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  1. bugs i found and which still mess up the game: - Inaros 2 (Devour) can get you stuck in place since it loops the animation. - in the sanctuary onslaught (the harder one at least, duno the normal one) the enemy AI tend to break. Enemies tend to do either nothing at all or just walk aimlessly around sometimes. - SOMETIMES (mostly railjack missions so it seems) your mods doesnt work at all. your warframe- and weapons mods, none seem to work.
  2. two things. first, i didnt touched railjack over the days in the slightest since...well it was just broken af tbh. It was nice as "IF you was able to play it" but it was not conected to the main game and still isnt in anyways so insteed, i played warframe as normal as i could by literally ignoring railjack. I wait if everything is fixed and stuff is "Normal" or DE finally FIXES their stuff or think about old content noone really needs anymore. Railjack was for me like a hard try to revive archwing which nooone asked anyways, like for real. But to count up some building places, should i call out just "some" forgotten old content DE should finally think about to either redesign or throw out of the game in total? Here are some: - helminth cyst Its practicly a thing which everyone forgetts about it exist. The helminth cyst exists in the whole game for just one "bad" thing, which is creating the helmith charger noone even cares about to use but only to level ones and put it either into the dumb or forgets about it existed. And the rest? It needs a whole room on your base ship. a whole room for just one thing and nothing else, think about it. Srsly, DE should think about to get totally rid of the helminth cyst-thing or add a room for it on the warframe bases on the planets. a whole room on your ship can be used for better things and stuff than 1 cyst which exists for nearly nothing. - Lunaro (or conclave in total) Does anyone even plays this thing? Im honest here to say, i really thought it was patched out of the game and was just a fun-mode they added for a limited time years ago but i had to look it up again but its still in the game. Like conclave, DE has do admit that it failed. Warframe is a PvE game, badly made for PvP content since the "over the top mobility" you can do in this game is in PvP matches more like a clown wars between walljumping people. Lunaro is nothing different and failed and DE really should think about to keep said stuff in the game. I will not say that noone plays it but im sure that not even 10% of the full playerbase cares about it anyway. - "Over the top" waiting-/build times I understand that stuff you build needs time but why needs a piece of an old space ship needs 12 hours each and a FULL warframe 3 whole days + each part also 12 hours? Some weapons need 12 hours, some others 24. Im srs to say that those are over the top waiting-/building times noone need. Look as sample at someone whos pretty much new in the game. He collected maybe all parts for a new frame, builded those already (each 12 hours...) and finally is ready to build the frame as whole...and gets pretty much the middlefinger in his face by waiting another 3 days to play with the frame. I sure understand that those times "exist" but they should be lowerd drasticly. I mean what should i do in this 3 days if there literally is nothing else for me to do in warframe? Doing something else like, i duno, playing another game? I mean if that is what DE want sure~ but i doubt thats good for business in the long run. I mean, maybe the sample the the newbie and the frame isnt quite right since said guy might still have to do some missions and stuff...but what about people, like me, who literally did pretty much everything and had to wait for for each ship part 12 hours to be build? Do you actually think i sit ingame and wait 12 hours? Srsly here to say that DE should lower their building times by at least 50%. Yes, i know you can fasten them up with plat but not everyone is a whale or think its really worth it, if you keep the regular prices of plat in mind~ They are, by far, sure some more building grounds i could count up but for now i think those 2 are really some where i say DE should think twice about if its even worth keeping them in game if they are "just there coz they exist" and nothing else. Sure, i could go and say the same to K-drives, fishing and mining but those can be "at least" some what useful and "fun", carefully said. But the already called out and named stuff are more or less there and be forgotten as soon as you as player touched it just ones.
  3. I duno how i still should think about this whole railjack thing. - First, its not bad but i say that in the meaning of how it is made. That it has nothing todo with how i normaly play the MAIN game, we all should agree here somewhat and thats what my opinion still is somewhat, it just doesnt really fit. - It was way to early. Im srs here and im sure we all agree that empyrean, as it came out (and sometimes still is), was WAY to buggy. it doesnt only broke the mode it was for its own, the railjack missions, but pretty much broke other stuff from the main game, some even hard. After a long time i also found the game again which basicly reminds me on this whole railjack situation but this was a game on its own since it was based on it, which was (without advertising it) SPOILER: So again, i dont really think its fitting in the whole game right now. Im sure absolutly noone asked to revive this whole archwing stuff which is basicly hidden in this whole empyrean update. I mean, if people would have like those archwing missions so much or archwing overall, i would like to see the stats from the archwing missions tbh. As i said to a friend a wile ago (or even in this forum somewhere), Archwing is basicly something you should forgett about that it exists. Im srs to say that i just leveld all archwings till they are "good" (aka formard them so that i can use them maybe) but actually never really used them again after i leveld them perfectly. Next to this, right now it doesnt give one really intressting archwing mission which you would enjoy to do or play it more often to get some exp. I mean, how many archwing missions do exist? per planet maybe ONE? ----------EDIT HERE (which might be important to know...): When was archwing add anyways? Wiki says back in 2014 and since, what did we get for it? 4 archwings (+ 1 prime) and some weapons which, again, a lot are just not a (good) opinion in railjack missions. Also, compared to railjack missions, what are the strongest enemys you can encounter in archwing missions? Level 27-32 (32-34 if you count the golem up). I guess that alone explains why archwings and its weapons are just way to weak in railjack missions - they are not made for this huge onslaught of enemys and high level... ----------Edit end. That alone shows that noone really cares about archwing anymore and with the release of empyrean, it only shows how broken it is if you look down to your archwing stuff you really leveld aleady to near perfection only to find youself getting one-shot by nearly everything in this railjack missions wile in archwing mode. So do you think this actually adds some "fun" using archwings now more? I doubt tbh. Next to this, right now, you cant really use another archwing in the railjack missions other than the Amesha. Odonata (and prime version) is way to weak and its "frontshield" doesnt really help in this mess of space ships of enemys you have to fight against. Itzal? I normaly "main" this one since it makes the most damage but use it in railjack missions and you get oneshot by everything - which means its pretty much useless. Elytron feels like Itzal. Its normaly a damage dealing archwing but since the lack of shield abilitys, you simply cant survive railjack with it. So what does it mean? That Railjack did already created a "meta" which is already seen in some YT videos: Use Amesha and status, else get fuqed. Fun? no, if i have to use something to survive or "enjoy", not really. Every other opinion("archwing") i have simply doesnt exist coz i will die in some seconds or simply get oneshot. So after all, DE has a lot to fix with this update. Right now, its just a mess, a hard one...
  4. no i mean really polarities since there is not one got "D" mod ivara could really use at least if you dont break her with stuff you might dont need. as for the builds i use, i have 2 (i can only show it in german since i play it in german...): both builds works pretty well and actually they both do its job. its just, again said, a bit dang that we are so daaaang slow with her 3 active....
  5. I kinda have to agree here since as much as i love ivara i mostly play her for spy missions and for spy missions nearly only. she is just way to quishy as to be a regular "damage dealing frame" and for sure not a tank from. She also kinda lacks "support" abilitys that you basicly can only play her -looking down at all her stats- based on her 3 else she will die quite alot. I mean i would have not a big problem with it IF you wouldnt be slow af wile your 3 is active. Yes, i can see that it should look like that you "sneak around with her" but, being honest here, look at loki, look at ash. both can do the exact same (even if timelimited abilitys) but still can run and jump around like they give a crap so the "sneaky" part pretty much falls flat with those, so why does ivara HAVE to has this slowdown? i duno. Another problem i have is that the Prime version had also an "D" polarisation. I never putted a "D" polarisations mod in her coz, you basicly said it, you need to play her on efficency and duration for the most part. You dont have any other slot or stuff left for her so why the primed version got a "D" polarisation is really odd for me (which i changed to an "=" one). As for the loot stuff, tbh, if i wanna really go for loot i play, as you said, nekros. I think that her "looting" thing is more like stealing something and, being fair, if im really going for loot they are really other, better and faster opinions than ivara... So yes, basicly you can play her only one good way or else she dies like a fly in a windstorm, which is kinda sad tbh. Its not like she lacks of damage but i think the biggest problem i just have is the slowdown her "Main ability", her 3, gives her. I mean i would still be ok with it IF we still could do at least all jumps and rolls and like without breaking the ability maybe or if the slowdown is "Not that HARD" but right now i can see why people tend to use loki for spy missions more insteed of ivara since doing one with her is nearly a 100% success but feels like a crawl to do so.
  6. I agree with the Baza prime since the only good thing about the prime is the nearly doubled range damage fall off and maybe the 20+ mag size, else nothing else is really a big changer over the normal version (2% higher critchance which is not even really notable tbh and 4% more status chance plus 0.3 faster reaload on an already fast realoading weapon...), even the damage stats are 1:1 the same. as for the Aksomati i actually disagree but only with their stats since they actually got a pretty nice overall buff with the firerate is lightly faster, 10+ mag size, 10% more status chance and overall 2.0 more damage of the cost of about 2.9 accuraccy. the only thing is that it just doesnt fit or "Belong" into an pack with ivara, it doesnt only feels very odd playing Ivara with some Uzis in her hands, those are also not silenced weapons which, again, doesnt fit her playstyle.
  7. After i got myself now the middle pack from thenew ivara prime pack, here are already some of my opinions about it over all - keeping in mind i did not get the accessories whats so ever (since i didnt really care). Lets begin with the prime weapons which came with it: - Baza Prime: - Aksomati prime: And finally a look at Ivara prime... Overall how would i rate the pack? Its really underwhelming tbh. Both Prime weapons doesnt seem to have a special "prime weapon" passive and in the case of the Basa Prime, its not really a notalbe "BIG" weapon change. The aksomatis feel odd and "unfitting" in the pack. They are not bad but not fitting overall. Ivara Primes buffed stats are "ok" but again not overwhelming... And about her design? Well im not really a big fan of it. After i colord it a bit (as you have seen on the pictures) i kinda think its now at the same level as the NORMAL default skin from her but for sure not really "better" if you have other prime frame designs in mind like Mesa, Limbo or Hydroid...
  8. shhh thats the new spiderman frame feature...its still a bit buggy 😉
  9. Ladys and Gentlemen, we are in space now, im 100% sure... I srsly hope this will get fixed soon...
  10. tbh i actually duno why this is not a thing to begin with. i mean we are able to use our archwings so why not our "Base ships"? Logic please? I mean its not like our base ships are small or something (compared to our rail jack from the inside, its kinda like half/ 1/3 the size i guess)...
  11. Lunaro is also still a thing now! NEVER FORGET 😆 Jokes by side, Thats actually a problem i have with Warframe. Its getting kinda more and more worse. They add way to much stuff into a game which "could fit" but doesnt hit the mark quite well. Look at said PvP stuff. Its not only bad, its a mess. The game is not made for PvP, not at all but still exists. Archwing is also another thing a lot people even want you to forget about which seems like DE just want you to remind you is a thing with this railjack update only Star Trek fans maybe enjoy for real. Since the latest Archwing controls update, it feels even more messy to think of or play with. The controls went from "wonky" to "way to stiff" now, you can pretty much break mid-air with them wile the control scheme for the railjack is still as wonky as the old archwings - is makes just no sense. in other words as i said already in another topic: Warframe in its core is a 3rd person shooter so why dont we go from there and might add stuff which kinda fine-tunes it insteed of adding half-broken content which only fits maybe the theme of the game ("Space") but pretty much nothing else? I mean as i said already, look it all the stuff DE did add and noone gives either a crap about or its just long forgotten. As for some samples: Lunaro, Conclave, kubrows (since they STILL need this freaking DNA-thing to stay alive so noone cares using them anyways), K-Drives (since you can use your archwing on open world areas (and thats maybe the only good thing about it...)) and Frame fighter, just to name some. I mean DE just have to agree here that this stuff pretty much failed since its existance. It might sounded all good on paper like the K-drives but again, why should i ever use it if im only able to use it on 2 open world areas maybe and 1 of them has not even really something to do with it in the first place since it has not something build for it (since its pretty much just a wasteland). SUre, you can say "but youre able to do it~" that might be true but i can also say In minecraft youre able to build a big freaking pen*s out of stone. Just coz you CAN do it, doesnt mean you should or it will "fix" the game somewhat and in the case of K-drives, again, you just have 2 areas you can use it but you had already a 2nd and way better opinion to be faster in this areas, the archwing. So again, insteed of giving us half broken content which, at the end, is mostly just a farm fest to create more and more materials which you might just need for 1 god dang time or thing and you only get maybe in some missions you might only played ONES and never really wanted to play them EVER again or youre just already way to HIGH leveld that those said missions are just way to easy and boring for you to start or farm - looking at the latest rail jack-farm part missions they did before empyrean as good sample or the whole kuva lich system which is just normal missions you normaly do just a bit harder - they should fine tune the 3rd person combat. Let us give the ability to lean on something and search for cover, give us a bullet(out)run, let us shoot and aim over obsticals, maybe let us throw our melee weapons (not only glaives) and colllect them back - stuff like which just would make the game in its CORE better. I dont need an attempt of minecraft in this game or a fishing simulator (even if its kinda ok), I dont need to add something into the game noone needed in the first place like frame fighter (srsly, do you remember how much they hyped it and it pretty much was forgotten a week after the release?) or K-drives (since we already HAD a better opinion). If they would keep fixing the stuff or adding stuff which just would add SOMETHING to its core 3rd person shooter gameplay, it would be enough for sure but right now, it feels all like its forced content people have to play to finish "something" or the story but maybe dont really want and just want to enjoy the "basic warframes core" as it is which would be a 3rd person shooter but at the end we just get more "content" attempt tries which fail in their existance or content which just adds more farming for something you might do just ONE time and never again and i guess i dont need to add a sample for the meaning of this here. Im srs to say that. by now, i still wonder why warframe has no battle royale mode (but dear god im glad it doesnt have one and i HOPE it stays this way...).
  12. for the love of god use the spacebar and enter button. Please. (even i fixed your wall of text mate, look how EASY people can read it now) also as small edit, you sound like someone payed you to say all that tbh. Do you want us also to advertise now RAID next for mobile phones? About me being rude lol...but its not my problem if you dont know how to use the enter key mate. you dont need to excuse yourself with "it stays this way" if youre just to lasy to use it. Also, i wasnt rude at all, i said PLEASE fix your wall of text coz noone would take you for real if you just drop by, left a comment which looks like a 10 year old makes advertising for his minecraft server, sorry but hey, some people lack the input of getting criticism i guess...
  13. DE over the year: "Lets hype everyone up for the next big update" *community hype intense* Me, knowing that like every other "main update", it will be half done anyways and needs at least 2-4 hotfixes:
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