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  1. That would suck so much. XD

    I mean we sort of have that kind of thing in Warframe in the form of Transmutation, but luckily that's not a core part of the Warframe experience.

    Expect new item needing 5 Tellerium, 20 Argons and 5 rare resources from Sharkwing part. I am so nasty in this balancing thing, i could even replace Scott.



    Thanks for the comments everyone! My friend here thinks that the thing that they shoot at, might be Valkyr. This could be a Tenno as the Archimedian tells them that the Orokin developed this things power. What do you think? Tenno or Sentient?


    How did you managed to pull Valkyr from all of this? There isnt anny connection.

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