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  1. He seems to be in a tunnel/air duct or whatever you call them and there is no visible wall
  2. Hi, I got a "Recovered" Nightwave weekly act called "Animator" in which you have to socket 3 Ayatan sculptures. I don't seem to get any credit towards this act. I have relogged. I have socketed each type of sculpture and none of them give credit towards this act. It seems that this has been a problem before but this is the first time (after the mainline) that I have had this problem.
  3. Hi, My MR went from 27 to 26 after the update
  4. The amount of "work" required to get the all the items from the event really does not seem to be inline with changes made to Nightwave for example. I would not mind doing this event if There were rewards for each run and/or if the amount of kills removed time from the timer and/or adjusting the cost of items slightly At this moment the rewards are not really coming in a balanced way. I think several people would be happy with some tweaking of the event stats
  5. So think this is the 3rd time in a row for Rubico Riven getting a nerf
  6. Hi, The ultimate #1 addition change that I would like for the Relic UI system is showing the Vault status of the Relic in the actual item icon. Current view is like this What I suggest is that DE adds an separate small icon to each of these Relic icons in the main view or while choosing a relic for mission that clearly shows what the "status" of the Relic is. While its nice that we have the Icon visible the above way it does not really help with the main problem that most people probably have which is easily seeing if the Relic is vaulted or not and being able to do this fast. Currently you will have to hover over the Relic icon and press Tab to view the next tooltip tab which does not help with the above problem. As mentioned my suggestion is to add an small Vaulted icon to each Relic icon which solves this problem In addition to this a sorting option in the drop down menu would even improve this if you were able to sort based on Vaulted vs Unvaulted Relics Please make this happen 🙂
  7. RIP Arbitration Defence at around 110 waves. Seems the Update broke the server connection during the mission and rewards did not apply. 2h worth of Endo and sculpture rewards lost.
  8. Hi, Please add more buyable Riven slots. I am hoping this happens soon as it seemed to not be a huge problem based on Scotts interview by Potato. Also allowing us to stack gems when trading would be appriciated! 🙂
  9. I was really hoping this news was somehow related to upgrades that would enable us to have more buyable Riven slots :( Really need them
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