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  1. Another thing about rivens, not all weapons are created equally. For a slash based crit melee like Kronen Prime, lets say I get Cold, Toxin, CD and a harmless negative. A low dispo in that case is even preferable to get viral procs more in tune with the slash procs. There are so many good mods that I'd want on a melee like Primed Reach, Weeping Wounds, Condition overload, Organ Shatter, Blood Rush, Drifting Contact, Berserker and Primed Pressure Point that all I need is a way to free up slots and that is something that can't be stopped by lowering dispo, a riven is still three mods in one.
  2. I have a riven with negative status duration and thankfully it doesn't apply to Whipclaw either.
  3. Ivara with Empower, feels like a no-brainer, at least if you're playing Ivara invisible all the time. I get a bit more range and most importantly 0,4s faster steal time after changing my build which feels like a big buff. Next I put cloak arrow on Ash, which was rather stupid :) just feels clunky t.b.h. Did put Elemental ward on Inaros just because... but it doesn't feel neccessary at all, at least I get some Helminth XP. Today I tried Shooting Gallery on Hildryn and that feels just great on my build with 145% range and 100% duration, don't think I will change that.
  4. Right now it's called Blurp, maybe Frame Toilet could be a good name.
  5. Have you got all the Kuva weapons? Yes Have you maximized all the Kuva weapons? No, happy about that in retrospect since now I'm planning on adding a forma everytime that Nightwave task comes up. How long did it take to do so? No idea, probably a few months. I did alot of other things in between, would have been a reeeeeeeally tough grind to dedicate 100% playtime to getting all the Kuva weapons. What do you think of the Kuva weapon acquisition system so far? I would say the chance of getting the weapon you want is too low for my liking (6-7%). My sweetspot f
  6. This is probably unrelated to your framedrops but I felt like the new Crania Ephemera was causing some micro stuttering from time to time. Otherwise under 3D Settings -> Power Management Mode you can try selecting "Prefer Maximum performance".
  7. Gara with the "mending splinters" augment is my goto on defection sorties. You just refresh splinter storm with mass vitrify and the defectors never lose any health (the combined heal with you + defectors + sentinel gives 19,3hp/s to each ally with 130% str) and as a consequence you can treat the healing towers as stop marks where you cast mass vitrify.
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