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  1. Pretty easy overall, except for forty #*!%ing waves. At least that's a "with friends" one so I'd have been skipping it anyway. Sort of weird to repeat the Earth Fishing one, wasn't that just last week?
  2. Non-serious devil's advocate: It does appear to be named similarly to the verb Plink, so it not being competitive with high-tier weapons is entirely on-brand. More serious response: It is somewhat strange to me that it only does decent damage with great crit stats, considering that the weapons introduced alongside it - Galvacord and Exergis - are all about raw damage and status with not-great crits.
  3. I do agree that the canisters aren't well-telegraphed, my first try I eventually alt-tabbed to the wiki to find out that the canisters in phase one are just kinda around, but not by the machine you initially activate. That and because the coolant is marked but the thermia isn't, I sealed dozens of fissures and didn't realize that I was supposed to do anything further until I tripped over a pile of glowing canisters. Also, her attacks seem to not exactly be "projectiles" so Mesa's Shattershield seems to straight-up not work while other frames with damage reduction such as Gara or Nezha work fine. Everything else, though, is fine and 100% on you.
  4. Primed Rush, because go fast Primed Maglev, because GO FAST Primed Heavy Impact, because it'd be funny at the very least.
  5. Er, are you sure you don't mean "Mostly everyone vs toxic ancients"? Because their roar/breath/whatever attack does crazy damage at higher levels, most frames without serious damage reduction or invulnerability will suffer the exact same fate if they get caught by it. Hildryn not being able to twiddle her thumbs around high-priority targets isn't really an issue, maybe there being targets whose heaviest hits have very little telegraphing is an issue, but Hildryn in particular doesn't have an issue with them.
  6. Yet the reverse is also true, "I don't want to hear that argument" is also a non-argument. You've countered nothing, but tried to stifle dissent. You are putting your own thoughts above those of others by claiming yours as "legitimate" while any disagreement is "the same drivel over and over" with no justification for either. For that matter, it would have been entirely possible to just acknowledge the opposite side in the OP. Something like '"Yes, it's optional, but there are still issues with this sort of challenge and it's important that this is known and discussed. Being optional does not excuse being bad, which it is for the above reasons." As opposed to "Y'all don't count, stay out of my thread." Writing with overt implications like that always detracts from the thread as a whole and distracts from more meaningful arguments. Had the OP just been polite instead of dismissive and rude we'd likely all be talking about how challenges like this are boring at best, and how they do succeed in drawing attention to probably-neglected parts of the game, and that it should retroactively apply if you have something gilded already because then it's likely one has already gilded many, and how hopefully they will do fewer arbitrary missions like this come season 2. Instead we ended up here.
  7. Yes, because opening a thread claiming that all people holding dissenting opinions don't count and not to bother presenting arguments because they'll just be ignored because they come form someone who doesn't count is a FANTASTIC AND FLAWLESS METHOD TO HAVE A DISCUSSION. Christ, people whine about Reddit being an echo chamber, but see nothing wrong with a forum thread saying "If you disagree, you don't count."
  8. Then why do they deserve rewards for doing something they weren't here to do?
  9. They've have months. Why didn't they work toward it before now? To use an extended metaphor, you skip out on all your lectures, don't do any homework, come up with excuses instead of doing your share of group work, but show up for the final. Why would you deserve to pass? Or if this is another "But new players" thread, then there are a thousand things that aren't Nightwave they should be focusing on, and there's a piss-easy "Just kill things" elite right there. An actual new player, not some theoretical one that is convenient for making arguments, doesn't need anything past rank 11.
  10. Aaaand all credibility instantly lost.
  11. I'm all for this, mainly because Excavation is easily my least favorite mission type. I still don't get why people tend to claim it's completely unreasonable and stupid and bad to ask the player to do a few specific missions or activities for specific rewards (See Nightwave, Mining/Fishing, Spy missions, etc) but having a resource that is required in fairly large amounts and is only farmable in any reasonable amount from one mission type that has been plagued with pathing and spawning issues since forever and even when things go well is predominantly standing around waiting for a timer is 100% A-OK.
  12. I'm starting to think that every player is getting different changes with every patch, because holding RMB after starting the combo has worked for me since the very first moment. Yet I was having no issue dong charge attacks until they made it easier to do charge attacks, and now any shot interrupts my Redeemer. So I'm pretty sure you're both right, especially if Primal Fury works fundamentally differently from regular melee.
  13. Huh, weird. I was having no issues at all before the update, but after 24.5.0 it's happening to me. I could fire easily without being interrupted before, but now auto-blocking IS interrupting the charge, despite that being the complete reverse of what should be happening.
  14. The problems with the current iteration of Melee mainly lie in that it's not finished yet. Stances haven't been updated, for example, making combos using the Right Mouse Button a bit awkward.
  15. Is it greifing? No, unless it continues after being politely requested to slow down, such as in the case mentioned earlier where someone was trying to do a Riven or Nightwave challenge. Is it bad? Depends. If the player not killing just wants the shared affinity, for example, there's no issue at all, though an argument could be made that a mechanic rewarding despite not contributing is flawed. If someone is outclassed to the point they can't play, but do want to, it's a problem, and not necessarily one that's the fault of any one player. That player could go solo, but so too could the one doing all the killing who has no need for teammates. Or that player could want to fight as part of a team and not just be a decoration, in which case going solo wouldn't be an acceptable solution.
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