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  1. As you can see above, the image for the Sumdali looks quite different than it does when actually equipped. The back part of it uses your ship's secondary color, and the front glows super bright in your ship's engine/energy color. So for my landing craft, it's grey and bright blue. https://i.imgur.com/Pxn54Zv.png Personally I would've preferred a simple gold ornament without the (imo kinda obnoxious) glow like in the thumbnail and was a little disappointed to find it doesn't actually look like that. When it was first shown in the Devstream it was monochrome silver with no glow,
  2. After giving a blessing at the True Master's Font the statue changes into the Warframe of the player who blessed, but it seems to be getting the Warframe's appearance wrong. As you can see here, the color slots on my Warframe and attachments are mixed up, and the frame itself has the default Volt Prime skin instead of the Zener skin I'm using.
  3. Hey is anyone else not getting their clan trophies? My clan should've got silver but it never arrived.
  4. 2 days ago my clan reached the requirement for silver, but we still haven't received the trophy. The requirement for shadow tier is 69120 and we have a total of 69367, but no inbox message has appeared and the silver trophy decoration isn't there. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. nvm, changed my mind and there's no delete post button
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