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  1. Thank you. I (and many others) have been craving these changes for a long time now and eagerly anticipate their addition - custom spawn pads and hall hierarchy removal especially. With this I can finally build my ideal dojo layout.
  2. I don't know what the Dojo QoL update that [DE] Helen mentioned will include, but I thought I'd give some ideas while it's still being worked on. While I do have more ideas for clans, for the sake of viability I'll stick to more minor/easy stuff in this post. I'd like to see the following: 1. More choices of spawn location, such as the Temple of Honor and Observatory. Currently this is restricted to halls only. 2. Remove the 'red-zones' around doors which prevent decoration placement. 3. Make region chat accessible from the dojo. 4. Allow us to build multiples o
  3. I've been farming cryotic at Everest on Earth, and I frequently see new players there who don't seem to realise they can leave after the first excavator. The extraction icon is nowhere to be seen, which leads them to keep going to round 10+ and eventually abort the mission because it's never-ending and they see no way out. That, and/or they don't know where extraction is. The only way to tell is the small icon on the minimap, but even that is usually covered up by the objective icon and near impossible to see.
  4. Was doing the first stage of a Tridolon just now, and had three charged lures right next to the Teralyst - and yet it died, instead of being captured. This happens quite rarely, but this isn't the first time I've seen it.
  5. I was doing Lua disruption and after a while the rotation rewards stopped showing up for me. I think it was round 5-6? No reward popup appeared, and no new item was visible in the mission progress menu. This happened with at least two drops, one of which was a Lua Lens. My squadmates could see them just fine, so it was only on my screen. The rewards only appeared for me upon extraction.
  6. That's a pretty huge oversight, I'm surprised this is the first I've heard about it.
  7. The clan dojo's spawn point can only be set in halls, or the inspiration hall. It'd be really helpful if we could set the spawn location in other rooms, particularly the Temple of Honor and the Observatory. And secondly, the specific spawn location within a room is currently inconsistent. You spawn in front of a random door in the hall rather than a singular spot, which is a nightmare for decorating. Spawning trapped behind walls, spawning inside decorations, etc. I think the spawn should be a single point only - and perhaps be customisable using a placeable 'spawn point' decoration. If
  8. Same, been dropping as low as 40 fps on an RTX 2060.
  9. No it's not, unless you're running something so immensely strenuous that it needs to. Especially not with VSync enabled, which is supposed to limit your frame output to match the frequency of your display.
  10. Sometimes lately my GPU usage has been unusually high (60% - 94%) when I'm just standing around in my orbiter. It doesn't always happen, but it started doing it again just now. Tried restarting the game and loaded into Orb Vallis to test and it's now at 54%. My card is an Nvidia RTX 2060, and Warframe usually only uses about 40% even during missions. I have a VSync enabled both ingame and in Nvidia Control Panel. (though my FPS counter still says 150+ despite my monitor being 75hz) EDIT: It seems Warframe's VSync is broken and isn't limiting my framerate. Limiting my framerate manua
  11. Since I've been getting some screen tearing lately I decided to enable VSync both in Warframe and in Nvidia Control Panel. I have a 75hz monitor, but for some reason it still says it's outputting 120+ FPS. Interestingly, when I tab out of Warframe the FPS counter drops right down to 75, but unlocks again when I tab back in.
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