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  1. "Particle System Quality" and "GPU Particles" seem to have their tooltips reversed now.
  2. It matches if you leave Windows' mouse sensitivity at its default, but if you change that there's no way to change the in-game sensitivity to match it.
  3. It should work just like the Operator Voice option. Setting Ordis volume to 0 isn't a viable replacement since the subtitle still appears on the right side of the screen, which covers up UI elements in the arsenal in particular, and it mutes him in missions and quests.
  4. Jezs

    Archwing sprinting

    Currently, if you have sprint toggle on you will continue flying forward at full speed until you toggle sprint off, even if you aren't pressing any movement keys. I suggest changing it so you only sprint while holding the forward movement button, stop moving when no movement buttons are held, and move the same as if you aren't sprinting while any of the other directional buttons are held. In addition to or as an easier alternative to that, having a separate sprint toggle option for archwing would be useful so we can disable it for archwing while keeping it enabled for the normal mode, where sprinting is almost always useful.
  5. I'm not seeing a left/right roll keybind (outside of the railjack section), did they remove them in the last update?
  6. Just unbinding and rebinding melee attack to E fixed it for me, no need to reset all of them.
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