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  1. there is so much wrong on the picture, i dont even know where i could start with all the bugs... Just saying 1 thing, no i did not change my cam settings or something and yes, the cam was suddednly upside down and i was standing. in the railjack. with my normal gun equiped...not an archwing one even if it seems like it...
  2. this is also something which i dont understand. i made already both types of kitguns (prims and secondarys) but it only shows me i leveld the secondary versions in my profile - not the prim versions which is wrong coz i sure can even proof than i have leveld them and still even own them.
  3. Srsly, Is it just me or did it got bigger all of a sudden??? WHO had the great idea to make it bigger???
  4. you mean nibbles slowly on their ear or something. Srsly, if he does that, he makes nearly no damage at all.
  5. i think what hydroid needs is actually more "power" somewhat. His 1 as sample is pretty good but unusalbe without augment mod, literally. So my opinion is that the augment mod should already be add INTO the ability itself and that all his "charge up" crap should speeded up by at least 33%. No im srs here to say that all his freaking charged up abilitys need way to long, even with the right mods build in. as for his 2 i honestly think thats pretty much hydroids most useless ability. Srsly, when is there a good time you really used it anyways? it doesnt fit in any "farm build",
  6. AFTER the stream is over i suppose. like they did already everytime before.
  7. (for people which dont speak german: the mod would buff 1. damage and 2. Multishot) are you serious? This pretty much makes the normal panthera again more worth using... (and before people ask or be like "haha": I had this mod already for a long time and used it in the normal panthera. i did not bought it or something, i got it as drop a long time ago)
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