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  1. So, I've seen this every once in a while, both as host and client. If you're near the center of the current ravenous area and recast it near the end of the current timer (less than 2 seconds, timed so that the new ravenous starts right as or after the old one ends) the new ravenous sometimes doesn't appear, wasting the stacks used to cast it. It's not common, and does seem to have to be near the exact center of the area and having the new ravenous start very close to the end of the previous one.
  2. So, I must have gotten lucky getting the drops for my first Sevagoth from the void storms and have come to really hate the way the drop tables are structured. So, farming for the second Sevagoth to feed the Helminth, and I've gotten the one chassis, 6 systems and no more neuroptics. Now if this was like a boss fight, where you're guaranteed a warframe part bp for each run it wouldn't be too bad, and I'd just consider it bad luck RNG. Unfortunately it's not, since it's an overall 30% chance for the sevagoth part drop, and only 10% for the specific one needed. Every other frame (for
  3. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Space void storm damage effect hitting enemies and player inside the POI after transfering inside (solo mission). I was on the second run in a row for void storms at Neptune, and saw the energy beams tracking thought the walls to enemies and my mech VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown, only seen 1 time EXPECTED RESULT: Space damage effects tracking entities inside a POI OBSERVED RESULT: Space damage effects not tracking entities inside a POI REPRODUCTION RATE: Only seen 1 time. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: So, posting t
  4. So throwing this in here since I've had it happen a fair amount of times recently, and it only comes up due to S#&$ty player behavior in public groups. So it triggers when a player (you) are still loading out of a mission when other players in the group have already loaded out, selected and force started the mission timer. This leads to the mission squad info, and frequently, you bugging out when loading into the mission they force started. Both leaving the squad and dealing with the loading issue requires closing the game. And it only shows up when
  5. So, to finish off my collection of maxed arcanes I'm down to a few of the arbitration ones. I'm looking for Arcane Blade charger, Arcane Bodyguard, and Arcane Tanker. I've got both Arcane Primary Charge and Arcane Pistoleer as well as a large number of various other arcanes. PM me in game if you're interested in a trade.
  6. Eximus are a very low spawn rate, something like a 5% for 1 eximus in an enemy group (outside of other effects). It can literally take hundreds of spawns for 1 on a rare enemy even under the best / fastest circumstances. I took a hell of a long time and about 300 spawns to get my first terra jackal eximus spawn, and that's a hell of a lot worse being 1 spawn per 2-3 minutes at best (I lucked out and got the rest of my scans soon after that, but still it sucked).
  7. Not having read through all the replies, but the relics and traces you get from void storm runs should really be available at the end on the mission, not just on return to dojo. Currently if you get a relic and want to open it you need to return to dojo and then go back out right away, and if you're low on traces and want to upgrade a relic for the next run the trace rewards aren't there to use until you go back to the dojo. It would be nice if the relics and traces worked like endless fissure missions, and would make more sense since multiple railjack missions in a row are kind of entirely
  8. Doing the sortie today I was a client and after the difficulties of the group being unable to start the fight, the orbital bombardment starts and I go void mode to avoid it like I've done dozens of times before start taking damage from the bombardment. At first I though i just mistimed it and ran out of energy. During the second bombardment I paid more attention, and saw I was taking damage right through the void mode for no apparent reason. I didn't have any lag problems that sometimes interfere with abilities and didn't remember seeing a change log about any changes to Kela or void
  9. Only some of the suit racks have active enemies in them. I'm not sure if the others are just empty or dead / in stasis. That's how railjack mission select has been for a long time now (it used to only be the host that could select the next mission). Not saying it's a good system currently, and I personally follow the idea that you always return to drydock in a public game after each run unless everyone agrees to do another run. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: The camera view can get messed up during railjack missions for warframes. I've only had it happen a few times,
  10. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Mission completion screen shows massively inflated credit rewards after multiple sequential railjack missions (solo). I had done about 3-4 missions and was returning to dojo when I saw it showing I found over 50% of my stored credits in the mission. It was only a visual bug, I didn't get that many credits from the mission (not tracking my exact credit amount so i assume I got the correct number of credits added.) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: Mission completion screen shows correct credit amount, 120,740 in this case O
  11. TYPE: in Game DESCRIPTION: At least 2 new railjack mods don't have codex entries or show up in the incomplete mod tab VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Look in the codex and mod section and see that the mods Worm's Torment and Granum's Nemesis aren't there. The mod becomes visible in mod menus once found but still is missing from the codex list of mods. I only know about the Granum one by assuming it must exist and checking scanned enemies drop tables in game. EXPECTED RESULT: All (non-prime) mods being visible in the incomplete tab of mods and in the codex OBSERVE
  12. There are some specific taro enemies that spawn in all corpus proxima locations. Specifically from my scans one variety of Taro weavers, then there are elite taro harpi and elite taro basilisk which also only spawn in veil. There are also several others, including a different entry for elite taro harpi and elite taro basilisk which spawn in all corpus proxima missions. There are no entries for elite orm versions of fighters. I haven't scanned the standard orm harpi or orm basilisk yet, so can't confirm that but I also haven't gone searching for them yet. Not sure what mods are unobtai
  13. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack Crewman refuses to leave guns VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Setting my first crewman gunnery, either by default or by in mission assignment, and then he will never leave the guns unless i complete the final corpus POI. I've only observed this with the crewman in slot 1, and haven't switched them around or seen it with other crewmen yet. This occurs with both the top and bottom gunnery positions. EXPECTED RESULT: Crewman leaves the gunnery controls to do another task OBSERVED RESULT: Crewman stays on the guns, shooting the enemies I t
  14. It's not just using operator mode that does this. I've been having issues with extraction not registering me under many circumstances the last few weeks. I've had it not register me mostly when I get to extraction first. It'll first say that I've reached extraction, waiting for x players but then when other players arrive it stops showing me as being at extraction. I've had it happen in a full group, the point and reentered it after the first of the other players arrived, then had it stop registering me when the next player arrived. I've had it as both host and client, operator mode
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