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  1. I have agree that the new Index Map is not a good fit for the game mode. As previously stated the map is so poorly lit that enemies can be right in front of you and might as well be invisible. Worse is the fact that the map design is very...... 90's FPS esque in that it would make for an interesting map against humans, but with AI enemies it just serves to pad out the run time. My average run time in the older maps with randoms was 6 to 7 minutes for a top tier 100 point run, the new map takes 8-12 minutes for the same 100 point run. While I approve of adding additional maps to keep things fresh, this feels too much like an artificial attempt to counter the strategies for using line of sight damage frames like Duality Equinox, Excaliber Umbra or Mesa since the spawns are spread through the side tunnels and the line of sight from one end to the other is interrupted by the dips in the terrain. About the only concession made to the players in this map design is the fact that it is a tiny bit easier to hold and camp a score zone, probably for the nightwave challenge.
  2. Good to know, and keep up the great work DE. One suggestion though, if you are going to keep the "Help Clem" challenge as a thing, I would suggest locking the weekly refresh on it to a specific day, like the Maroo Ayatan mission being locked to Sunday night, rather than having the clem mission reset one week from the last time you did it. For instance my clem quest refreshes on Saturdays at this point, so I ended up doing it the day before the challenge for it popped up.
  3. Can we get the Ayatan sculptures list accessed from the mod station adjusted so that when we change the filter to "filled" the unfilled ayatans are at the top rather than being at the bottom of the screen. With all the sculptures being given out in Arbitrations, not having this makes for a lot of scrolling every time you want to fill the sculptures. Or failing that an auto-fill function button?
  4. Anyone else notice a frame rate drop going on? I was running at 60 fps before the update, now it is struggling to get to 30 fps.
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