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  1. Would it be too much to award the pearl to everyone who damaged the opponent before the kill? Because it really sucks connecting to game after a game where I do 80% of damage to an enemy and someone shoots it once for an easy pearl. There is always one or more people who just follow others around and steal the kill once the opponent is at low health. Really takes away from the fun when you end up carrying others and getting penalized for it.
  2. Whooboy. While itis nice to see improvements and less grind to the nightwave acts, I can spot some "acts" that actually make things more difficult/bothersome to do. "6 different conservations". You need to have a higher standing/rank with factions than before to get access to 6 different echo-lures. Also the "5 different bounties" might be a little bit difficult for some players unless the easier bounties are considered to be "different" after the bounties are refreshed every couple of hours. These two should probably be considered "elite".
  3. I have seen him maybe a dozen times. 3 heads, one 11th storm, the rest some generic status mods I have literally dozens of already. A status mod is a little underwhelming for having to keep a squad of 4 random players alive on Akkad/Hydron for 20 minutes of mandatory "overtime". Also being required to keep a very specific loadout on all the times also makes it a real pain in the arse. Honestly, DE... What were you thinking? Way to kill all the fun in the game and turn it into a chore.
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