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  1. Related to this visual bug I have noticed that any graphic effects on the Cobra & Crane persist regardless if the weapon is active or not. Below a screenshot of the corrupted buff being active on the weapon. You can see both the handle and the shield while they should be in the retracted state.
  2. What's the plan for the remaining part of 2018? We are 2 and a half weeks away from Christmas (I know you guys don't want to hear this). The end is neigh.
  3. This is a very dangerous thing for Glen since it is NNN!
  4. Yeah.. I closed the launcher and opened it again.
  5. Thanks DE net guys (or CDN..), problem seems to be fixed on my end!
  6. My fiber connection is moist and ready
  7. Can't a middle ground for casting spores be created? Hold 1 to detonate and press 1 to (re)cast spores? Based on what I've seen in the stream and from reading the changes I'm a bit worried that spreading spores is severely hindered since it depends on the position of 1 enemy. If enemies are too far apart for whatever reason I don't always have the time to make the best decision on which enemy spores should be cast on for maximum spreading. With Saryn currently I just recast on multiple enemies for maximum spread, whereas with these changes I first have to detonate and then recast which makes me lose all my active spores.
  8. Same here! It would be great if Prime Time was on a more timezone friendly time.. Dev streams already are!
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