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  1. It's okay homie, don't worry about it
  2. Kinda disappointed this didn't get more traction. Now we have option to rename the weapons (for platinum), we still cannot do with Ayanga however.
  3. Corvas is an archgun. Looks like a trumpet or clarion lmfao
  4. I wish it did more, considering it leaves us exposed and locked into an animation. But i guess i wouldn't know if it was doing any more considering how not fun and ineffectual the weapon is in it's current state. It requires too much precision for a shotgun type weapon, especially when there's an actual precision railgun (which it's own problem, even with a proper build it's not so hot with riven).
  5. Can verify, i was with this guy in a squad yesterday or the day before, Fluctus is ineffectual in damaging the Orphix whatsoever. Seems like any arch-weapons with Punch-through are having issues doing damage to targets in totality. Can replicate with Grattler and Kuva Ayanga as well, they are either doing no damage or heavily reduced damage to targets.
  6. As it stands now, the way Corvas operates does not make a lot of sense whatsoever. It uses it's long range, narrow spread pattern in terrestrial operations, and it's ultra-short Arca Plasmor type version in space operations. So it's pretty ineffectual and frankly not fun to use whatsoever. Shouldn't it be reversed in function at least, if not reworked into a proper shotgun like attack? Closer to Strun or Hek with it's charge up mechanic delivering a far more powerful or accurate shot?
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