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  1. The Weapon change fixes nothing. For me, every other weapon has been a Brakk. Better idea: flag a player for duplicate weapons after they have received at least one of each unique weapon.
  2. Hahahahahahahaha How The #*!% Is Bullet Jumping Real Hahahaha Tenno Just Run To The Objective Like Tenno Play As Gauss Haha
  4. Move Peculiar Growth/Peculiar Bloom from Warframe Exilus to Weapon Exilus. For.....reasons.
  5. Did you even read my post? I'm not talking about the obviously fixed innate elements, I'm talking about the random values they come with.
  6. Nuff said. It's frustrating to see that player A spawns DOOSH BAGG with a 28% <element> gun while player B gets FART INAJAR's 60% <element> gun. Remove the RNG from this system and give them a fixed value. Rivens are bad enough already, we don't need this crap infecting everything else.
  7. This half-baked system has introduced a tidal-wave of anti-fun and participating in it is a chore. We can't kill the lich without the proper runes, fine. We need to open requiem relics to get those runes, okay. The only way to get the relics is kuva siphons, ugh. The relics may not always *give* those words, christ. When you finally get them, you don't know which words are the correct words without grinding for requiem murmurs for literal hours, getting old. Then when you know what runes to bring, you have to throw yourself at this jerkwad and *pray* that you had them in correct order, ugh. If you guess wrong you're instakilled, yeah great that's fine no really that's super awesome. Did I mention the literal fun tax? You don't get your loot until it dies. The upgraded grineer guns are neat, until you have to pay a 5-forma tax to get that last bit of mastery! So there's a grind within a grind within a grind within a grind within a grind within a grind within a grind and all it's giving me is a headache. This system in its current incarnation sucks ass and is significantly overtuned. I'll nip the incoming slippery slope fallacies in the bud and say I'm not asking for handouts or asking for game-journalist easymode. What I'm asking for is a gameplay mechanic that doesn't turn me to drinking. Dial back the grind. DE promised us they would never introduce a grind as obnoxious as Cetus ever again, and then they introduced one that's even worse.
  8. The hotfix didn't fix anything. Kuva floods are still not providing relics at the 100% chance they're supposed to. Solo or group. This is ridiculous.
  9. Wrong. I've been soloing my floods and still not getting relics. How many hotfixes is it going to take to fix this? The grind is bad enough already.
  10. Simple idea, let players opt out of a dual-element if they choose. Example: Currently - Cold+Electric=Magnetic. Magnetic is the worst element in the game because shields can be bypassed with toxin & slash procs and the magnetic proc itself is largely pointless. Opt-out - Cold+Electric=Cold+Electric. Now I can freeze and electrocute my foes! Currently - Heat+Toxin=Gas. Opt-out - Heat+Toxin=Heat+Toxin and now my enemies can burn to death (and lose armor after the mainline update) while being poisoned as well! I'm sure making this work will be a nightmare of programming that involves sorting through thousands of lines of spaghetti code, but it would be worth it imo. Or DE could give magnetic damage a re-evaluation so it isn't the comedy element.
  11. I cannot invite anybody to anything. About a year ago I could host other players from my outfit no problem but as time crept on I see this error appear more often than not and I cannot seem to find a solution. 3/4 people I invite I get "x failed to join your session," but if they invite me to their games it works just fine. I want to host games again.
  12. Doesn't work. Just give us a promo code jfc I don't want to watch some douchebag with a webcam play warframe when I could just be playing it myself.
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