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  1. Well considering this is the first time I got this event I really don't have enough time (event duration) to get proper amount of mats to do these missions. The other invasion event last time required 3500 Spores and 300 Cryotic for the mission item crafting which are much more easier/certain drops from missions. I am not really sure what is supposed to drop from these to make it worth the investment in farming and doing the mission. Did not notice any special item when I did it the first time.
  2. Agree, Though I think the Gallium is not any better. Think I'm gonna just skip this event.
  3. I originally felt that this nerf was going to make it impossible to use the Tonkor but I have still been using it. Naturally it takes a lot more precision to use the weapon and you have to get a feeling for the radius of the explosion to avoid getting hit. So far I have been doing pretty well. The crit nerf on the weapon is clearly visible from the past and this is pretty annoying. I don't have a Riven for the Tonkor yet and not gonna spend plat to get one so just have to get lucky. I typically play a Frost in Excavation missions that is modded for a high range for the
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