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  1. >p2w >in pve game >booster was sold only once as bonus to Atlas accessories and all of later variants can be bought only from Baro >forma drops from literally every relic Ok mate, but imho you need some re-evaluating. DE may simply restrict plat trade for liches involved. Trade for another lich/resource/ayatan/mod/whatever, gems even. Towards ephemeras - people want to look cool. It’s not always should be some virtual metrics “I farmed that X years ago and you didn’t haha” or “I grinded that X hours and got my roll and you didn’t”. People complained about achievements or cool things being too rng and now you ask exactly that. I farmed mask of Wolf, it’s cool and rare, but I wouldn’t wish others to grind it as much as I did, and some grinded twice as long. Game is already rng heavy and now when devs try to keep up with initial mechanics but make it easier to get desirable cosmetic while not still giving it on silver platter + give players a field to be cooperative, you complain.
  2. It’s a problem very simple to eliminate. Trade goes only on another lich or on resource/mod/anything else, no plat allowed.
  3. Blue/gold potatoes now can be get from nightwave, if you seriously need them + occasional gifts of the lotus + grineer/corpus events. Formas drop like hotdogs from relics quite long time ago. I think though that transfer for majority of weapons won't make much sense for old weapons (bc most of us already reforma'd them) but for new... maybe? I would actually gave that option to vandal/wrath versions so it won't touch prime economics but will give people more options. I honestly don't know what to do with vanilla detron/opticor when mara/vandal arrived bc their upgrade wasn't predictable but tenno weapons eventually all have chance to be primed.
  4. Thanks for the fixes! Liches are quite interesting and refreshing, I loved chasing mine even aside weapon hunt and most likely will do it more even after I will get all the weapons. Although I hope that we will get back murmur share since it gives people sense of cooperation and Warframe community usually is very cooperative even if we all are monstrous demigods now x)
  5. You probably didn't hear about disastrous launch of Destiny 2, about screwed D1 players who didn't get their progress carried over, about how game lost around 75% of active fanbase during Curse of Osiris period. If you don't want to forgive to Warframe mistakes DE did in the past, then be unbiased and don't forgive mistakes Bungie did either. D2 flashy numbers are build on money and frustration of those who have put trust into them. You could say Warframe did the same? Not even remotely comparable. Destiny 2 charged for vanilla, charged for expansions (Warmind and Osiris) separately, then forced to rebuy those expansions in Forsaken, then it charged for annual pass, then it charged for Shadowkeep, then it have put annual pass of Forsaken in bundle, then it have put vanilla, Curse and Warmind into free to play trial. Now count how many times loyal preordering fans of Destiny were screwed and sit down. Warframe had it's bad moments but there were no cases like this here, ever. Not because Warframe is free, but because they never forced you to rebuy something so significant again and again and again. I play currently both games, so no, I am not Destiny hater, although I played Warframe significantly longer (almost exactly in three times). But several years (starting from 2017) observation and reading news, outlets and opinions of players actually showed me that during long 6+ years lifespan of both games (I include D1 here), Warframe treated their customers better. What's most ironic in all this, even after initial D2 downfall, Destiny fanbase actually shows that it's more loyal, more forgiving and less complaining. IMHO, DE actually deserved better treatment from us, especially looking how Bungie gets lots of praise for every slightest effort.
  6. Liches are unique to players and only you can kill your own lich. Plus this big bundle is one-timer, you will have to grind anything else after that. Since relics are guaranteed on Flood, their skip is relevant only for those who has little to no time to play additional activities and wants straight up to action i.e. kill liches. Players who will buy bundle will not get any advantage over us except time when they will hop into their first kill which is, again, irrelevant bc they will be able to kill only their own lich (so it's almost a single player mechanic) and only limited amount of times, after that they will have to grind like anyone else. If you are hurt that someone bought bundle and killed their first personal lich several hours earlier, I don't know what to say you.
  7. Oh I am very well aware of those disadvantages. (Although staticor one is a subjective bc yes, it depends from level of your particles and colors.) Difference is that Catchmoon had almost or none of disadvantages, now it will. People are going on way of least resistance, no matter it's boring or one-dimensional, if it's allowed, then it will be used. Buffing all weapons to level of Catchmoon will leave players with even bigger vacuum of "where to get all those good weapons" while Warframe is on very long way to dreaming land of endgame (although I am sure it will be nowhere like main flow of players, begging for endgame, imagines, something-something 10 hour raids and mega-giga-nobody-has-it-rewards, while DE seem to be strongly opposed to exclusive rewards or FOMO). Anyway. We have primaries/melee for heavy targets and secondaries for smaller units, when secondary weapon deletes everything, it's not a "dancer among cripples", it's an artificially augmented monster on metal legs (Gauss lol) vs mid-statistical ppl and trained dancers. Ofc it obviously wins vs equally augmented monsters as enemies become suddenly after their armor/damage scaling goes wackadoo. Armor/damage scaling can drastically change balance and economy and tbh it's theme which gets escaped and avoided way more.
  8. Agree. We have lots of very viable weapons aside catchmoon, people seem to not realize that convenience is not same as damage usability. Pyrana prime, staticor, (mara) detron as closest examples, have spread and damage nice enough, they just ask slightly more effort to aim. I barely used catchmoon (mostly due to other goals like finding good zaw), I know it’s good but it’s convenience leaded players in false conclusion it’s the best. It’s not. It’s nerf is more than justified due to powercreeping it creates bc it’s insane mix of convenience and damage, and it’s chosen just bc that mix rate is highest. P.S. MR 26 who never used catchmoon in arbies and felt just fine.
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