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  1. Solo killing my latest Sister of Parvos and I finished the fight, converting her. Immediately after the convert cutscene I was back outside the corpus ship in archwing. Near as I can tell the cutscene was completely within the level, not dropping me outside the walls of the level or anything (even when that's happened to me before was fine and back in the level anyway). I was able to enter the railjack, but unable to re-enter the corpus pylon. Mission objectives were still to reach extraction and enter the railjack. Unfortunately because I wasn't able to reach the "proper" extraction point of the pylon the mission wouldn't end and I'm now forced to redo it.
  2. So, this has happened a few time to me recently, where I'm doing railjack with a weapon I'm formaing, return to dojo once it's been maxed and then start another railjack mission immediately from the dojo. During the railjack session after using the forma the weapon will level up normally, but the popup when it levels will indicate it leveling up to the max rank it can reach instead of the actual rank it's reached. This only affects the rank increase popup, not the rank indicator next to the weapon on the UI or the mission progress / results screen, so it's not a big issue but can be a little annoying when not paying much attention to the actual rank of the weapon and thinking it's time to forma again. This was entirely done solo as well, in case that ends up mattering.
  3. The simple answer is amesha. Just coming back to playing warframe more than just sorties after several months, searching for anything to make the bullS#&$ shockwave challenge possible (yes, I know land on their heads, but that's easier said than done due to the S#&$ aiming of it.) and saw your comments. Amesha's 1 makes you invulnerable for X hits, 2 draws enemy fire and heals, 3 makes you immune to status and slows enemies. Using that with the synthesis scanner and all the scanning in railjack is easy as hell (I did it solo), other than boarding rams and the comet shard from one corpus POI (since the railjack needs to be close to the enemy spawners). All you need to make sure is that any crew members you have are not on the guns or helm, so they don't kill what you're scanning.
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