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  1. I recently built a Zetki Carcinnox and BOY is it nice. I had first built a Sigma MKIII one just to see if I liked the gunplay, and it was the easiest Veil run I had ever done. The one I'm using now (+48.7%) spews so many status effects so quickly from so far away that I haven't had to deal with boarding a Crewship if I didn't want to, due to being able to strip enough armor quickly enough that a single Artillery shot blows it up before they get close enough to fire or send out a Ramsled. Plus, the Chem status helps a lot more than I had expected it to, Maybe a Lavan one would perform a bit better in the long run, but the Zetki has really nice burst damage and the heat gain is totally manageable with some practice.
  2. Xaldin's floating lances from the Kingdom Hearts series, including all the versions from 358/2 Days. Alternatively, just straight-up rip off the entirety of Ultimate Form from 3. I'm a bit of a sucker for controlling floating weapons.
  3. Farming Frames should never had been introduced in the first place. Maybe if Resource gain couldn't be multiplied through different sources, we'd have more reasonable costs and rarities throughout the entire game because someone just playing isn't getting a fraction of what a focused team could accumulate. And because that focused team is the best way by such a large margin, it becomes expected because why wouldn't a player use the clearly best by far option? Because it becomes expected, future costs and rarities and planned time-to-acquire are influenced, whether consciously or not, by that expectation that players are doing that thing. It's like people asking for Vaccuum in Railjack or built-in to frames, when what we should be asking for is to take a page from Hyrule Warriors (and probably others, but that's where I've noticed it) and just adjust the overall rate of resource drops, plop everything dropped in our inventory at the end of the mission, and make picking up loot nice but unnecessary. Instead of wanting better farming frames or for them to stack more or for more frames to multiply drops, how about actually fixing the problem at the source?
  4. I will fully admit that Wukong has been pretty much my main since I got his Prime. Though I play solo, so I'm not one of the ones you've seen. He's just so good at so much. He's tanky enough even without Defy to handle all reasonable levels, and has built-in mistake forgiveness with his revives. Even post-nerf Cloud Walker still does all the things it did before and offers excellent mobility, only significantly surpassed by specialized builds and frames. The loss of speed will hurt a bit, but it always felt a bit weird, like multipliers were stacking not quite right, like the old double-jump-roll thing where you just pulled a bunch of momentum out of nowhere and shot forward at sixty miles per hour. It also felt a bit broken (in the not-working-right sense) in that its speed depended on whether or not you were sprinting on cast, rather than being able to sprint while Cloud Walking. And then there's the Celestial Twin, who can do entire missions on his own. Giving him an Acceltra almost feels like cheating, and the biggest downside to him is that he doesn't get affinity on the weapon he's using. Iron Staff is his weakest part, and even then it's "somewhat below alright" rather than "Kraken-tier." I do miss the period between its rework and Melee 3.0, I feel it was an excellent example of how 3.0 should have initially worked for all weapons, and it lost a lot of its potency afterward.
  5. Boo hoo you actually have to play the game now. I didn't abort-farm and have only Ivara'd about ten Intrinsics points due to curiosity of its effectiveness. Leaving such tactics in harms the game.
  6. Nah, I'm good. I'm sitting at 5/6/7/5 with no dedicated Intrinsic farming besides somewhere around an hour of rushing Earth missions to reach 7 to unlock the Veil, and I see no reason to bother with spending time just farming those. I'll reach 10s eventually, and it's not like I need any more power to handle the hardest missions Railjack has to offer at the moment. I'm also still enjoying Railjack, how weird I wonder if there's some correlation between burning out and hating everything, and spending hours upon hours farming something we don't actually want or need by performing actions that are specifically designed to be as repetitive as possible in order to maximize numbers that offer really tiny bonuses. Seems a bit shortsighted to do something you don't like so you can... have a pittance of Mastery points, minuscule perks, and nothing else. At least Cryotic farming, as awful as it is, is a means to get things like new gear. The "fun" abilities that change how you play Railjack are all in the first handful of levels, such as warping around and to the ship, piloting maneuvers, gunning improvements, and restocking materials mid-mission. On a related note, I find amusement in people unhappy that we can't stockpile for Command, considering that if one is at 10/10/10/10/0 then one respec later they're at 10/10/9/10/9 due to the cost scaling. For one thing, I hear that the rank 10 Gunnery perk is actually detrimental, and being unhappy that one cannot immediately have the highest-tier Command perk seems more than a little disingenuous considering we have no idea what it may or may not be and considering the other high-rank perks it likely won't be all that great anyway.
  7. That is literally exactly what they said their intention was.
  8. As a note, please do this Solo if at all possible. Doing this in Public is quite rude, to put it mildly. Rush over to the Anomaly and clear it out first and then do the rest of the mission only if you got something you want to keep, if your timing is lucky you can get several shots at parts over the course of the Anomaly appearance. Also keep in mind that you'll probably have not too difficult a time trading pieces, so even four Barrels plus some time trading gets you all you need. I'm enjoying the weapon, it's certainly strong enough and I have an affection for infinite ammo, though it really needs to stop jamming. If I'm using it, I find myself planning my loadout around not having it because of that bug.
  9. Again, what are you talking about? What missions are you even playing that this has been your experience? It's not uncommon to walk away from a mission with a haul of over a thousand Titanium just from wandering through Asteroid fields while fighting level one fighters, not to mention the chance of even more on mission completion. Taking a few minutes to actually seek it out after a mission nets plenty. There is the issue of other platforms not having the most recent patch in which resource drop rates were improved, but that's only a matter of time. Sure it might be faster to pay for a rush drone after being taxied to a Veil mission, but by a matter of minutes, not even close to hours unless the clan never researched any Sigma things (Which are dirt cheap) or the player in question is actively, stubbornly, nonsensically refusing to use them. Plus, you're acting as though a player has all the nodes unlocked and rank 7 Intrinsics already, a player kinda has to work through all that normally, and just doing so would net them thousands upon thousands of the resources you claim cannot be collected while "having a life." The question is: Is it or is it not reasonable to do Veil missions while decked out in easily-acquired Sigma equipment and common/uncommon Avionics? It's completely reasonable. Again, you shouldn't even need to craft more Revolite mid-mission or even reach zero health unless things go very wrong, like ignoring Ramsleds, Crewships, and stationary hazards.
  10. How is that safe to assume? You just said you were doing fine with MKI parts in a team in the highest-level area, how the heck are you getting the conclusion that Sigma MKIII parts will definitely be insufficient? Not to mention the statement about low chance Avionics doesn't hold up under scrutiny when the entirety of the mod system exists and that the high percent avionics drops are more than sufficient to enable soloing Veil missions in a dogfight. Though, I now realize you're one of those people who ignored that in the same breath in which they spoke about "nerfing Amehsa" they also said how they are aware the other Archwings are underperforming and outdated and should be brought up to par while maybe taking a look at if the Amesha is overtuned.
  11. There is zero RNG in getting good Railjack parts. They're called MKIII Sigma parts. You don't need more than that to be effective. There is RNG in getting very good Raljack parts. Seriously, this is a silly and self-sabotaging mentality. I was soloing Veil missions with a +49 MKII Vidar reactor (Which I'm still using), and spent a good long while with a MKII Zekti Cryophon, both of which are worse than the MKIII Sigma variants are. The research is cheap, any clan with a Dry Dock probably has everything by now. Crafting them primarily requires components that come from space rocks, which can be collected en masse from the easiest Earth mission, which is easy with no Railjack upgrades at all, and Cubic Diodes which are dropped by the hundred in Railjack missions but also technically require no Railjack to collect through Europa. As for avionics, I was using no seven-rank Avionics for most of it. No "Park kilometers away and Archwing everything," I was actually fighting in the Railjack. Typically I wouldn't run out of Revolite or need to craft more, and would only end up in the Catastrophic Failure countdown if I let things get out of hand. The only thing a little bit sketchy was that I was using Winged Steel, which applies to the Railjack's armor. Heck, the greatest hurdle to having a strong Railjack at this point is the six million credits required to build it now that the nine days of waiting on Clan research is over. I have to assume this whole "Railjacks are make of paper" thing is just being perpetuated by people who refuse to even touch upgrades unless they're top-tier, despite that doing so would allow them to farm the top-tier stuff easier and faster, and are just doing the equivalent of running around Sedna without ranking up mods. Maybe if we never get any further increases to our strength and they leave the reward structure as it is and we're expected to deal with ships ten-twenty or so levels above those in the highest Veil missions over the course of the theoretical future quest, then maybe you'd have a point about it effectively requiring excessively random drops with high modifiers, but frankly even then a competent team should have very few issues with a Sigma-equipped Railjack.
  12. And I'm sick and tired of Kuva and it being shoved all over the place. I have more than I will ever use and it keeps showing up. It's the sole reason I haven't done Sorties regularly in months because of how discouraging it is to constantly get nothing but Kuva. At least Relics contribute to Mastery in some way and at the absolute worst gives parts that can be sold as junk or turned to Ducats which can be used for decorations, Kuva's just a way to gamble. Besides, it already rolls the "Relic + Rewards" table once and the "Bonus" table twice, there's no reason it can't roll the "Credit Cache" table, the "Relic" table, the "Rewards" table and the "Bonus" table twice on mission completion. These are significantly longer and more involved than usual missions, and such a reward structure shouldn't be out of the question.
  13. I was happier when we were getting Cryotic in reasonably large bundles, but other than that it's... alright. The resource costs aren't excessively out of the question for what we can get in a mission, and it's not like anything past Sigma MKII are at all necessary to complete everything solo, so if I could be farming other things (Like Cryotic without touching the S#&$fest of boring garbage that is Excavation) while passively gathering the materials for a few MKIII parts I'd be pretty satisfied. Relics were a decent start, but the missions could definitely stand to give out a few ten thousand credits as a baseline or something, or give partially-refined relics instead.
  14. There were eight patches in seven days, followed by a very clear statement that they were taking a Holiday break and only emergency game-breaking things would get patched in the meantime and they weren't satisfied with the current state of it and would be returning to work on it in January. But sure it's totally abandoned. Oh wow, my local supermarket was closed on the 25th for some unknowable reason, I guess it was abandoned.
  15. ITT: Justifications for making the development process less transparent, reducing the communication between developer and community, and never actually striving to do more or planning past one year in the future. Is it really that hard to think "Oh well, plans and priorities can change over the course of a year?" Or heck, just actually paying attention to the context and notice that you're talking about offhand thoughts in the "hopefully but not necessarily this year" bits? They also didn't rename Warframes to Javelins, how dare they lie to us! If you're unable to deal with the idea that not everything in a Devstream is gospel and it's mostly just people talking about plans and ideas, then it's not really anyone's fault but your own when things don't go exactly as said. These sort of open, conversational, podcast-like discussion streams are one thing that sets them apart from so many other developers, and the last thing I want is for them to be made less than that because they have to be more careful and restrictive about what they say because people get upset about """promises""".
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