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  1. Yes that title's long just let me explain: The Steam Controller has dual-stage triggers. If you had a GameCube controller you already know what that means but for those who don't: It means that the trigger is capable of handling two separate actions depending on whether you pull all the way or pull softly. Which brings me to my issue: I use the soft pull for zooming in and the full pull to actually shoot. However, sometimes if I do this too quickly either on its own or after swapping from melee, it sometimes gets stuck in zooming in until I either soft pull again or shoot. It seems to happen similarly to how you can get stuck in crouch after using the gear wheel. Does anyone have this same setup? Has anyone had this issue and solved what settings need to be made? Is this a bug on DE's end? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Same error here. Have NeedleNose and Flatbelly mastered since forever ago and they still don't show up as Mastered on my profile despite them being listed proper. 😞
  3. Completely fair. Thankfully the only thing I'm losing out is just how I set up my gear wheel so I can at least move over fine, but yeah sorry you're dealing with that.
  4. Yeah basically in dev streams and stuff they stated that the separate Melee mode would no longer be a thing since, obviously, you can just move between modes that quickly now. But Melee mode is still there on SC's config options, so that's most likely the problem, or at least one that should be addressed.
  5. I mean they've fixed it before after a couple patches but yeah, I can't play for the time being without messing up my wrists. I have reason to believe it's the menu config as the old Melee action set is still on the SC's configuration options.
  6. I can enter my password and also exit the game just fine with the same button commands, but even after I have mapped the A button proper to my gamepad, it just does not respond in the main login screen. Doesn't even respond to Enter or anything else. Can anyone help? This was after I had just updated.
  7. Thoughts: Nyx - Oh man all of that sounds good. She's basically got Ash's 1 augment built in and she has Nova's 2 but it's an actual ally now? That's absolutely fantastic. Titania - A little on the eh side for me. I appreciate the changes to Lantern and Razorwing, but honestly some extra features could be added to Tribute's Dust and Thorn buffs in particular would be nice. As it is, I've never really seen them work all that well in the first place. Dust especially, being that there's so much other than guns that can do damage. I hope there'll be more done with regards to her?
  8. I use Arcane Guardian with her now that that is actually good. Also keep in mind that with Steel Fiber, you're actually looking at a good jump of 157 armor, for a total of 630 on Saryn Prime.
  9. Few things: Stats: Thank you. Was getting a little sick of Quick Thinking. Spore: Spread sounds really nice, actually. Always did have trouble keeping them up without more than just Stretch on. But I would rather not have Corrosive because Viral is really useful against a lot of enemies. What will this do against the Corpus who usually don't bring armor against you? Molt: I like that idea, makes it actually last long enough to pick someone up or hack security systems. But don't remove being able to place spores on it, it's really handy to have in a pinch! Toxic Lash: Thank you for considering all weapons for this. But also, don't remove the energy regen part of spores. At least just nerf it to one energy per spore if you are claiming that she is barely losing energy. Again, this mechanic saves people in a pinch so much more often than is believed. Just putting it to one wouldn't make primary/secondary weapons too powerful in that regard. Miasma: Love the damage and duration buffs. But again, not fond of switching damage types with Spore for reasons I've stated. Conclusion: Overall these sound very good. Only thing I'm not 100% on board with us the viral/corrosive switch and effective removal of those aforementioned synergies with Spore. They were actually very useful in a pinch. I'd say the inability of putting Spores on Molt hurts the least since you do claim that it will be easier to spread Spores.
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