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  1. i dont even go on this again sorry. I explained myself now like 4 times and you STILL THINK its a umbra vs prime thing. laughs in Monster Hunter World player. i did say that...like for real. i literally said that railjack feels like a totally differnt game in warframe itself... again, this is true but as i said, MOST trades are around and with plat. No doubt you can also trade "what ever youre able too" in Warframe and, again, i said i dont like how Sega handles this anyway. Srsly to say i dont need to go on with this topic there. in that case, since im getting
  2. i just go over "some" of your stuff since some feel like i would go far to off topic or could write other stuff about it which would not help in the slightest... again, i was talking about that umbra was japan only, NOT a Umbra Vs prime thing. by similaritys. Again, In diablo 3, you dotn have really a "super deep grind" for something you want. Sure it has a bit of a grind but look at PSO2 as sample where you have to kill 1 boss several times to get just ONE mats out of it which you need 200 of them as one sample...(same with the RNGs and Mats in warframe could be said)
  3. well than count up what is essential missing from the versions of the PSO2 of japan and US/World now. again, ONLY the essential stuff pls. im not talking about "Excalibur prime vs umbra". i said umbra was literally a japan only thing before his/its world wide release... now youre kinda getting sarcastic there mate. neither of them shares the kind of same fight style nor gameplay. Diablo is a hack n slash, Warframe a 3rd person shooter. Warframe is also pretty grindy, in Diablo 3 its more luck of drops and not really "grindy" since you basicly get all "on the go" anyway.
  4. im not toxic and, by all means, im pretty relaxed about it what i said nor did i want to hurt someone. its just the fact that im actually sad about that what i said (simplefied) is pretty much true. not 100% maybe but it is. Im srs about that it feels like nowadays if you say your opinion in the open about most facts straight away, every person thinks youre toxic for no reason. I mean i could have wrote that down in a totally sarcastic meaning but i was literally just writting that down coz im sad about "how it is" right now about the warframe situation, not joking about nor making any rude co
  5. I dont know exactly what all happend with this thread coz it seems like some answers and comments went somehow somewhere missing but to go to some of them which were directed at me 1. The US release of of PSO2 was last year. 2. the actual year we got PSO2 was just some months later. i guess youre talking about WHEN the game came out FOR REAL, which was about now 9 years ago. 3. I know that some content were cut but right now, its not much content cut anymore which would be relevant. 4. So far they do much more right than DE. I dont say that PSO2 is a masterpiece coz it s
  6. Thats basicly what i said with the "How" and "what" question there about Payday2 and Warframe, mate. Anyway, The the problem with the open worlds is as i said, they look different but feels like youre doing the same. Yes, you jump either around a freakign wasteland or some snowy hills, wow, impressive...and else what ya do? Fishing, mining and co as you said sure can be go into the "side stuff" cup of tea already and doesnt count - as i said already in the main post is the thing about the fractions. You have to level over and over and over again the fractions by running over and over the
  7. also adding the fact we already *HAVE* such warframe, garuda, anyways makes this comment even more worth thinking about tbh...
  8. I go over it: 1. No - and yes im srs. Maybe 500 hours but sure not 2000. For the most time, i just played one map over and over again to get "the best" out of everything i dont use anyway after i leveld it up to near "perfection" only coz "it could be useful someday". 2. Yes, i do or did move on but what people also dont see, i dont just leave a "rent" and say "good #*!% losers", sometimes, most people which do rent want to say something. In my case i really just wish DE would read this and might think about whats wrong with the game, which i doubt will happen anyway but hey, i at le
  9. here i just throw in "phantasy star online: NG". google it and you might see what an graphic update + new creation + new content conecting with old content means. (since i play PSO2 since the world wide release now and than).
  10. (being fair here, he did it for the memes. noone really need to level a frame THAT much...but it still makes no fun if you have to do it 2-6 times sometimes...) As i said as well, the 3 open worlds do feel like all the same over and over again. If you did one, you know what you "have to" do in the other one and so on. this is not how you make "varity content" - at least try to read my full wall of text there. As for formas, im sure there "is" a better way since it is no fun and, as you said it pretty much for yourself there, its busy work, nothing more nor intented to "cre
  11. this would be a way to long comment (no im not joking here). I made lately a smaller "rent" thread here in the general forum if you really wanna read it.
  12. so you call leveling up a weapon from level zero to level 30 5 times in a row, just to use the right mods on it, "content"? Well ok than...
  13. I lately saw a video on youtube from Rahetalius and i left a comment below it so before you might read futher, here his video first: As for the comment i left there, it was as followed: The problem i have with warframe is basicly the same. i "played" (i would use the word wasted for the better) over 2000 hours into warframe and for sure some good amount of money but every updates so far feel either like its the same over and over again or just fixing something they pulled of which was SO broken or out of context in the first place. To name s
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