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  1. ThousandLights

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Actually, that's what I exactly said. You probably missed me with white knights or something but sorry to disappoint. DE do listen but they clearly feel losing touch of fixing everything at once without our help. That reliance bothers me and makes me feel that they slow down and actually have big difficulties with handling so much they got. Towards Fetch - DE, or most likely somebody answering for this in DE, consistently refuses to put it as global, so the least thing they could provide for us is to make it doable. Also mod appearance itself was quality of life change, but change being late for years. Yelling wasn't 100% particularly pointed to you, so here I made incorrect phrase, sorry. Abandon "everything" is too powerful word. I will say what they really consistently abandon without exclusions (you may call it "too much personal opinion if you wish so, but I keep seeing changes in both "corridors" and open worlds). Arenas, arenas were abandoned in 100% of times during years I was there. Even so much called endgame ones were abandoned and not filled with new rewards or filled with such catastrophic speed that ppl already got gravely bored.
  2. ThousandLights

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Unlikable is a matter of taste, Baro weapons still can be traded if not affected by affinity, bugs have zero excuses by themselves but cutscenes treatment it's not a bug, it's a poor design decision. Also yes, I tell you to chill. We all dealing with those problems for years, me personally will be 3 soon. In 99% of cases when I saw that DE solve problems, it was decided because a lot of players asked about it first, delay though may vary from hours to years, sadly. Plus you didn't specify whose suggestions you mean because already infamous Fetch was fixed like on 99% because of players will and wish to deliver DE knowledge that this mod is poorly designed. Et cetera et cetera. Yelling never helped anybody to deliver message clearer. Consistency and manners in pointing out, on contrary, yes. I know that you most likely will say that loudest people will be heard best, but it doesn't mean it should be rudest people in the room. "Bs excuse" doesn't magically make your opinion more important than anyone's else.
  3. ThousandLights

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    You yell like if you were forced to look on Fortuna cutscenes for months while mere hours passed. Chill. Quil and Konzo issue is true but they are only unskippable things now so far. Still, put it into suggestions or contribute to mutual vote instead of yelling. Also DE most likely wanted ppl to have at least a chance to look into cutscenes bc there already were speedruns.
  4. ThousandLights

    Winter glyph bug?

    Expierencing same issue. Hoping for fix.
  5. ThousandLights

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    It looks like download continues from dropped file right after crash bc after 4 attempts size decreased exponentally. I had range of speed from 29kb/s to 80mb/s and now optimizing cache so let's see if I'll be able to login. Anyway, I awaited for this update with all eagerness and I don't care if it will require more wait. In the end I get satisfied. Congrats DE and fellow Tenno with highly anticipated launch!
  6. ThousandLights

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

    Very please, have your researches instead of confusing people... or trolling them. WoW: subscription only, first 20 levels allowed to be free but are capped into oblivion and you won't be able to play any of new expansions with it.. LOTRO: VIP access, free access is limited into oblivion (gold, place, everything). ESO: btp with microtransactions like D2 excluding expansions part. All this information can be found in banal wiki or if to read sites of games properly. DE suggest microtransactions but in the end they are real ftp and least agressive from all of them. Even harmless on surface Tera suggests VIP access on certain servers.
  7. If you understand that players have different needs, then you also can understand that removing endo completely from rotation will bring more harm than good because there are many more players who actually need endo despite being high mastery rank. Imho nice solution for sinking universal resources like this would be ability to exchange them for other resources whose are rare and have bad rng. It will help game economy, because players will have more choices where to spend resource instead of mindlessly stocking it and complaining 99% of population didn't have same amounts of endo. I honestly hoped that Strata will be that sink, like, players will be able to give resources they saved for long for faster construction or something. Event was fast and gave us reward as new relay and weapon/cosmetics but I hoped it will also let us give resources we stock for so long. Like, I am one of those players who still needs endo and glad Arbi gives it but I will gladly get rid off my 3mil of nanospores on something game event related.
  8. Some of those players had no idea they even entered something elite. DE need to put better explanations, they can't rely on community doing their job forever. I saw a lot of players who had no idea whatever they entered in bc it just popped in their timeline and they decided to try. If they would see in-game short description that this particular mode is harder that normal, it would cease percentage of mistakes like that. Overwatch has short explanations in game for every of their modes. It helps? It helps. Will it be difficult for DE to do? Not at all, just little submenu you can tab nearby game mod icon like they did with weapons stats.
  9. ThousandLights

    Warframe Prime Time #222: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    There was twitch drop which gave ducats. Thing is that Twitch is highly unreliable platform by itself but ppl continue to blame DE for everything solely.
  10. ThousandLights

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Здесь есть личка, туда напишите, через что можно связаться)
  11. ThousandLights

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Имхо, очень креативная идея, к тому же с теориями лора, это не так уж часто встретишь 😃 Картинки сами по себе есть в разрешении получше? Перевести довольно-таки несложно, могу помочь, если предоставите текст в ворде.
  12. ThousandLights

    Warframe Music Now Available on Streaming Platforms!

    Hmmm. Now I am really curious. I wish I could hear it =DD
  13. ThousandLights

    Warframe Music Now Available on Streaming Platforms!

    No prob. I'll repeat, I think it's "Your creator". Check it on spotify or youtube. Cheers =D
  14. ThousandLights

    Warframe Music Now Available on Streaming Platforms!

    I think you mean song "Your Creator". It's one composition.
  15. ThousandLights

    Warframe Music Now Available on Streaming Platforms!

    Do you mean when we navigate Starchart? It's prior or after login in?