of frustrating moments and when I finally vanquished my lich I didn't even get it's weapon so basically it's also a buggy mess. DE pick up the pace because if you keep this up then games like Destiny 2 will sweep you under the rug pretty soon. All hype I had for Railjack and the New War is completely gone.
  2. Ok who came up with the idiotic idea of liches stealing your requiem relics?
  3. really dissapointed in this update 1. The new relics seem to exist only to frustrate players into buying the bundles. 2. Consumable mods... really? Are you guys out of your minds?! 3. New range in the melee rework sucks, big time. Also the heavy attacks are freaking useless. I understand you guys wanted to make something akin to DMC, but Warframe is not a melee combo game, we really don't have time to play with a single enemy suspended in air while other enemies burn through our health. Also the kuva lich system is so grindy that I'm already burned out and I feel sorry for the people who actually grind through it all. What was the idea here? I thought after such long months without any substantial content you would actually release something fun but it seems like you guys are only interested in pissing us off with more ridiculous grind. I mean this makes me think warframe actually devolved. DE fix your game please, because there are a lot of players out there (including me) who love this game. Some good things though: 1. Kuva liches are pretty cool and I love that they have the progenitor warframe's head mounted on their shoulders. 2. The parazon is awesome, the animations are amazing, the team really outdid themselves this time. Some suggestions: 1. Since the kuva lich system is inspired by Shadow of Mordor's nemesis system, why not add bodyguards to the liches. So if you were to defeat one it would severely weaken the lich by revealing one requiem mod immediately. So of course these would be higher value targets than the thralls as such maybe they could get their own assassination missions. This would help alleviate some of the grindy aspects of the system. 2. Make requiem mods permanent. 3. Make parazon executions a more common occurrence 😄
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