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  1. so that means now i either juggle around with my settings "till it fits" or wait till a hotfix happens soon right? Well i be damned if that will be not fixed "SOON" ...
  2. same bug as well, next to the (still) flashing borderlines on the right/down side of my screen. seems to be a great update to improve the plains and f*** everything else 😕
  3. i didnt change anything but just this mate. EDIT: so i can say its not my pc or graphiccard - its a problem from the game right now...riight? Coz im really worried about this...
  4. did this one for my problem which is pretty much the same but my fps drops from 60 to just 42 by just STANDING in my ship...
  5. still having this flickering lines on my screen... really need some help with those coz i fear even to play warframe with ...."THOSE" tbh...
  6. Since this update: lines on my screen...? https://youtu.be/CHiMv-qGEU4 help...????
  7. cant tell since you pretty much mixed up a lot threads with your last comment mate.
  8. youre basicly right but then again a bit flawed with your logic yourself. sure the game is about farming but also not taxi around. no mather how or what, people should enjoy the game as it should be and not "all over the place" where they shouldnt be. maybe not only coz of farming or level reasons but more maybe "lore" aka story reasons. We should not forget, Warframe has a good lore to enjoy and they can pretty much ruin this if they see what places will later be which are not there from the begining (Lua, as sample). For the reward part, again, i just say here compared with the old system, nightwave system still needs to be polished. the core IS ok, yes, but i counted up my ideas already and my last wall of text pretty much explained that all again. and to be fair, about the "free to play" part, i would sure wish myself a p2p version so that such things would make slightly more fun and be normal over all. warframes sometimes "over does" the farming part, sometimes even adding rng to it (as i said, ivara and other frames) which doesnt even makes it hard but sometimes feel like the system plays against you as player. i enjoy farming if i farm for something which is worth something in the end, in warframes case, its mostly like a gift pack you save for and you "barely" know what you will get if you dont look around the internet and spoiler yourself. and yea the drink actually was nice man. sadly i need to get myself another bottle tomorrow heh.
  9. wait a second... I guess that pretty much explains why i want a rank system for each planet. 1. people have to understand the game and not standing on sedna with rank 0 there and duno what is going on. 2. Helping, yes, by doing missions with them or like i can see and understand that with "help". veterans should not be the "carries". people have to understand the gamy by their own and not getting carried through it or rushing it. "the way is the goal". Look at it from another side: you have a squad of 4 people where one is kinda new. sure you help him out by explaining him what he has to do but you cant do his job. he has to learn it by himself. 3. They a other ways to "farm" exps and like and mostly the stuff the new players "need" are in "their reach" (mostly).
  10. i was about to not bait anymore since i already said and gave more then 2 cents, ideas, posts and the hell knows here on comments. but ok, i do it for the sake. so lets go again, already regreding this... ..and losing all the progress we managed to do if the event is over. yes, we will lose all the wolf creds we might saved or wanted to save of whateveritemwewanted and we also lose all the rangs, even if it was just 1 rang close to the item we wanted, we lose all the progress we made in the last. 10. weeks. thats why i already said the idea that DE should change the system, that the wolfcreds, as they are named now, gettting something like ducats and that they dont expire so that we dont lose our "total" progress, that we can save the "money" and use it for something we want. i mean, they could have just add a umbra forma you could buy with this currency but it could be pretty expensive - which would be understandable - but thenm having in mind that one of the rarest material, nitain, is really "easy" to get now compared how it was earlier in the old system. this actually makes this "oh so rare" material seems like now a whole joke a bit since now you pretty much get this for just 15 wolfcreds in a pack of 3, if i remember right but thats another story (and i already left a comment about that somewhere and i linked that...). Yes, as i said so often, "compared with the old system" the new nightwave system should more be something like a "challenge system" and should not a FULL replace to the old alert system. It is, as it is right now, just not really balanced since, as i already said, some missions are outright ridiculous (1 hour survival, 40 waves def, etc), others are either not "doable" for new players (kill the orb vallis boss, survive 1 hour kuva survival, etc) or for veterans, its just "not really worth the torture". I can basicly understand sure the change but then, as i already again said, over and over (i feel like a broken record in this moment heh...), that the system right now should keep a lot things in mind which it doesnt but which SHOULD be - the playerbase as whole (meaning not only old OR new but new AND old players) - people have also other stuff to do (meaning real life problems or family or job and what ever) - people dont "live" warframe (i guess thats selfexplaining) Which is kinda a problem. sure, someone who plays more sure should also have more "progress" then someone who might just plays the game ones in a week - but still those people should be handled "equal" which is kinda hard to do, sure that, but not impossible - which brings up another problem which are taxis and people who bring up low rang players to the higher farm levels and like. As i already also said somewhere in a comment again (god dang it, i need to write a book or something at this point...and why the hell am i dissing myself? XD), that the planets SELF should get something like a "rank" requirement like a lot weapons have (as sample, you cant go on sedna if youre not at least rang 12 (again, just as sample)). i really feel sometimes this is the real problem that people are even "able" to taxi around places like sedna to just (literally) stand there as new player and getting all the exp for doing nothing wile the taxi-guy and 2 other guys which are mostly already near endgame or are endgame do all the stuff wile you as new player be like "wtf is going on" anyways, sit there and do like "ez game". This should be handled and fixed and not adding a new grindy syndicate in disguise of new alert system... Yes and no coz thats what kinda "pay 2 win"-ny warframe feels. look at some frames like ivara as sample and how much "pur luck" it is to get her. Or another sample would be, for sure, equinox (normal, since prime is next door). This frame can be outright a torture if you dont have the force on your side (i sure mean luck but i had to put some fun in there) - and even if you have the luck you need nearly 1 week to just build this frame. Also, another frame to farm and which was outright a disaster design would be vauban prime, which needs 25 nitain to build in total - and you couldnt even "just buy him" (if you didnt got his prime access). I would say, paying for warframe makes the game way easier to enjoy and it feels kinda better as player so to be fair, warframe has a already known nickname, not for unknown reasons, which is already "farmframe". So would i say it is pay 2 win, im not sure to be honest since, keeping all the things in mind you "could" just buy, its something like "buy 2 progress faster and stop rng-stuff". so i wouldnt say it is not totally pay 2 win but also not 100% it is pay 2 win, if you understand me "right" there. As to my knowledge, its not, it was so often said that it pretty much resets all and your wolfcreds will something like "expire", which is a huge problem but look back at the first part of this comment wall here heh ^^ Which is kind of a problem. as i already said (GOD DANG IT WHY XD), we are the players, we dont work for warframe and we dont "live" it. thats what DE sometimees forget if you look at some of the new alerts we had. Yes, "compared" to the old farm situation(s), nightwave sure might look like a easy run but we are talking "like that" since we both are already INto the game and not new players. We both could pretty much give a "crap" about the nightwave system, if we both might would have a bit more real life time to spare for it but else, be honest, we both could for sure. But as i already said (...) new players are pretty much confused, not able to do said missions or outright not able to understand them, the systems core sure is "ok" but it needs to be fixed somewhat for "all" players. Im kinda sorry for this huge wall of text but i think you can see now i really really tried (and that im kinda a bit "sick of it" repeating myself over and over again). So again, it was nothing personal we might had there and i sure tried here to explain myself and my ideas i had over the threads n comments in this big comment here. I hope you understand that. ...and now i need a drink. ^^;
  11. its the combo system mate, as i said, before you just made 2 quick attacks and done, now most people have a combo mod on their weapon and some combos jumps you around and moves you around which you "might dont want" in a situation. thats what i was saying in this "quickly poke melee attacks" coz the normal melee attacks were basicly just a swing or something like. look at staff combos as sample, i duno the mods name now but i know 2 if you use them you move way to fast around IF you keep the combo going. situational, if it helps or not tbh. let me go back and quote myself for that at this time, i played now over 1400 warframe, the 2nd most played game on my steam account, just said. i have a bit time for it but im still a busy man in real life. saying stuff like "you wont be able to clear more difficult content" pretty much is the middle finger in the face for everyone who tries - and i am already mk25 which means pretty much "endgame". I sure can say myself i dont need the stuff but as i said, think about new players which are literally not even able to do those things and said stuff. So right now the whole system is pretty much "not balanced". veterans are like why should i do it coz they pretty much have already anything "good" from it and why should they do the struggle anyways. and new players? they are not even able to do those things. i can quote myself over and over again if you want since i already said a lot about that, if you wanna read that, there, it might help you (no im srs here, i already put way to many cents here to tell all over and over again and you might can see why). small edit: about this part: i was talking about that in regular and not that youre one. i could have said uneemployed people or people with to much free time but i wanted to point something out, not going personal - so in that case sorry if you thought i gave you a bad nickname. that wasnt my intention.
  12. - you automaticly block which made "autoblock" mods pretty much useless. - you have no holster time, making, again, such mods again pretty much useless. - insteed of maybe a quick 2 hit combo, you compliedly change into "melee mode" with a press of a button which can break sometimes the moment youre actually be in. as i said, (i will not complain about it and say the old system was better BUT) if you "just" want to kill some enemys quickly in melee with some "poke melee attacks" as i named them before, thats pretty much gone. - You cant zoom in anymore nor need to hold a button for blocking for focusing any enemy. So this doesnt sound all to bad, for sure but mostly anoying thing is that you just cant quickkill people in melee anymore without changing into this said melee mode in total. this CAN ruin again the moment and situation youre in since, as i said, you change into melee mode COMPLIEDLY with all combos and like and before said change, you just made some quick "poke attacks" and went back to normal. i will not say that it is bad but again, it is a change which you can sadly feel. I would say its faster but again, melee weapons self feel more like a downgrate or sidegrate, at least less then a real weapon. ok at that part i literally can pretty much stop arguee about something if you have this mood and pretty much dont care anyways so why are you in a forum here to talk about details and other peoples opinion if you literally dont care about? i go with your words and literally say: i dont care to explain it to you since you dont care anyways. I could and i even would but if all other opinions are for you nonsense and pretty much just a talk to a wall then why should i shame myself trying? Also to the rest part or mostly for it, sorry to say but you sound like someone who either has no job, no family nor girlfriend - in other words: you have way to much freetime if you really think like "the new nightwave system is good as it is". As "addition" next to the old system i would have said "maybe" yes but looking back at some of the missions they gave us like the 1 hour survival or, glad they changed it but still, 40 waves defending mission - compare that with the old system and what you would have get in the same time wile right now, you get maybe 3000-5000 standing which means maybe half a rank up and nothing else. yes, nothing else. no rewards, just some standing points. For 1 hour survival or 40 waves defending, you get 5000 points woopidoopi. somewhere around the forum or even in this thread someone already counted up what you "COULD" have gotten in the same time doing old alerts and it was by far more then "just" some freaking points. And there is the problem, not everyone is a unemployed basemend dweller who has all time of the world. some people work, hard. some others have family or maybe a girlfriend or are busy with other REAL LIFE things but they still enjoy(ed) playing warframe. for those, this new system AND for new players (which is another topic) is pretty much a kick in the balls but hey, lets do it in your words by saying "all is fine" and go like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuKzt7p-MnM Anyways, basicly, yes, the system is "good" but it needs to be tweakt. a lot. i brought already up a lot ideas, one can you read here, which would work much better: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1073526-nightwave-alerts-removal-feedback/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-10561057
  13. Uff someone remembers Firefalls Firefall (as funny as it sounds like but yea, i gave it that "nickname") coz yea...Firefall was really a good sample and it was a good game. well....till 1.0 but offtopic... TBH, since the last melee update, melee weapons feel more like a sidegrate and not like a real weapon. i mean it was intentionally build for console players, no doubt about it since hey, "with a press on a weapon you have your full melee weapon ready" insteed of the already way more usefull "poke melee attack" you did IF you used a prim-/secondaryweapon. and for the cashgrap part? well, its pretty much selfexplained IF you think longer about it, so no doubt about that. Look at Fortnight (as much as i hate this game...) as sample and you might can see were people are going with this and pointing back at the Warframe = Firefall part, yes, srsly no doubt about that.
  14. ok the new missions this week are kinda a kick in the ass now compared with the old system and everyone who liked it. - 40 waves defend mission 40. waves. we had already a 60 min survival and that was way to much but now 40 waves of defend. this is insane. i never made more then maybe 20 waves on oi and already that is freaking LONG. you can say, the first waves are done pretty quick (depending which frames ya in the game) so lets say you make the first 10 waves in 12 mins which seems ok. after wave 10, the enemys get quick harder any way more then before so for the next 10 waves you sure need longer, lets say 18 if not even 20 mins - so were on 32 mins already. 20 waves up the enemy spawnrate is really really REALLLY high and if you play with corpus enemys, expect a lot nullfiers which pretty much ruins the run fast if you dont care enough. so the next 10 waves are for sure 25 mins. and 30 wave+? have fun doing those. not only are the enemys "hard" already but the HORDES mate.... So roundabout, expect playing one mission def for only half a nightwave rang OVER 1 HOUR A DEFENDING MISSION. Wile you could also at least sit in a corner, taking care of your air in the 1 hour survival mission, you HAVE to take care of your defending subject so, as sample, it it takes to much damage in wave 37 and is destroyed - WELL THEN... -Win 3 wagers in a row WITHOUT letting the enemy score in one match of the index. ... you see, if you all want us to meet john prodman, tell me next time. I already met him last week coz i met some people who wanted to, so i said why the #*!% not. Jokey by side, 3 wagers is also very long and the 3rd one is also pretty hard if you dont care BUT that the enemy scores not even ONES in this whole 3 times is nearly to impossible if you dont camp your spawn, literally. sounds like fun right? So i will not be the one and say "its impossible" but again more the guy that this missions, even if i sure know they ARE elite grade, think about what you could have done in the old alert system and WHAT you could have get in the same time. - lower the waves of defend from 40 to 20. srsly, noone plays 40 waves AKA OVER 1 HOUR defense for "JUST" one HALF level of a nightwave level if he doesnt HAVE to. - let the enemys score at least a bit but maybe not over a special amount. 3 wagers in a row is already hard sometimes but letting the enemys not score ONES is way to hard in addition. No srsly, whats next? "meet John Pordman"? EDIT Ok they wiped the 40 def wave one. Had to log in again to see that.
  15. i hope you know we are talking about nighttime. a time a person who works and every normal person too, should sleep you know? i have no problems about animals or clearn houses but i do that sure not in the nighttime mate.
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