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  1. well duh. sorry but same can be said with grace: if you dont get shot in your ninja toes, you dont grain health back as well. :3 and so far i only see that people seem to have problems to actually aim on enemy heads. Srsly to say AND ask: Do you guys have really such "hardcore" problems to aim on the gigantic heads warframe enemys actually have? I could understand this "its hard to do and hard to get" arguments if its literally "HARD" to hit headshots and such but than i have to remember that i play warframe where not only the hitboxes are broken but enemies heads are GIGANTIC, EASY to see and easy to hit AND, again, you literally can get headS-H-O-T kills viva melee... The only argument i can take for real so far is Coz even if you have such heavy attack/ AoE Builds, you get such headS-H-O-T kills from time to time. Im not here and be mad but so far, i dont saw a lot people which went for numbers or actual gameplay or chances or similar. I mean, again, i pretty much went with a wall of text there and wanted just to start something for people to see that "you know, the other opinion is there and "might" be even the better one" but so far, all i see (for the most part) is "nah, grace is better coz its for the lazy people"...
  2. welcome to Warframe where RNG is not just a mechanic in the game, it is its base.
  3. you have to draw super good fanart from it or wait every 4 years that DE creates a vote for warframes and weapons they can add viva voting system over the whole community base (maybe people understand the joke~).
  4. tbh, its not as hard as people make it/say so. as my main post already said, Warframe is still so broken, you can literally melee kill someone and get a heads-h-o-t kill - and to be fair, if you have to fight on a higher difficulty im also sure you bring a more tankier frame with you anyway (or at least one which can take a punch or resist damage). using them makes them not automaticly better. it basicly was said all over the thread/topic that people use grace only coz they are lazy to actually "play the game" and "aim", thats all. I understand that "SOMEHOW" but that pretty much doesnt change my mind nor the "near fact" that basicly victory is a all the time health-regan-mode wile grace "can be happen" and helpful if its already, in most cases, to late anyways. Again to quote myself: as for other stuff, sure magus elevate or magus repair are also a thing but guys, i was not talking about those, i understand that you go more for those "if i need healing" but than i was talking only about grace and victory here. :3
  5. same here and victory has a 75% chance wile grace has only 9% (both on full rank)
  6. yea which is kinda sad. i mean i said it already: granted. for some warframes grace "might" be the better opinion for healthpool reasons or like. I just still think about the chances. i mean i literally said that as well: :D
  7. er, Arcane Victory does the same thing just half of it. As i said 3%/sec for 9 seconds, to go with your sample_ 3% of 1000 health = 30 health per second, 9 seconds = 270 I just basicly said victory is more likely to trigger than grace since victory can trigger all the time wile for grace, you HAVE to get health damage. Its basicly even worse if your health is already low and you have your shield back up - with victory, its no problem since it can even trigger wile you have shield, healing you back up in the background basicly. with grace, it will not trigger whatsoever.
  8. oh i know that but if each of said bullet is from an lvl 90+ cannon guy, which will pretty much likely turn you into swiss cheese, i doubt you will survive that with a 9% chance. pretty much that mate heh. lol seems like for a lot of the people. and for that a beer mate!
  9. Since i play around now for a long time and was literally bored with some of my builds i tested some "stuff" and actually came to a statement. This might be a personal opinion BUT: Arcane victory is way much better than the harder to get arcane Grace. Listen, before you go on and already throw literally knifes at me, hear me out and let me explain why for a moment. A lot people love to put just arcane grace in their warframes since it seems like the "go to" arcane for, as sample, a lot warframe youtubers. when ever you watch a youtube video about a warframe build you see literally (if its not a melee frame...) 2 arcanes which are: Energize AND Grace. For people which doesnt know: Arcance energize gives you and your team mates, which HAVE to be "around" you, when you pick up energie up to an extra 150 energie which sure is cool and helpful and no doubt, hats down, holes in the cheese, is just good and doesnt need to explained further why everyone and his grandson uses it. HOWEVER~ In the other hand, people uses the arcane grace which has a pretty itzy bitzy tiny chance (even on rank 5...which is just 9%) to when ever you get hit/direct damage on your HEALTH (aka when your shield is gone or similar) that youre able to recover some said health back. In fact, on the highest rank its 6% of your max health per second 9 seconds long, making a total of wooping 54% of your health back in 9 seconds. This all sounds good and great and might be an "emergency tool" which CAN help you if you get shot in your tiny ninja toes and begin to bleed out coz some enemy across the map had to sniper your said toes from accross the map. BUT THAN I HAVE TO REMIND YOU: - Even on rank 5, the chance is just 9% so calculating it, its not even every 10th shot of an enemy that your "regen" arcane magic will happen. - You HAVE to be damaged FIRST before the buff actually CAN hit you with said chance, making an impact of an mine feels like the old german saying "its so much easier to move if the pain goes away". So if you think about that overall, in higher difficulties, the chance youre getting such arcane buff are literally near to ZERO since the enemies make way to fast way to much damage on your health that you might already just run into the enemies with no weapons and give them a hug wile they literally blast your feet away. In the other hand... Say hello to mommy arcane Victory~ Arcane victory works as followed: Arcane victory provides a chance to gain health regeneration for a short time upon achieving a head shot kill. Ok, hold on this sounds now like the "total opposite" but think about it for a second: When are you in "need" of health? If you are in a fight and hold your position OR if you already nearly out of breath and TRY to hold your position? Again, if your shield is down and you have to literally "wait" till a low chance arcane "suddendly triggers" with a chance from just 9% on full rank, you will know BUT OH BOI lets compare that to an arcane which has a trigger chance on headshots from freaking 75% mah boi! Yes, On full rank, Arcane Victory has a trigger chance from 75% on each headshot kill and since Warframe is SO broken sometimes that you can even GET such kill by just swinging a freaking sword at some people in their kneecaps and it STILL counts as headS-H-O-T kill, you can guess how often THIS will trigger compared to grace and its 9% chance. Ok now i can already hear people screaming in the background "But DUUUUUUUUDE! grace heals you 6%/sec for 9 seconds full rank wile victory only heals you 3%/sec for 9 seconds!!!!111one" Granted, Grace is ABLE to heal you more and faster in the same time as victory would - which is "just" 3%/sec for 9 seconds so "only" 27% (about half what grace WOULD heal) of your total health BUT Compare a 9% getting damaged on YOUR health chance to a killing YOUR enemy with a headshot 75% chance here and you can already see who will be able to stay longer in fire fights. And again: - Arcane victory is able to trigger ALL THE GAWD DANG TIME with FULL health and FULL shield wile for grace you literally HAVE to take health damage first, making the acrane victory basicly something like an "all time pretty good health regan" opinion than an actual "emergency tool" arcane grace is. - Youre MORE likely to get health from actually KILLING enemies FIRST than actually getting SHOT first. - Victory is also WAY cheaper AND easier to get (Plat wise) than Grace for what ever reason. - The differ of the chances are just...WAY to high. Again: we are talking 9% GETTING shot VS 75% KILLING someone, basicly. So yea, after testing that, judge me here but my point stands that im more likely to use the arcane victory than arcane grace. Its just way to good and helps you survive better in the long run and fights. Whats your opinion? Maybe you can change ma mind boi but i doubt. I mean See my points there? wanna say somthin? lets go than! But yea, sure, tell me what you think about this opinion and which of the arcanes YOU think is better and why. Would be nice to know actually.
  10. i dont even go on this again sorry. I explained myself now like 4 times and you STILL THINK its a umbra vs prime thing. laughs in Monster Hunter World player. i did say that...like for real. i literally said that railjack feels like a totally differnt game in warframe itself... again, this is true but as i said, MOST trades are around and with plat. No doubt you can also trade "what ever youre able too" in Warframe and, again, i said i dont like how Sega handles this anyway. Srsly to say i dont need to go on with this topic there. in that case, since im getting sick of people getting everything now i say and putting it on the gold scale, make a better sample which game you WOULD compare with warframe. Srs to say, i used a sample i P-L-A-Y which comes close. CLOSE. i never said PSO2 and Warframe are "1:1 the same game", i said they share similaritys... I think you should have read my older threads and what i basicly said. Again, as someone else thought, im not toxic or something, im actually just sad how the situation about warframe "is". and i said i used a sample and sure know about both games are not perfect. again, dont take ever word people say "literal" aka dont put words on the gold scale. Its like you "wanted" to talk that long about it XD its kinda bugging me right now coz it went FAR MORE THAN off topic as it should be, Nothing personal but still. eh, its not like my comment i made was basicly the opinion i had before i watched this video, the video basicly was saying what i wrote "somewhat" anyway.
  11. i just go over "some" of your stuff since some feel like i would go far to off topic or could write other stuff about it which would not help in the slightest... again, i was talking about that umbra was japan only, NOT a Umbra Vs prime thing. by similaritys. Again, In diablo 3, you dotn have really a "super deep grind" for something you want. Sure it has a bit of a grind but look at PSO2 as sample where you have to kill 1 boss several times to get just ONE mats out of it which you need 200 of them as one sample...(same with the RNGs and Mats in warframe could be said) play ranger or gunner (as i do) and than you know. Pressing "Z" (by default) actually changes the game into "actual 3rd person-over the shoulder" mode. pretty handy. easy coz a lot people forget about: every plat in the game you trade maybe just for a prime part has to be bought from another player with real money first. sure, you can now count the "start plat" every new placer gets (is it 30 plat? yea i guess it was 30 plat) but those cant be used for trading anyways if i remember right. So yea, again: EVERY plat you get was PAYED from another player FIRST with REAL MONEY anyway. a lot people tend to forget about this fact. i duno if this was a joke or srs coz i actually laughed about it for what ever reason. I was nto talking about fairness, again, i took a sample which is somewhat similar, you dont need to feel offended by it just that i named PSO2. ahmen to that but than DE should learn to listen what peoples say and what ruins their game somewhat. As i said, look at what i wrote about the RNG stuff, the varity content and how wrong it is or unfitting, corner of the game just "half done" and stuff like. Even if i took away the "PSO2 sample", i still brought points on the table DE should REALLY take to heart there.
  12. well than count up what is essential missing from the versions of the PSO2 of japan and US/World now. again, ONLY the essential stuff pls. im not talking about "Excalibur prime vs umbra". i said umbra was literally a japan only thing before his/its world wide release... now youre kinda getting sarcastic there mate. neither of them shares the kind of same fight style nor gameplay. Diablo is a hack n slash, Warframe a 3rd person shooter. Warframe is also pretty grindy, in Diablo 3 its more luck of drops and not really "grindy" since you basicly get all "on the go" anyway. SO yea, about that mate. YOu just read way to much into a simple sample... if you try to talk about the diablo-meme, i know about but i duno why you bring that to the table tbh. But again it is not an essential part of the game. I sure still agree that i also dont like how Sega handles that situation there so kudos to you but still, again, you have literally to differ things which ARE essential and which ARE NOT... also adding the small fact that most trades in warframe are done WITH platinum pretty much makes it also look like the same if youre honest (like srsly, the most stuff ppl trade are prime parts or riven mods or similar for plat anyway...)... Yes and im also aware of it but if i would talk about every misstake in every game and compare it to another game which also has its own problems...you can see already that it goes on and on and it would go FAR to off-topic purgatory, you know? I just tried to keep myself "short", thats all. I nearly said it yourself but than you didnt. Soma Prime is a fast automatic machine gun...or, as i would say, "minigun". Kuva Bramma is literally the bow from rambo. You cant throw 2 weapons now on the table which are more than as just "different" XD as i said, Soma is a minigun wile Bramma is liek literally rambos bow. Same would be if i compare now, i duno, Minecraft with Doom. This would make no sense at all. So yea, point taken but your samples are far over the table which are not compareabl hehehe ^^
  13. im not toxic and, by all means, im pretty relaxed about it what i said nor did i want to hurt someone. its just the fact that im actually sad about that what i said (simplefied) is pretty much true. not 100% maybe but it is. Im srs about that it feels like nowadays if you say your opinion in the open about most facts straight away, every person thinks youre toxic for no reason. I mean i could have wrote that down in a totally sarcastic meaning but i was literally just writting that down coz im sad about "how it is" right now about the warframe situation, not joking about nor making any rude comments about. Again, i dont say im 100% right but as for a opinion i have and how i wrote it, it was pretty calm. Sure i used "f*ck" sometimes but as for the facts itself, it was pretty calm. I mean i even ones said back in the day (with a more sarcastic meaning there): "i still think that warframe, as game, slowly feels more like a teenager which suffers from a midlife crisis and doesnt know what it wants to be." yes, i knew that and again, it was said back than that it was just for japan only. they WERE rumors that it would came out in about the time you said, even i remember that but it was not official as i recall it and read about it a bit later. You DO know that there is also a warframe japan version with stuff ONLY in japan like actual some weapons. I mean Excalibur Umbra is the living sample coz before his "big update", he was for "japan only" players till that point, just said. And again, Most cuted content in PSO2 "now" is not essential like mostly cosmetics. weapons (or warframes in warframes case) are an essential part of the game so you cant compare cosmetics with weapons and alike there. as i said, i dont say PSO2 is a flawless masterpiece but i do say sega did it a bit better there. They keeped the formula of the game and did not add something which would not fit the game overall like suddenly adding something, like the old episode 3 did, a different card-like fightstyle. Compare that what warframe did with the coregame and suddendly adding open worlds which are not conected to the core game or railjack which is literally the same case. Both are anime, both are drawn (for sure) in japan, both are funny to look at. Im not much familiar with one punch man (im not a huge anime fan tbh) so i cant say much more but to an extent you can compare them for sure. again, both games are grindy as hell, they both are "basicly" mmos and if you think about the style and fights you can kinda see where i am going with. again sure, you cant compare them side by side 1:1 or something like but in some cases they are just way to close with their own problems and flaws - also again, PSO2 was just brought up as sample here. I could have gone with another game but right now i play PSO2 and it "could" be called "similar". I mean, Team fortress 2 or Valheim are for sure bad samples (MORE "worse" than PSO2) right now in that case you have to admit lol XD
  14. I dont know exactly what all happend with this thread coz it seems like some answers and comments went somehow somewhere missing but to go to some of them which were directed at me 1. The US release of of PSO2 was last year. 2. the actual year we got PSO2 was just some months later. i guess youre talking about WHEN the game came out FOR REAL, which was about now 9 years ago. 3. I know that some content were cut but right now, its not much content cut anymore which would be relevant. 4. So far they do much more right than DE. I dont say that PSO2 is a masterpiece coz it sure also has a lot flaws but, again, i named a sample which is "somewhat comparabl". I played the Original Phantasy stars (mostly 2-4), Phantasy star online 1 episode 1-3 (blue burst) and since EU/World release also PSO2 (which i waited way to long for by now to do so) So yes, i enjoy the PS-series pretty much, just said here. Exactly but somehow, comments went missing. Yes and no. Warframe and PSO2 are MMOs at somewhat in warframes case. Sure as the other sample, one is a hunter game wile the other is a moba and you cant really compare those. PSO and Warframe in the other hand are as i said somewhat compareabl at least from some points of the core of their game, like farming. PSO2 was announced in JAPAN like 9 years ago but already back than it was not said that the US or EU (or world) would get it. Thats why i said i here from germany had to wait literally till last year to finally play it (and i already have given up hope tbh at this point but hey, look now i can play it lol). And i dont know what happend to the other comments by now but it feels odd for me that soem are somewhere missing tbh.
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