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  1. 1.5 seconds isn't nearly enough time to maintain the buff without constantly shooting. It needs to be increased or at least have a decaying stacks mechanic. Otherwise my bows are now shotguns, and that rules.
  2. Remove the self-stagger from AoE weapons. Removing self-damage was good, replacing it with a completely different method of punishing the player for using a weapon is not. While you're at it remove the damage ramp-up for beam weapons. They were fine for the 24 hours prior to that pointless change that made them all useless again.
  3. Nova - CC and 2x damage to mobs Volt - Shoot thru the shields Rhino - Damage buff Octavia - Damage buff This setup takes my groups to 15+ waves easily.
  4. Magnetic damage: still going to be useless because shields are paper-thin and completely ignorable. It needs a new proc, like a disarm or a mini-bullet attract.
  5. A system that punishes players for fusing in the wrong direction is a bad system. Last time I checked, 2+2=4, not 2+2=0, which is currently what happens if you picked the wrong gun. Players shouldn't be punished for fusing guns in this manner. 0 forma gun + 5 forma gun should always = 5 forma gun with the boosted element. This is an extremely short sighted tragedy of game design.
  6. Here's a better solution: don't call it fusion if it doesn't actually fuse the best parts of both weapons regardless of the starting weapon chosen. Emailing tech support because of this underhanded #*!%up.
  7. YOU CAN'T CALL IT FUSION IF IT IS STILL A ONE-SIDED TRANSFER. Now the 5 forma, wexilus, and catalyst I invested into my Kuva Brakk is gone forever because I dared to change elements! AWESOME!
  8. And in other news Titanium costs are still ridiculous, now to Clem with sports
  9. Great patch except you missed the one thing everyone wants: reduced titanium costs for salvaging. People were buying drones en masse for platinum because it's easier to sell prime junk to another player and buy the drone than it is to spend DAYS farming the mountain of titanium needed to salvage even a single piece of loot.
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