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  1. Will we get more lists posted in every one of these threads?
  2. Isn't it easier/better to use the warframe.com link instead of the direct link to a node in Arizona? E.g. https://www.warframe.com/repos/weeklyRivensPC.json Using warframe.com also allows HTTPS to be used instead of HTTP.
  3. What's the plan for the remaining part of 2018? We are 2 and a half weeks away from Christmas (I know you guys don't want to hear this). The end is neigh.
  4. This is a very dangerous thing for Glen since it is NNN!
  5. Yeah.. I closed the launcher and opened it again.
  6. Thanks DE net guys (or CDN..), problem seems to be fixed on my end!
  7. My fiber connection is moist and ready
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