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  1. are you ever going to fix all the massive problems with kuva liches and controversial design? Any plan to make intrinsics actually worth it or more changing, some more visual changes that what they do. for example engineer carries forge on the back, gunner gets a visor aiming helmet, pilot gets better UI improvements or choices for navigation etc. and last: why dont you want to increase vacuum range in RJ? whyyyyyy
  2. there is a bug where shedu wont fire if you get fissure buff for infinite ammo or cat buff for instant reload
  3. Enemy ships in veil proxima become immune to damage or quickly heal it even after crew ships are gone. Photor side turrets sounds gets stuck forever playing for the pilot if it's a host.
  4. I have bought around 8 rush repair drones because I can make 50plat in 1-2hours but 10k of new resources is insanity considering you need to find a team always and plat farm can be done solo.
  5. It didn't pop out on the outside, it was stuck.
  6. We spent 20 minutes looking around the whole tileset. We even glitched inside the walls to cross to the other side of the door but it was futile. The markers were right, the map was ok but the door was on lockdown and the game displayed a message saying so. We all 3 playing that mission are warframe players of 6 years and know how the game works by now. we searched the place well but it was impossible and there was no console to cancel lockdown.
  7. In veil proxima we had a mission where we got 2 tileset objectives and one of them had no enemies and was on constant lockdown preventing us from reaching the objective, we had to quit and lose 30 mins worth of progress and rewards.
  8. if you have it finished, i mean if you have done the mission to craft it then you should be able to access it by going to the other consoles where you personalize and work on your railjack. if this doesnt work then try joining someone else and then go to the same console to change your avionics and such and work on your ship from that console. leaving their session and returning to your dojo should make your ship appear.
  9. If someone refines it consumes all the resources and this can lead to catastrophic failure being unfixable and mission failure. several clan mates report having mission window show they got 15 intrinsics but when they go to the menu they have only been given 9 instead of 15. members with affinity boosters got 15 but others had it displayed as 15 and got only 9.
  10. i can't emphasize how important this is, if an unknowing person refines all the materials mid fights and we run out of ommnitool ammo the mission is lost. all because one person pressed a button without knowing what it meant. nothing is explained in this big update. nothing at all. there needs to be information about how to do everything and what things do.
  11. Pilot tree feels lacking. Tactical level 5 is a waste of time, it's nearly useless. Overall I think there's a lot of potential here for crazy things. Make radical cool changes like engineers carrying lots of gear and portable forges on their back and cool things like that. Make gunners have a cool aiming visor equipped or things like that.
  12. it's impossible to bind the tactical L menu. It's impossible to change the omnitool in the gear wheel. Avionic mods are a mess. some have random stats and they are impossible to tell appart from other or upgraded ones. this menu and systems needs a lot of work. Random stats on guns can vary so much that it's insanity. This whole thing of random stats needs to be controlled more.
  13. Piloting seems very lacking. Some of the good gunner perks do not affect pilot's gun Tactical level 5 is useless because you can't really stop to see other crew members in the chaos of battle. As cool as it is to watch other people do things, it should give something more...you really can't afford to wait around looking at what others do while your ship is breaking apart and damage needs to be put out constantly. A way to respect would be appreciated and very useful.
  14. I'm going to put this in very easy terms: Nothing is explained. Nothing. This is a theme with the game but a very bad one. Resources are lost because nowhere it's mentioned you have to refine them. Railjack UI is very unclear on what to do to win.
  15. Seeker missile is still not a seeker missile. It doesn't chase targets. Vidar and Zekti reactors and engines do not increase/decrease stats as specified in descriptions
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