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  1. Guys im having the exact same issues, got a couple "network not respoding" when trying to log in, also having the loading icon for chats, cant farm anything with this problem :v
  2. FabioGOD

    Chat loads infinitely

    Same here
  3. FabioGOD

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    having this prob for 7 hours now, just shut down the servers and do maintance, its better than "network not responding" all the time, tried to do the last sortie mission and "could not update account" oh wow....
  4. FabioGOD

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    This actually happened before
  5. FabioGOD

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    Thanks!! Bye raids :v
  6. About ash... you nerfed it long time ago now you are paying attention ? well thats nice. About the new buffs i think gara really needs a buff lol, sortie lvl even with a lot of str and armor mods its like BAD, about mag and chroma, they are going to be better? so yes why not!!, volt also looks nice, need to see how this frames are going to work now!!, about the nerfs...... to be honest im not a rly sound quake lover, BUT EMBER why DE why... ember is perfect, dont do that please.... , about zephry... i literally dont see anything that makes me wanna play with her, + i think she´s the worst frame ever (my opinion) so yeah.... thats it.
  7. FabioGOD

    Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0

    nice, lets see what we got for mirage and wep stats
  8. FabioGOD

    Mirage Prime Access is Here!

  9. If Mass vitrify is going to be like frost snow globe thats *, i love with duration instead of a health resistance habilitie like snow globe, that probably means that a lot of people will need to change the builds so it can be ajusted for mass vitrify, like adding more str mods, armor mods so it can resist high lvl enemies, and that for me is *, duration its so good and easy, you dont have to worry like you need for frost snow globe, also why guys? i mean every time that you guys launch something it needs to get a nerf? (sometimes), i mean, cant you guys just test before launching the update, for a lot of things got nerfed because they were insane and i kinda understand that, but pls give seriously tests before launching so people will not be disapointed, and yes i know that you guys give a look before launching the update with new stuff, im just saying all this because i rly rly like warframe, i play this game since 2015 and for me, without any questions, its an awesome game and i love it! ( also i´m sry about grammar errors etc etc, im portuguese lol), but anyway i want to see this new changes about gara´s ultimate habilitie and see what happens!!!
  10. FabioGOD

    Update 19.13.0

    nice, but i thought that ferox come with bard, anyway, ty again! rly want use that ignis wraith!