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  1. Indeed... I just looked for an existing topic about this so I wouldn't make a duplicate
  2. Hello, I figured I'd give some feedback on the recording function on the Shawzin. As everyone can see by browsing the forum, a huge sharing of songs between players is taking place using that clever string encoding. However, it is currently impossible to save more than one imported song via string. Which is a bit weird in my opinion considering there are several slots where to save recorded tracks. So what I'm suggesting is the possibility to use those recording slots to store imported songs so everyone could keep their own little library of external songs. Keep swapping the string to do so is totally not fun. Also, longer songs pls 😛 , and thanks for this great addition to the game. I'm loving it! ♥♥♥
  3. I love this game, but every time you are touching the UI with no option to use the old visual I friggin hate you. Stop fixing what ain't broken or at least leave the option to use the old things. This friggin loadout screen gives me the headaches. 🤬🤬🤬
  4. Still no Firestorm for the Simulor 😛
  5. Firestorm is not usable with Simulor btw.........
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