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  1. We should at least have some quest that is semi related to Stalker. Exploration or Derelicts and Void, and as rewards we get some audio messages that Stalker recored prior and after the genocide of Orokin.
  2. Stalker got new costume and he is now acting like one of us.
  3. I was in group with Mirage-Angstrum combo, and that guy was crashing hosts like crazy.
  4. Dont know what DE will make out of Hubs, but from that info in livestram i think we will have mission info and market in there. Maybe more with time. EDIT: I would rather have Hubs than players ships right now.
  5. DE never intended him to be Desecrator. Community decided thats his "role".
  6. Nope, he cannot revive anymore. Nyx and Nekros can instarevive now.
  7. You dont know one awesome thing about SotD, and how to insta revive players with it. Talk about knowing Nekros and how he works. Tho, i believe that 90 % of players doesnt know about instarevive mechanice with SotD and that mechanic is around here since U11. There are two frames that can offer instarevive if certain conditions are met.
  8. Question. You know that you can revive people with proper execution of SotD?
  9. You can slot every power on Nekros with having maximun range+efficiency build with NT. Soul Punch isnt useful as it is funny. :P
  10. You must be one of those players that wonder why all your survival runs end up at 30 minutes mark. :)
  11. Following 4 people that went 4 diffrent way can be a bit impossible. If you ask specificaly for a Nekros, then everyone with 2 or more brain cells should know that stay near him gives you excat thing why you asked for him in the first place.
  12. This post is cancerous. Real frames? Which ones are that? If someone is using Desecrator, the best interest of the team should be to stay close to him so he can be efficient. And again, please anywer me what are "real" frames?
  13. He was weak to boxes and crates some time ago.
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