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  1. You'll still have some Daily missions left between now and the end date. Failing that, 40 missions where you get Saturn Six Fugitives, I guess.
  2. Once the first 'Socket X Ayatans' landed(in I think the first week?) I put a dead stop to starring up sculptures until I needed them. Definitely affects behavior(in a fear/paranoia negative way.)
  3. Maybe people are tired of looking at Riven/Arcane prices, knowing that a supply exists, but prices are artificially high because the sales mechanism is too obtuse to be used well and encourage monied parties to hoard and resell. Though the Platinum economy has become somewhat detached from the USD conversion rate, sometimes I amuse myself by thinking 'Is this Riven really worth $200?' (or whatever it works out to.)
  4. The writing for 'Solo mode' has been on the wall since they launched Plains and did away with pausing, then added 'group' bosses that are ridiculously inefficient to solo.
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