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  1. I mean, if you're using what is clearly an exploit, I don't think you really have any reason to be upset when that exploit is removed. And man, I'm all for people being more aware of both what and how things are said along with how the implications of those words affect others, but this ain't something to be upset about. You're interpreting things that aren't even remotely there unless you deliberately cherry-pick and ignore so much to reach your conclusions. Red Text is a goof, that is their entire character, and the statement in question is lambasting both the players who weren't playing AND the gamemode (and themselves by extension) for being a mode that people didn't want to play because not doing so was just as rewarding. They didn't even change the one-kill-and-hide strategy, they just fixed 0-0 being a win and time passing while time is stopped. Not to mention your OP is intentionally preemptively both stifling discussion and attempting to discredit counterpoints by labeling everyone who disagrees, regardless of arguments, as white knights. So it's not even worth pointing out the fallacies in the OP, nor is it worth writing the long list of things that contradict the points made, because your OP suggests that it'll be ignored and dismissed without a second glance. Yet some of your points hold value, but being associated with such a toxic post only serves to damage them. What gets me, though, is that you don't even want to accomplish anything with this thread but farm upvotes, because if that wasn't the case you would have posted your addressed-to-DE thread somewhere other than General Discussion, the section that is specifically for players to discuss generally and isn't regularly reviewed by staff.
  2. The wiki page specifically shows that it goes up to 50% Durability, as in the health of the halo. It doesn't need to specify what the other attributes are, because they are the same, which is supported by my experience using it. Maybe it would be more clear if the mod card didn't use the word "effectiveness". And sentinels ARE companions. It doesn't need to say that it can be cast on your own sentinel, because it says it can be cast on companions.
  3. If that statement is true, it's also long enough for us to widen the gap tenfold. Positioning, awareness, and mobility are all aspects of "playing well".
  4. If someone refuses to let you join them because you're not 110% perfectly modded according to their specifications, you dodged a bullet. You don't want to play with them, if anything this'll make it easier to go "Oh wait, you're a S#&$heel, peace I'm out" earlier when they rudely demand to see your mods.
  5. I find it hilarious, appropriate, and at least a bit clever that their solution to "How do we make this work in tight spaces" is "RUNNING INTO THINGS IS HOW YOU PLAY IT." I'm still a bit unclear on a few things mechanically, and I'm primarily concerned with his 3. His 1 seems fun at minimum, his 2 might be better than we expect. Most enemy damage is physical, with few exceptions. Toxin is likely the broadest, and that is mainly restricted to Infested foes. I heard them mention Heat and Cold, if Blast is included then that's actually most things covered. His 4 seems neat, though I don't think I can accurately judge it 'til I've used it and felt how it handles. His 3, though, I'm not convinced yet. Seems a bit clunky, and while I like the concept of an energy-manipulating frame having temperature powers, I was underwhelmed for the most part.
  6. ??? Right on screen as soon as you enter the Bazaar I'm automatically told the Set Up Shop button is above the Emote wheel. That's technically slightly out of date information since the gear/emote rework, but it's clear enough for anyone to figure out in seconds. Even when I'm there when it's busiest the message is in the chat window long enough to read it.
  7. I lost count of how many Elite missions I didn't do last time, for most of it I think I left at least one undone per week, and still reached rank 31 without even focusing on Nightwave most of the time. Granted, if there are Emissary equivalents to Saturn Six Fugitives I haven't seen them, so there might not be any alternate way of getting standing.
  8. The contest rules actually state that the prize is just the money, using it to go to space is on you. "The Sweepstakes shall award one (1) Grand Prize of $250,000 USD cash (awarded as a check), which as at the beginning of the Entry Period, was the equivalent cost estimated by the Sponsor for a trip to space. The cash prize will not be adjusted if that cost estimate changes. The Winner must arrange for the space trip directly with a provider if the Winner chooses to use the cash awarded for a space trip." Which is probably for the best.
  9. https://www.warframe.com/spaceninja is where you enter, right under the Play Free Now button. You may need to disable your browser's scriptblocker while you do it, it opens a fancy popup thing.
  10. Don't use it, then. If you don't think it's worth it, don't bother spending Endo and Credits on it. Maybe PPP is better, at least in the build you prefer to use. I wouldn't bother maxing another mod just because it might offer a marginal increase in performance until I had quite a surplus and fewer things I definitiely want to spend resources on. One thing I didn't see considered is that PPP is from Baro, expensive and only rarely available. The Sacrificial mods are provided during The Sacrifice, free of charge. "The Strongest" is a problematic phrase to use in Warframe, considering "the strongest" stuff is on the level of "wipe out entire tilesets every couple seconds." Not to mention your comparison to the Master Sword is flawed because of things like Bigggoron's Sword, or the Great Fairy Sword. The Sword of Plot Progression typically isn't the best possible weapon in one's arsenal.
  11. ...This is a joke, right? Because you simply cannot be serious saying that there were negligible amounts of threads making non-technical and oft-repeated complaints about Nightwave full of incorrect information and baseless claims on its inferiority.
  12. Farm. It's an easy fight that takes a handful of minutes and rewards a ton of random Fortuna materials anyway. The only thing is that cannon during the first half, it can be a pain to deal with without some form of mitigation, Zephyr's been my go-to frame for Exploiter. I think it's supposed to be restricted by the amount of Thermia you farm, but I'm not actually sure since it has never actually consumed any of mine.
  13. They tried that. Then the Drift mods happened.
  14. Sounds good to me. Sorties become worth doing again, you can grind for Rivens instead of getting one chance a day or shelling out for it, there are other things to use Vitus for if you don't want them. 25 Vitus seems a bit steep if they'd still be for random weapons, though. Just talking about time investment, 25 rotations of any Arbitration for a single chance sounds excruciating, solo farming the Hema research sounds more appealing to me.
  15. I used to run the Plains just fine* on a two-year-old hundred-dollar notebook I had bought for taking notes in class. *Ok not really "fine" but it was playable. Turning down all the settings, using a reasonable resolution, and limiting my framerate (Not to mention keeping the notebook clean and cool) meant I had a fairly smooth experience. Compromise is the name of the game for the budget gamer. If it's truly unplayable on your hardware no matter the settings, I'd expect there's something else going on in your machine hogging resources or some setting that's breaking things. The laptop I'm using nowadays that can handle near-max settings I got for like 80% off, ending up a bit over what that notebook cost. Which is kind of a different sort of lesson, involving patience and looking for opportunities.
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