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  1. LMAO what's going on here? I don't remember dating anyone lol
  2. Yeah, i've been trying both of those with small luck here and there, but i'm already feeling the burnout coming slowly lol
  3. Corpus Supra targets are not deploying Cinderthresh hyenas in missions. Other assassination targets in Orb Vallis are deploying their hyenas, but Cinderthresh hyenas are not being deployed.
  4. I bought a prime access, clearly you didn't; I hope you have a great rest of the day.
  5. Go read more of the chat since your crystal ball is in the shop. You'll find a solution there.
  6. I do not appreciate being treated like an inept moron when I was simply asking for a sale after being patient so long, and as I stated, i'm trying to avoid burnout and grinding excessively in-game that I actually like.
  7. I've only been playing for four years, I'm trying to avoid burnout. I don't need to be lectured when I was simply asking for a sale. Thanks for your concern however.
  8. Yeah, i know what you're saying. But I really don't like having to open relics and farm that over and over. I don't have any prime stuff on me lol, unless it's something new or spare for when Baro is here if I need it, otherwise I do not do them. I already turned everything I had for ducats, because I rarely do it.
  9. I'm sitting on so many things in my wishlist lmao
  10. I just wish they would have let us know that there will be no more plat sales for whatever reason until further notice, so that way we're not just sitting here wondering when the next one will be, because we usually don't know of them until the week prior.
  11. They did? I did not know that. There wasn't one last december, i've been waiting since then lol. I would have bought if there was.
  12. I don't have spare ducat items lol, i absolutely loath having to ducat farm
  13. I know we barely get them, that's why I'm wondering if we're going to ever get another one. We used to get a sale in winter, spring, and summer; but starting in 2018 the sales started coming less and less. And that's why I only get plat when it's on sale. You spent 140usd for prime access + accessories, or when plat sale comes you can spend the same money and get like another 1000plat for the same price. I absolutely do not care for the accessories, and i can farm the stuff that comes out and use the stuff i've saved and invest into the primes for free. The plat is for cosmetics.
  14. Lol i was in trade chat for 2-3hrs last night, finally was able to sell a few things. But i would rather not be miserable that entire time
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